Can I Have One More Bagel? – Episode 17

For anybody doing, or thinking of doing, a shred, this week’s show is a treasure trove of information. Our 4 Week Shredders have just completed their first week, so I hosted a live Q+A to dive into their questions.

Podcast Reference List

Mark Getty
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3 thoughts on “Can I Have One More Bagel? – Episode 17

  1. Larinda says:

    I am not on Facebook. Love the podcast! I took on the 4week shred to lose weight, and more importantly, to boost my body and mind for a higher level of fitness, both physically and mentally. I’m at an age where many people start to “feel their age”.. so to say. I want longevity, I want fitness, I want happy, I want health and joy. This is a HARD challenge.. for many reasons. My words to encapsulate the overall everything of this shred= mind over matter. Mind over matter.
    Keep a pushing. Congratulations to everyone for taking this on, go get your why!

  2. Paula says:

    That’s so true. Thinking about food the macros how to make it all work so you can look great. We are reminded that abs are made in the kitchen and nutrition is 80% of how you look. I feel I beat myself up about what to eat and how to make food work for me. I want to see abs but I don’t want to be hungry. I end up with a bad relationship with food which is bad thing 🙁 bc food isn’t bad. Thanks for podcast bc it was like all I think about. Self love and positive thinking

  3. Sadona Wise says:

    This podcast was awesome Kim!!! I love that you are so transparent and share with all of us the very things that you have learned in your own body building journey……mistakes and all! I’m entering into phase 5 right now of your 18 month program and love this program but i just asked myself this very question today when I was leaving the gym…..Am I working hard enough? But I am seeing results and I am showing up for myself consistently 5 days a week and doing the work and my macros are on point majority of the time so again as you have said over and over again ……..just trust the process! Thanks for the reminder and for the continual education on all things regarding building/sculpture and shredding❤️ Sadona

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