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The C Word: How This One Word is the Secret to Getting Anything You Want in Life – Episode 4

Today, I’m coming at you with the c-word. Oh, behave. I’m talking about “consistency”. Because the difference between those who succeed and those who don’t – bodybuilding, fitness, business, whatever – is consistency. But how do you achieve it? Let’s go. Podcast Reference list  

How I Sculpted Six Pack Abs after 4 Kids – Episode #1

“Strong & Sculpted” doesn’t just mean gym habits and bodybuilding, but also mindset, nutrition and lifestyle. Today we start with a Q&A, with some of your most popular questions: 2:18 “How long did it take to lose your mum-tum?” 21:35 “Can you get extraordinary results lifting weights at home instead of going to the gym?” […]