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A sensible well rounded program that has enabled me to be fuelled on a plant based diet and gain confidence in the gym.

Sarah-Lynne Hills

Are they easy?...No, but real lasting change is not easy. The results are priceless.

Lori Burt
United States

Since starting the programme I have toned up and learnt about food and how the body works.

Julie Kerrigan
United Kingdom

Kim knows her stuff and is very passionate about what she does. I would recommend any of her programs.

Janelyn Brewer-Naylor
United States

Anyone wanting to improve their lifestyle and fitness level I would highly recommend joining this hugely supportive community.

Janey Sloan
United Kingdom

You won't find a better program or a better group of ladies as your support.

Mary Bidinger
United States

The program is well set out , easy to follow and totally works - the online support is amazing - love Kim’s work.

Sharon Connolly

The amount of compliments I received from friends, strangers and the personal trainers at my gym were just so wonderful.

Jacqueline Jamette
United States

Absolutely amazing program that really works without starvation.

Hester Canty
United Kingdom

These programs are great and Kim always is positive and does such a great job with everything!!!

Danny Lee Varner
United States

Highly recommend, the only thing you will regret is that you didn’t do it sooner.

Jodi Fraterman

Amazing program and excellent support. I have gained so much insight and guidance through this program.

Aliyah Khan
United Kingdom

I love Kim and her programs. She’s honest and walks her talk. Fully recommend to anyone looking to transform their bodies.

Carolina Zadkovich
United States

Love Kim, awesome programs and lots of hands on support!

Patricia Cassidy
United States

Great community, with great coaches and Kim Constable is honest, straight to the point and extremely motivating.

Heather Loudon
United States

This girl is the REAL deal, she's not only really inspiring but also authentic and never stops sharing her experiences.

Gemma Belfrage

This program has been a eye opener, loving the support and the training is awesome.

Alison Tracz

I love the program and the supportive community. Would highly recommend them.

Jessica Marie
United States

Kim inspire you to get out there and work hard, she is knowledgeable and has created an amazing program.

Yalitza Torres

Kim is very knowledgeable, caring and honest. If you have any doubts look at the before and after photos.

Tammy Perkins Johnson
United States

This lady is amazing and truly inspirational. My mind and body have improved since I found her.

Zoe Hitchon
United Kingdom

Real people, unbelievable results and never ending support! The Sculpted Vegan programs are amazing.

Emi Lia
United States

This is the best program I have ever used also with Kim and her team being supportive and knowledgeable.

Jackie Brown
United Kingdom

Absolutely incredible courses by a hugely inspirational woman. Highly recommend her courses.

Elaine Watt
United Kingdom

I have loved the info that The Sculpted Vegan has given. I also love the support they provide.

Rocheal Howes
United States

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