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Author Archives: Ross

The Menopause Diet: Why Carbs Are Causing Your Meno Belly (& What To Eat Instead) – Ep96

Eating for menopause is exactly the same as eating for bodybuilding. (Say what?) One of the most common complaints I hear from women in menopause is that they didn’t change a thing, yet they suddenly started gaining fat at an uncontrollable pace! And that’s exactly the problem. What happens in our body on a cellular […]

The Exact Reason You’re Gaining Weight in Menopause (& How To Prevent It!) – Episode 95

If there’s one thing I think all women can agree with, it’s that menopause can really suck the life out of us: -belly fat gain (UGH!) -night sweats/hot flashes -cellulite -mood swings The list goes on! And for women who haven’t yet entered menopause, it can be especially terrifying wondering how their own bodies are […]

Take 40 second ice bath with Wim Hof and win a Sculpted Vegan Program – Episode 94

If there was a way to recover faster from exercise, dramatically lower your stress response, beat depression and mental illness, get deeper sleep, and boost your immune system’s response to pathogens, would you do it? What if it was something that caused you short-term discomfort? Would you still do it? The truth is, most people […]

Conquering Self-Sabotage, Staying Motivated When Results Are Slow — Q&A with Coach Vanessa – Episode 92

I have a very special podcast for you this week! I have never done this before, but I thought it would be so much fun to let one of my coaches take the reins on an entire podcast episode! And you’re going to love it! Today’s episode is with Coach Vanessa Burgess! Vanessa has been […]

Discipline Vs Motivation: Which One Leads to Long-Term Success? Interview with Sal Di Stefano – Episode 91

Who will travel further, the man who loves walking, or the man who wants to get to the destination? Over the years, I’ve noticed a common theme amongst many of the women who buy my programs: they’re so focused on the end result that they miss the entire process of getting to that point. Why […]

Interview with Lynsey Bennett — Learn the Perfect Self-Tanning Method for Looking Younger, Leaner, & Healthier – Episode 90

Lusso Tan are offering our followers an exclusive 35% discount SITE WIDE! To take advantage of this offer, simply use the code SV35 at checkout. What is it about a sun-kissed glow that makes us feel decades younger and healthier? It seems that nowadays, we are becoming more and more inundated with anti-aging options, from […]

Interview with Mark Getty—The Shocking Truths Behind Bodybuilding & Shredding – Episode 89

Many of you know that my trainer for the last 3+ years is world-renowned champion heavyweight bodybuilder Mark Getty. As someone who’s been in the bodybuilding space for over 20 years, he is no stranger to the insane amount of discipline it takes to put on muscle and shred body fat. Many people think that […]