This is How I Motivate Myself to Exercise 5 Mornings a Week – Episode 24

Get out of bed at 5am for a 60-minute run. Then do a full yoga session. Then go to work. This was the ambitious plan of a woman I met the other day, despite the fact that currently she did none of those activities. None. So how do you make the jump from doing little to becoming an exercising goddess? And once you’ve achieved THAT goal, how do you ensure that the pressure of sticking to a routine doesn’t crush you? In today’s show, I give you the strategies to make sure you thrive.

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3 thoughts on “This is How I Motivate Myself to Exercise 5 Mornings a Week – Episode 24

  1. liz evans says:

    So glad I found you. This is great.
    I was / am losing heart. I have been Vegan for 7 years and not achieving my fitness goals; and starting to question whether due to Vegan diet. I have lost track with nutrition, as overwhelmed with all information and all seems so hard with all the information out there. I am getting very bulky round midrift and putting on weight despite all hours in gym. I have been losing strength, which has lead to loss of motivation. I never stop exercising (literally about 8 hours in gym in a day; as don’t really know what to do to achieve goals except for work every muscles all the time and do yoga, hiit, spin classes, body pump, body attack, body combat).
    Have lost so much in terms of time with family (I have 2 teenage children) and life. I am listening to previous podcasts back to back. You have reminded me of why I started this journey… wanted to build bone density after Cancer treatment at the age of forty (8 years ago now) and had a dream of creating a body that I could use to inspire other Cancer sufferers to show not a life sentence and what can achieve and how can still be strong in life … I had forgotten that vision. You will laugh – dream was to become a body building competitor despite not having any boobs (had a double mastectomy without reconstruction) but not tell anyone and then reveal after competition to Cancer world that you can achieve a lot despite previous illness. Realise not attainable now (bar too high as you said) and was a dream / goal a bit to far.
    I spend my life trying not to eat; then as soon as I have eaten anything feel I have failed and then the non stop eating starts. Like the idea of eating properly / more (well maybe not more as feel eat too much but maybe better wholefoods); have become so confused with whether to eat carbs; go keto and demonise a sweet potato but then eat something worse but as always plan on fasting and don’t have plan for meals (or know macros) and tend to snack and protein snacks that I buy when out.
    However, this is great information and helping inspire me again; hoping it will help me get straight mentally regarding the nutrition; although can’t purchase program due to financial constraints am; so grateful for free resources to try and get me back on track. Fingers crossed.
    Thank you ever so much; am in awe in all you do.
    This is the only place I listen to the podcast, so can’t review on other podcast sites; but will try and find a way.

  2. Cecilia Smith says:

    I was involved un several automobile accidents, my body is banged up pretty good and I used to exercise professional. How do I get my body back?

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