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Author Archives: The Sculpted Vegan

What it takes to be successful in business or bodybuilding (it’s not what you think) – Podcast Episode 80

Do you seek out discomfort? Or are you perfectly fine playing it safe and not taking risks or doing anything remotely uncomfortable? How you do one thing is how you do everything. Most people prefer to stay within their comfort zone because it’s familiar. This makes sense, right? Who the hell would purposely chase discomfort […]

Buns & Guns: How To Win $20,000 In a Fitness Competition – Podcast Episode 78

It never fails. With every new program launch, there is an aura of stress, worry, and fear amongst the participants. Of course, this is exacerbated if it’s attached to a competition with a huge cash prize, but it got me thinking about how common it is to stress over minutiae when something substantial is on […]