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Top Tips for Surviving Modern Parenting – Interview with Jen Fulwiler – Podcast Episode 88

Women weren’t meant to be the primary caretakers of their kids. And yet, most mums nowadays end up that way. To make matters worse, we have the constant societal pressure to reach obnoxious levels of perfectionism…

(Like juggling your career, your family, the non-stop schedules, the homework, the cooking, the cleaning, the midnight feedings…with little to no help! And don’t you even think about sitting your kids down in front of the TV while you take a moment to yourself.)

All of these impossible standards are making mums crazy! They are blaming themselves and feeling like sh*t parents, when the reality is, they weren’t meant to handle all of this alone. This isn’t the way motherhood is supposed to be.

You’ve likely heard the common phrase, “It takes a village…” but where the hell IS the village?

In this episode, I interviewed the lovely Jen Fulwiler—best-selling author, stand up comic, and mum of 6 kids! We dished all about the struggles of modern parenting and how utterly insane expectations are these days. She gave some great tips on how to survive parenting, including how to hire help when you don’t have any money so that you can relieve some of the pressure of being a mum without your village.

I really hope this episode brings you the peace and calmness you deserve in your parenting journey.

Love Kim xo

Podcast Reference List:

“We are not supposed to live this way…being the sole entertainer, the sole childcare provider for your kids 24/7 is utterly unnatural.”

“It takes a village to raise a child, but we don’t have that village anymore.”

“When we live without a village community, we are literally doing the job of 30 people.”

“If you feel like your brain is melting after minute 2 of playing shapes and colors with your 2 year old, that’s because women in human history never did this! The other kids in the village would entertain your kids!”

“If I can just say at the end of my career, that I got a few more moms to stop blaming themselves, to stop thinking that the problem is you, and realize that the problem is that you are living in very unnatural circumstances, then I feel like that’s a success.”

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4 thoughts on “Top Tips for Surviving Modern Parenting – Interview with Jen Fulwiler – Podcast Episode 88

  1. Helena says:

    My son’s friend died last Monday in an accident on their family farm, he was 9, do you have any advice for a single Mum as to how to help my son?

    • The Sculpted Vegan says:

      Oh love, I’m so sorry!! The best advice I can give is to allow your son to feel the pain. Be there for him as he processes the death, answer all of his questions, and let him move through the grief. The hardest thing we do as parents is to not try to fix it for them. Love from Team SV to you all during this time! ❤️


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