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Ask Kim: Fat Burners, Cosmetic Procedures, the Best Way to Shred When Your Time Is Limited & More – Live Q&A – Podcast Episode 86

We are back with another episode of our much-loved Q&A-style podcasts!

(I am hosting a LIVE “Ask Kim” on my Instagram at 7pm UK | 2pm EDT for 4 weeks straight.)

This was another really fun episode, filled to the brim with the juiciest and most popular questions!

In the fitness industry, there are quite a few controversial & popular topics. In the previous episode, I discussed one of them: steroid use amongst bodybuilders (definitely go check that out if you haven’t yet).

In this episode, I tackle another popular one: FAT BURNERS! Not only do I give you the scoop on the two different types of fat burners that are out there, but I also tell you my absolute favorites (including one that isn’t even known to be a fat burner in the traditional sense) and how to take them safely.

I also give you a little-known tip for shuttling more nutrients into the muscles instead of being stored as fat, how to squat for bigger legs, how to know when to increase calories during a build, and soooo much more!

You are really going to love how much I packed into this episode!

Below are today’s questions:

1:00 What is the best cosmetic procedure you have done that you would do again and recommend?

11:20 How much bread do you eat (daily or weekly)?

15:11 During shredding, is it better to do cardio or weights on a day when you only have one hour available?

18:45 Can you discuss fat burners?

32:24 What is your opinion on the pendulum squat? Better or more growth than the Smith squat?

42:48 Best 5-day training split suggestions?

53:50 Do the kids have another puppy? I thought I saw a snippet on your stories a while back.

54:20 What do you do when you feel your muscle growth has stalled?

54:58 How do you handle physical PMS without eating the whole house?

55:25 Do you warm up and cool down during your hour on the Stairmaster?

55:39 Favorite glute exercise?

56:27 Fasted cardio?

56:42 How to determine when to up your calories when you’re building?

57:44 Can you discuss how you raise your chickens?

58:10 Why the hip thrust barbell over the glute drive machine?

59:00 Does having your protein shake before or after your workout have any impact on muscle gain and fat?

59:55 Do you have an affiliate link for the Oura ring?

1:00:56 What is your body telling you if you’re craving salty food mainly at night?

1:01:25 I’m 25 lbs over my normal weight due to menopause. What program will shred that fat?

1:02:33 Were you affected by menopause?

Don’t forget to join me live for the next one! Showing up live is way more fun because you get behind-the-scenes access to the podcast recording and can get your questions answered right on the spot!

(Only 2 more of these Q&A-style sessions left!)


Love Kim xo

Podcast Reference List: 

“If you want big quads, you have to make them work harder than they’ve ever worked in their life before. One set of squats is just not going to cut it.” – Mark Getty

“Never save energy on an exercise. You go to failure on your final set of an exercise!”

“A lot of people want to have the rectus abdominis, the six-pack on the front of the body. But those abs are completely useless in terms of keeping your body healthy. The only thing the rectus abdominis muscles are good for is breathing—they just move your diaphragm in and out.”

1;1 private coaching sessions with TSV coaches:
Oura Ring:
Buns & Guns:
4-Hour Body by Tim Ferriss

8 thoughts on “Ask Kim: Fat Burners, Cosmetic Procedures, the Best Way to Shred When Your Time Is Limited & More – Live Q&A – Podcast Episode 86

  1. Annamaria Berek says:

    Wow Kim, the value you deliver is incredible. Are your even human? 🙂 What I love the best is the perspective that puts on your programs, just everything makes sense now. I was interested to hear about the quad training as my legs have always been my favourite body part. I love a defined, muscular leg with volume and a full quad. Love you loads!

    • The Sculpted Vegan says:

      Lol, yes I’m human 🙃 I hope you’ll be joining the Butt Camp 2.0, let’s build those legs and 🍑


  2. Dana says:

    Loved Loved Loved this podcast! I don’t think I can even squeeze my favorite parts into one post. Your honesty is so helpful when discussing topics like filler (so many just pretend to do nothing, even when it’s obvious they have done something). The fat burners answers were on point and so useful in knowing what to try and why. Your favorite glute exercises made me want to get a smith machine for our home gym. Plus all the other nuggets of knowledge sprinkled throughout the entire podcast. This was definitely one of my favorites. Thank you for being an open book and continuing to share your expertise with all of us!

    • The Sculpted Vegan says:

      So glad that you enjoy the honesty, there should be no shame in us wanting to improve things about ourselves. 🙌 You should shop around for a Smith Machine, they’re amazing! Honored to have you as a listener, I hope you keep tuning in 💕


  3. Rhonda says:

    Omgeeeeeee….THANKS for answering my question about your fave cosmetic procedure! I absolutely loved your answer to it. Can’t tell you how many women I have asked (including friends) what they are doing to look so good and their reply is their diet or skincare product, etc and I know there is more to it. Too bad more women aren’t honest so they can brag about their nurse injectors and give them more business. One of the reasons I have yet to do fillers is because I need a reference to someone who will do an amazing job. You look so amazing that I swear I am ready to fly to Belfast and see Lisa at facetherapyni. LOL. If I ever do I will let her know you are the reason I am there. 🙂
    I am enjoying your Q&A’s as well as going through all of your past podcasts. I always have a notebook ready to take notes as I learn so much from you. I am still blown away at how much my body changed during Buns&Guns by only following the meal plan and 50% of the exercising. What a huge difference. I cannot wait for Butt Camp 2. Already preparing for it. You continue to inspire me! x

    • The Sculpted Vegan says:

      Wow, thank you so much for your thoughtful comment! As women, we have nothing to be ashamed of, it’s okay to improve our looks in any way we like 🙌 So glad you rocked Buns & Guns, and can’t wait to see you in BC 2.0!!


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