Why Your Diet Isn’t Working – Episode 18

People get very emotional about their body. But lightening up and “playing” with your health and fitness plan is so important. “Playing” allows you to impartially collect data, which allows you to achieve your goals. Here’s how to do it.

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11 thoughts on “Why Your Diet Isn’t Working – Episode 18

  1. Josie Reyes says:

    Thank you for that information. I agree great program. I can see a change on my clothes. Thank you for your raw truths love it!

  2. Claire says:

    Loving the pod casts by the lovely Kim constable , always listening when I’m training or doing cardio
    The information is second to none it’s so valuable , she’s real , truthful and so so knowledgeable X I ve done her 4week program my results were astonishing thanks Kim

  3. Gina says:

    In two weeks, I went from doing Smith Squats using just the bar to holding 100 pounds, and weights have increased from there. My strength and confidence continues to improve. I learned so much from Kim.

    • Ariel Simone Gagnon says:

      Kim constable has such a glow and strong inspiration to fitness. She has taught me that training hard and consistently and eating well can and WIlL give you good results.

      Listening to her podcasts when I drive to work or on the weekends when I am sleeping in pushes me to go to the gym and get me to my next goal!

      Each of Kim’s podcasts episodes have loads of backed up m knowledge on training, health and diets/lifestyle. I have grown as a young woman with training and especially consistent healthy eating habits through her podcasts!

      Very lucky to have found her!

      Thanks Kim Constable!

  4. Amanda Williams says:

    Changing peoples life is your mantra and I believe it you! This podcast is invaluable and your timing once again is perfect!! Training can become slightly demotivating but your advice on just showing up, lifting heavy and being consistency!! Love yourself!

    • Martina Tanzi says:

      OMG This is exactly what I wanted to listen to this morning…DAY 1 of my #4weekshred!Listening to the podcast as I was kicking my booty on the stair masters was the best motivation ever, also because for the first time in my life after trying so many programmes unsuccessfully I do feel like I don’t want have expectations…just having so much fun and see what happens if I really trust my Coach!!Kim you’re simply too good to be real! Thank you so much for sharing that…AWESOME!!??????

  5. Karen says:

    I have completed your program before and loved the results. I wanted to thank you for showing me that being a vegan is not as hard as I thought.

  6. Kerry Goring says:

    I am doing the 4 wk shred currently into my 3rd week now and loving every minuet off it. I have followed Kim for over a year now I have been into fitness and weights for about 8 yrs! Kim has taught me a lot about food and weights and Built the most muscle ever!! in this last yr by listening to Kim following her advice! Love the podcasts! Love the social media Recommend this Lady Love Love Her. Thank you Kim.

  7. Giorgia Perri says:

    Such a good podcast as always, I love the honesty and no BS approach, brings it to life and makes it more realistic. I enjoy listening to the content be that on my way to work, in the gym or around the house and I look forward to each new episode. I like the use of real-life experiences, which makes me realise that we all have a starting point and we can achieve our goals. The motivation and energy from this podcast is so uplighting and makes me want to do another gym right now!! Love your content, so inspiring!! 🙂

  8. Paula says:

    Kim this information is exactly what I needed to hear. Diet is 80% of what we look like and need to get that down bc we can’t out train a bad diet. I have been lifting heavier and watching my form. I hear all of your helpful facts when working out. Keep them coming. I have learned so much about myself and training due to your podcasts, insta posts and your programs. You call it as it is and I love that ??❤️??

  9. Debbie Makowski says:

    Thank you so much for this information! I just finished the 4 week shred today and am completely new to lifting weights. I really want to do the 18 month program to make a commitment to building strength externally and internally! I appreciate you!

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