Get Faster Results in the Gym by Learning to Fail – Episode 23

Whether you knew it or not, the speed of your progress in the gym today, or the lack of it, began when you were back in school. Remember those days? When you got something wrong in a test and the teacher put a big red cross next to your answer? That’s when we all learned that failure is bad. But if you’re gonna get faster results in the gym, you need to fall in love with failure. Fail in order to succeed, people! Here’s the how and the why.

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7 thoughts on “Get Faster Results in the Gym by Learning to Fail – Episode 23

  1. Emily says:

    Thank you so much for this Kim. I’m struggling to keep my training up & not balancing my life well just now…! This podcast has lifted my spirits hugely nd reminded me of how much I love and need weight training in my life! I’ve spent the week running not doing weights because it’s easier and I can exercise dogs at same time… but you remind me I HAVE to fit my weight training in and it has to be quality because I haven’t got time to waste! … I also need sleep!! ? Went to town just before listening, to put some money in bank and forgot honestly to buy parking ticket… brain on other stuff… and got hit with fine?. Money in… money out!? Have signed up to your 18 month programme and this weekend is MY time to get my brain in the zone for it. Thank you.?

  2. Amanda Williams says:

    Omg Kim this podcast was epic!!! Your teachings have changed my life. I need you in my world, because you keep me honest even though we havent met lol… train like a bitch, eat like a horse! Bring it on girlfriend!

  3. Sylvia Bumphus-Passmore says:

    I learned so much from this podcast. I was paying a trainer at the gym. Once a week we trained legs and arms. He would always keep me between 60-75 pounds. I grew stronger than where I started from but I never moved from a plateau I arrived at. What you stated I. This podcast makes perfect sense. More days doing the same things won’t work. I understand now that I need to challenge myself. Oh yeah, my former trainer and I are still friends but listening to you gave me the courage to find someone will help me move forward. Thank you so much ?

  4. Paula Olson says:

    1st podcast of yours I have listened to. It was pretty interesting to hear about your progression as well as your husbands. I like the idea of finding someone to lift/train with. My focus right now is running and biking, but I want to bring more lifting into my training. Signed up for your master class next week. Thank you for sharing your insight I appreciate the time and energy you put into the podcast.

  5. Harriet Tuck says:

    This is great info!!! I push myself this morning and it felt great. How do you find your max without hurting yourself?

  6. Trish says:

    That’s all I had to hear! “You are stronger than you know” ever since I heard this I’m pushing myself and getting stronger and leaner

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