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Category Archives: Podcast

What it takes to be successful in business or bodybuilding (it’s not what you think) – Podcast Episode 80

Do you seek out discomfort? Or are you perfectly fine playing it safe and not taking risks or doing anything remotely uncomfortable? How you do one thing is how you do everything. Most people prefer to stay within their comfort zone because it’s familiar. This makes sense, right? Who the hell would purposely chase discomfort […]

Buns & Guns: How To Win $20,000 In a Fitness Competition – Podcast Episode 78

It never fails. With every new program launch, there is an aura of stress, worry, and fear amongst the participants. Of course, this is exacerbated if it’s attached to a competition with a huge cash prize, but it got me thinking about how common it is to stress over minutiae when something substantial is on […]

How To Be an Overnight Success — Interview With Maria Hatzistefanis – Podcast Episode 76

It all started when she got fired. A young girl growing up in a safe environment on a small Greek island, where her parents praised doing things safely and only chasing a job that was guaranteed to secure her future, Maria Hatzistefanis knew she wanted to impact others in a unique way. Her childhood was […]

How To Listen So Your Kids Will Talk and Talk So Your Kids Will Listen – Podcast Episode 75

Most people just want to be right. If you’ve ever paid close attention to how people talk to each other, nobody is actually listening. It’s just a game of right vs. wrong where the “listener” is just waiting for the other person to stop talking so they can talk again. This is not listening. It’s […]

This 8-Figure Business Coach Turned Empathy Into a Superpower That Made Him Millions (and How You Can Do It Too) – Interview With Alex Charfen – Podcast Episode 74

Stop letting yourself off the hook. Too often, we fall victim to excuses, and these excuses become the way we do everything in our life. They become the habitual reasons we never reach our full potential, and yet most of us never realize we are the cause…or the solution. Over the last few years, more […]

How To Build a World-Class Physique – Q&A With Mark Getty – Podcast Episode 73

One thing you can’t cheat is hard work. We recently finished our last Butt Camp competition, and the final results were mind-blowing, but they didn’t come without nay-sayers and loads of confusion from people who don’t understand what goes into extreme physique change. My programs require 110% focus, determination, and discipline—to the point where only […]