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Ask Kim: How I Fight Aging, the Truth Behind Bodybuilding & Steroids (& More!) – Live Q&A – Podcast Episode 85

I’m back with another special Q&A episode!

Last week, there was so much great feedback on the Q&A-style podcast, that I’ve decided to keep the ball rolling all month long!

For the next 4 weeks, I am hosting a LIVE “Ask Kim” on my Instagram at 7pm UK | 2pm EDT.

What’s even more exciting is that you get behind-the-scenes access to the podcast recording by showing up live to get your questions answered right on the spot!

(So don’t miss it!)

In this juicy episode, I go deep into my business success by sharing how I choose the absolute best employees, my advice for staying consistent when training alone at home, and where my confidence comes from.

I also tackled a hot-button topic in the fitness industry surrounding steroid use in the competition circle (and how I really feel about athletes who use them).

Plus, find out how you can win up to $20,000 cash for Christmas (whaaaat?!)

Below are today’s questions:

3:38 Is the scream at the start of your podcast, you training?

6:15 How do I stay consistent when training alone in a home gym? It’s hard to find a fit tribe.

14:19 What do you look for in a potential employee?

22:28 Are you launching an abs program? Or when is your next launch?

24:55 What foundation do you wear, or do you not wear any?

25:57 You are homeschooling your kids, which I love. How would you feel about them going to a University?

32:19 Do you believe that anything about the bikini category needs extra help [anabolic steroids]?

42:30 Any suggestions on training shoes?

43:00 When will the app and Buttcamp 2.0 be ready?

43:27 What advice would you give your 25 year old self?

43:45 What is your favorite protein bar?

44:30 How do you accept the aging process?

46:06 You mentioned a possible mindset course in The Million Dollar Mentor. Is that still in the works?

46:22 What is your favorite protein shake?

47:21 Has bodybuilding increased your confidence, or have you always been a confident person?

Don’t forget to join me live for the next one!


Love Kim xo

Podcast Reference List:

“6 years ago, I had nothing. And in 6 years, I changed my body,  made over 10 million dollars, and improved my relationship with my husband and my family. Bodybuilding has given me a purpose and a passion.”

“Don’t ever think that just because you only have a little dream that it won’t turn into a bigger dream.”

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Wondershake/The Protein Works (discount code: TSV50 or TSV55):

2 thoughts on “Ask Kim: How I Fight Aging, the Truth Behind Bodybuilding & Steroids (& More!) – Live Q&A – Podcast Episode 85

  1. Cheryl says:

    I really enjoyed listening to this particular podcast #85 n look forward to catching up on some more.Love ya work👊👌🥂

    • The Sculpted Vegan says:

      Thank you, I’m honored that you’re enjoying the content! 🙌


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