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The Exact Formula You Need To Get Shredded – Bonus Episode 3

Today is Day 3 of FIVE bonus podcasts from our incredible 5-Day Shredded Body Challenge we ran last week! The live trainings blew everyone’s socks off – so I decided to bundle them all up into daily podcasts all week long!

Hold onto your seats because I’m about to blow your mind!


Here’s the schedule

Day 1 – The reason you’ve failed to successfully diet (and keep the fat off) in the past. Without this knowledge, YOU WILL FAIL.

Day 2 – The system that all pro stage athletes use to ensure they are ripped to the bone in record time. (Hardly anyone outside the industry knows this – but now YOU will!)

Day 3 (TODAY!)  – The exact formula you need to get shredded in record time that is tailored to your body and your goals. These are the secrets bodybuilders have known for years, now yours for the taking.

Day 4 – How to gain complete clarity on what you’re doing now that is SABOTAGING your results (and you probably don’t even know it!).

Day 5 – Create your 4-week shred plan that actually WORKS (this plan is unique to you, and the only way you can fail is NOT to follow it!)

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