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Interview with Mark Getty—The Shocking Truths Behind Bodybuilding & Shredding – Episode 89

Many of you know that my trainer for the last 3+ years is world-renowned champion heavyweight bodybuilder Mark Getty. As someone who’s been in the bodybuilding space for over 20 years, he is no stranger to the insane amount of discipline it takes to put on muscle and shred body fat.

Many people think that as long as they show up (to their workouts) and put in a bit of effort, that this is enough to stimulate a change in their bodies. Or they don’t truly understand the number of calories they need for their goals or what true failure feels like in the final reps of your final sets.

One of the most shocking things about Mark is his approach to body change. When you look at all of his 275lbs of pure muscle, you’d never guess that he built his body by only going to the gym 4 days a week for 45-minute sessions.

Mark’s approach to training and eating is so shocking that every time I have him as a guest on my podcast, I get hundreds of messages from people whose minds have been blown by listening to him. So, of course, I had to bring him back on for another episode!

Listen in as he dishes everything he knows about building muscle and shredding, how he feels about tracking macros, “deload” weeks, and what he prioritizes in the gym: intensity or volume. He also gets real about anabolic steroids (do you think he takes them?), vitamins, mindset, and whether or not you should even be doing cardio!

Warning: this episode may light a fire under your ass!
Love Kim xo


Podcast Quotes

“People only think they’re training hard until they actually train hard for the first time.”

“If you want to do something really, really well, just find someone who’s done what you want to do really, really well, and just copy them!”

“Food is nature’s anabolic.”

“You can’t sit in the house, take a load of gear, eat cheesy poofs, drink coke, and not move and then expect to gain muscle.”


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Private 1:1 Coaching with Mark:

20 thoughts on “Interview with Mark Getty—The Shocking Truths Behind Bodybuilding & Shredding – Episode 89

  1. Cheryl Miller says:

    Here I sit on the outside looking in, listening to such professionals and hearing the time and effort for YEARS that you guys have put in. During life (55yrs) Ive done the gym, the bodybuilding training but always adhoc with procrastination chucked in as well. Twice Ive been close to getting on stage and then destroy it so I dont go. I hear you and Mark saying you havent wanted it bad enough!! To be honest I really think it was more I didnt think I was good enough, what makes you good enough to get up there, your not any better than anyone else, stop being a big head. Bla bla amazing whats conditioned into you ah. Im number 8 in my family and my dad was a pretty humble man that made sure we never thought we were better than anyone else. He was proud but quietly on the side.
    So now 100kg havent been in a gym since the first lockdown last year and now extremely scared of failure. Boom!!!! haha should have been a counsellor.

    • The Sculpted Vegan says:

      ♥️ ♥️ Get into a strong and motivated mindset, and there is nothing you can’t achieve! You got this!

  2. Annamaria Berek says:

    I didn’t know I could love Mark as much as I do now! Such great advise on consistency, making the process enjoyable your own way and just gradually do everything, reduce calories, bad food and add cardio, training sessions. Absolutely loved this episode! I used to be super healthy, with my eating and training (my version was raw vegan, 4-5 hardcore gym sessions with cardio and a long distance run a week). I loved every second of this! I thought I was unstoppable… until I totally fell off the wagon and restarted a bit differently and fell off again and restarted it. Finding Kim last December and joining the butt camp was the first step to the new me, falling off again, having a tendon injury that taught me to put myself first and really look after myself. I’m still on rehab but recently started doing the 8 week abs and physique athlete plan. After listening to so much wisdom from Kim, I feel invincible again!!! I got the love of workout back and having a blast, enjoying the results not to mention. Love to you all!

    • The Sculpted Vegan says:

      We are so glad you enjoyed the podcast, and love Mark as much as we do ♥️

  3. Dana says:

    I watched this interview on Facebook but had to listen to it again because there was so much valuable information. Although the thought of training with Mark would scare the beegeebies out of me, he seems like a sincerely good and kind gentleman. You can tell he is living his passion and truly wants to help people, much like yourself. I’ve learned so much from both of you … particularly that consistency is key. People get so hung up in the small details and make it too complicated. After I listen to both of you I think to myself ~ just do the damn thing and quit overthinking it. Thanks for always sharing your knowledge with us so generously!

  4. Debbie Janos says:

    After doing your 5 day challenge and learn of your podcasts. I love it, I enjoy listening while I drive, I love listening while I workout. There is always some thing that is said that gets me motivated, gets me excited and gets me fire up to push harder and keep my eye on my body goal. I purchased the Butt Camp 2.0 and I’m ready and focus and so excited for this new journey. This podcase with Mr. Getty is amazing. I love interviews like these and can never get enough. Such guidance and info at my finger tip. Thank you

  5. Lisa says:

    The old adage, “no excuses”. I often have to bite my tongue when friends blurt out about their weight and the ultimate excuse. If I blurted out the way I honestly feel (and sometimes I just have to) it’s so shameful on the opposite end of the “shame” spectrum. Im 53, been working out my whole life. I have been doing Kims programs BC they WORK and I am accountable. Two weeks now before the next go around with 2.0 and my mind is gearing up. I’m still doing cardio. I’m still eating super well and I’m starting a new ft job at the end of the month-I’m planning my gym time and cardio time as we’re going into the colder months. It’s hard-yep. But it feels f-ing awesome. Be freaking honest with yourself. Once that’s done, anything is achievable.
    Yes, you two can chat!!!
    Thanks Mark!

  6. Donna Yoworski says:

    Wow. I loved this interview! I feel the last few years ive been nothing but searching for the correct realistic information. Everything out their geared towards quick weight loss, low calories etc. Love the fact that food causes you to grow! And absolutely being honest with yourself hit home cause chances are i havnt been honest. Super glad i came across this and Kim as athletic built is what im aiming for.

    12 eggs raw!! Yup threw up a little lol. I had no idea about cardio to help shred fat either. Increase activity not calories is now my moto!

    Lastly.. I love leg day! Which probably means i need to push harder!

    Thank you!

  7. Diana Leeks says:

    Hhhmmm what can I say? I can’t pinpoint just one thing that I love about this podcast because there are too many things I love about this podcast. I’ve listened to it 3 times. I’m going to make this my morning motivation podcast of getting my a$$ into gear.
    I love that consistency was mentioned. That if you fall off the wagon, don’t dwell on it. Pick yourself back up and get back on the wagon (may not have been said in those exact words). Do small steps, set small goals, don’t overwhelm yourself by trying to do it all at once. Great advice! That training sessions don’t have to be long… just hard. Bigger weights, less reps. My thinking was wrong there. I thought if I did more reps than the week before I was winning. Winning what, I’m not sure because it definitely wasn’t muscles!!

    I could go on but I don’t want to fill the page so I will let you listen to it to find out why this podcast is so great!

      • Terri Ransick says:

        Holy wow, I feel like I just listened to an interview with a living superhero! Your interview with Mark Getty felt like sitting around talking with an old friend. Mark’s comments about doing his training because he loved it and not taking it so seriously that it feels like a job, was really good to hear. Sometimes I feel that I need to do more or that I need an extra day off, but I have been overall consistent for over 9 months, and I feel that I am doing just fine and I can keep going at my current pace.

        I could say that I, like Kim, started my journey to my best health because of excruciating back pain in the morning, but I’d be lying. Not even that pain made me change my ways. It wasn’t until I hit my 60s, with my weight approaching 200 pounds, and my cholesterol hitting 280+, that my family doctor said the “S” word and I knew he wasn’t giving me a choice. I’ve always felt that people who take statins and don’t change their diet are just kicking the can down the road…they aren’t really fixing anything. I do not ever want to have to take statins as I think they lead to worse issues and side effects.

        After researching ways to permanently lower cholesterol, in January 2021, I started a plant-based program that used HIIT and some weights. I lost weight but I mostly gained strength. I found that I did not miss meat much, and that I really liked the weights but really disliked HIIT training. At this point, I had lost about 20 pounds. I started looking for another program with training that I thought would be more appealing to me. While I was scrolling the “Tiny Waist Floating Booty” ads, I came across a picture of Kim Constable, the Sculpted Vegan. OMG…this was it! Vegan diet lowers cholesterol…and what did I have to do to look like that?! I read and I listened…I bought Butt Camp, but then I heard about Buns and Guns coming soon, so when it was released, I also bought that. The Buns and Guns 8 week Challenge was like a giant sleepover party where everyone pops in to show their latest moves, muscles, and outfits…it really was such a fun time during the worst of the pandemic!

        As we prepare to go again with Butt Camp 2.0, I am so happy to say that I am now down 50 pounds this year and I have normal BMI. I just received blood test results and my cholesterol is also down 50 points. I am not totally in check yet, but it has been a great journey with Kim Constable and her team. The programs really work and are helping me to get to my healthiest version. Someday, I hope to become part of the Sculpt and Shred gang…but for now, I’ll be giving my all to Butt Camp 2.0 because, as Mark said, it’s all about consistency.

        • The Sculpted Vegan says:

          Thank you so much for telling us a bit about your journey! I am so pleased you liked the podcast. You have made fantastic progress and I am so pleased you have joined us again for Butt Camp 2.0 ♥️ ♥️ ♥️

  8. Jennie says:

    One of my favourite podcasts ever. Thanks a million Kim and Mark. I think Mark made some really awesome comments about consistency over perfection. I felt so happy to hear that every time he got stage ready he fell off his diet a few times and still won. All because he’s consistent with his training, cals and macros. It was so inspiring to hear that this happens even to the pros and he did it with 5 kids!!! I only have 2 so no excuses. Really great information was also that most bodybuilding gyms allow kids in. I just thought my gym was a rare exception. Now when we travel around the uk my hubby and I will phone up bodybuilding gyms and train together with the kids. This kind of real life gold dust information is exactly what I’m looking for. Practical stuff. Thanks 🙏 I got tons out of this!

    • The Sculpted Vegan says:

      I am so pleased you enjoyed the podcast! It is fantastic that Mark is so open and honest about things. We love you ♥️

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