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Category Archives: Podcast

Ask Kim: Fat Burners, Cosmetic Procedures, the Best Way to Shred When Your Time Is Limited & More – Live Q&A – Podcast Episode 86

We are back with another episode of our much-loved Q&A-style podcasts! (I am hosting a LIVE “Ask Kim” on my Instagram at 7pm UK | 2pm EDT for 4 weeks straight.) This was another really fun episode, filled to the brim with the juiciest and most popular questions! In the fitness industry, there are quite […]

Ask Kim: How I Fight Aging, the Truth Behind Bodybuilding & Steroids (& More!) – Live Q&A – Podcast Episode 85

I’m back with another special Q&A episode! Last week, there was so much great feedback on the Q&A-style podcast, that I’ve decided to keep the ball rolling all month long! For the next 4 weeks, I am hosting a LIVE “Ask Kim” on my Instagram at 7pm UK | 2pm EDT. What’s even more exciting […]

What It Really Takes To Become Ms. Olympia — Interview with Angelica Teixeira – Podcast Episode 83

Most people don’t understand what it really takes to build the body of a physique athlete. And when you decide to train for the competition stage, what is required of you – both mentally and physically – is even more astronomical than you could ever imagine. When I think back to my competing days, many […]