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Your Biggest Failures Will Become Your Best Stories — Interview With Tarzan Kay – Podcast Episode 70

I truly believe that failing is the best way to learn life’s most valuable lessons. If you’re not failing, you’re holding yourself back from living up to your true potential and from being wildly successful. I had the pleasure of interviewing a brilliant email marketing expert and copywriting course creator, Tarzan Kay (isn’t her name […]

17 Steps To Financial Freedom and Fulfillment – Interview with John Lee Dumas – Podcast Episode 69

Most people don’t have what it takes to be an entrepreneur. (That’s actually not a bad thing.) They dream of having enough money to live in total financial freedom, but when the reality strikes, and it’s time to toe the line, they fall short. Why does this happen? I had the honor of interviewing John […]

Should Women Be Ashamed of Cosmetic Procedures? — Interview with Lisa Waring – Podcast Episode 68

 We are a society of quick-fixes. It seems that there are certain fixes that women do to themselves that are entirely acceptable (hair dye, false eyelashes, hair extensions, cosmetic tattoos), yet others are so taboo that if you admit you’ve done them, be ready for the judgy eye rolls and insults. I recently posted […]

From Broke to $10 Million – Interview with Amy Porterfield – Podcast Episode 66

 Several years ago, when I started The Sculpted Vegan, there was one specific investment I made that would forever change the course of my businesses: Amy Porterfield’s Digital Course Academy Amy (who calls herself “The Queen of Baby Steps”, and you’ll hear why) has been a huge source of inspiration to me. Last year, […]

Get anything you want by learning the secrets of negotiation, with Chris Voss (ex FBI hostage negotiator) – Podcast Episode 65

 15 months ago I hated negotiating. I hated asking for discounts and I hated haggling on price.   I was an effective communicator, but I wasn’t an effective negotiator.   I got nervous in negotiating situations because I wasn’t sure how to ask for what I wanted, without seeming demanding or unreasonable.   That’s when I discovered […]

How I Overcome This Fear To Sculpt And Shred My Body – Podcast Episode 64

 Your beliefs around fear can either mobilize you or paralyze you. Many people think that I’m fearless, but that’s actually not the case. Plenty of things scare me! But throughout my childhood, I developed a postulate around fear that has enabled me to plow forward despite it. This postulate (which you will hear about […]