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Get anything you want by learning the secrets of negotiation, with Chris Voss (ex FBI hostage negotiator) – Podcast Episode 65

 15 months ago I hated negotiating. I hated asking for discounts and I hated haggling on price.   I was an effective communicator, but I wasn’t an effective negotiator.   I got nervous in negotiating situations because I wasn’t sure how to ask for what I wanted, without seeming demanding or unreasonable.   That’s when I discovered […]

How I Overcome This Fear To Sculpt And Shred My Body – Podcast Episode 64

 Your beliefs around fear can either mobilize you or paralyze you. Many people think that I’m fearless, but that’s actually not the case. Plenty of things scare me! But throughout my childhood, I developed a postulate around fear that has enabled me to plow forward despite it. This postulate (which you will hear about […]

Does Vegan Food Have to be So Utterly Tasteless? (Interview with Sam Turnbull) – Podcast Episode 60

It’s always been my dream to show people that vegan food doesn’t have to be dull, boring, hard to cook, a bit crap. So when I discovered Sam Turnbull of “It Doesn’t Taste Like Chicken” fame, I just HAD to team up with her. Sam works miracles in the kitchen, devising recipes with a minimum […]

My Mother Tried to Commit Suicide in Front of Me – This is How I Repaid Her – Interview with Leila Hormozi – Podcast Episode 59

I thought there wasn’t another me out there. But it seems that there is. This woman is undoubtedly my soul sister. Leila Hormozi is a phenomenally successful woman. She started a company called Gym Launch and now owns three 8-figure businesses! Not bad for somebody whose mother tried to commit suicide in front of her […]