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Author Archives: The Sculpted Vegan

Top Tips for Surviving Modern Parenting – Interview with Jen Fulwiler – Podcast Episode 88

Women weren’t meant to be the primary caretakers of their kids. And yet, most mums nowadays end up that way. To make matters worse, we have the constant societal pressure to reach obnoxious levels of perfectionism… (Like juggling your career, your family, the non-stop schedules, the homework, the cooking, the cleaning, the midnight feedings…with little […]

Ask Kim: Losing Fat in Menopause, Training for a Specific Look, What to Eat to Boost Metabolism & More – Live Q&A – Podcast Episode 87

As if these “Ask Kim” LIVE Q&A-style episodes couldn’t get any juicier, here comes the second to the last one, and it doesn’t disappoint! (I am hosting only one more LIVE “Ask Kim” on my Instagram at 7pm UK | 2pm EDT Sunday, September 5th!) From banishing “mum tum” to staying on track the day […]

Ask Kim: Fat Burners, Cosmetic Procedures, the Best Way to Shred When Your Time Is Limited & More – Live Q&A – Podcast Episode 86

We are back with another episode of our much-loved Q&A-style podcasts! (I am hosting a LIVE “Ask Kim” on my Instagram at 7pm UK | 2pm EDT for 4 weeks straight.) This was another really fun episode, filled to the brim with the juiciest and most popular questions! In the fitness industry, there are quite […]

Ask Kim: How I Fight Aging, the Truth Behind Bodybuilding & Steroids (& More!) – Live Q&A – Podcast Episode 85

I’m back with another special Q&A episode! Last week, there was so much great feedback on the Q&A-style podcast, that I’ve decided to keep the ball rolling all month long! For the next 4 weeks, I am hosting a LIVE “Ask Kim” on my Instagram at 7pm UK | 2pm EDT. What’s even more exciting […]

What It Really Takes To Become Ms. Olympia — Interview with Angelica Teixeira – Podcast Episode 83

Most people don’t understand what it really takes to build the body of a physique athlete. And when you decide to train for the competition stage, what is required of you – both mentally and physically – is even more astronomical than you could ever imagine. When I think back to my competing days, many […]

Debunking Soy and Other Vegan Diet Myths — Interview with James Wilks – Podcast Episode 82

Did you know 8 out of 10 plant-based people are female, and 5 out of 6 people who go meat-free end up going back? What about the fact that the estrogen found in animals is identical to human estrogen, whereas plant estrogen is entirely different from the human form? Or that over the past 20 […]