Why I do SLOW Cardio – Episode 15

With the launch of my all-new 4 Week Shred, this week is devoted to your questions about the program, meal plans, why I do slow cardio and not HIIT, why trampolines freak me out, and much more. I also give you fat-busting tips on how to maximise your results in just one month. Plus, how we’ll be awarding the lush $16,750 in prize money.

Podcast Reference List

4 week shred (new program)
4 week meal plan
HIIT Training
Interval Training
Amino Acids
18 month sculpt and shred
Mark Getty
Leigh Getty
PCA Bodybuilding competition
Natalia Melo
The mother strong league
Curtis Brown
Emma Quinn
Jim Fonda workout
Instagram – Kim

7 thoughts on “Why I do SLOW Cardio – Episode 15

  1. Darlene Barnard says:

    Excellent podcast! I learned so much on best way to burn fat and also didn’t realize you can’t build muscle in a high calorie deficit

  2. Donna Hillier says:

    Great podcast, always love listening to you Kim, your wealth of knowledge and the way you explain things makes understanding why we need to do certain things easy and your honesty cracks me up lol you honestly have the patients of a firey saint lol ?

  3. Nicole Campbell says:

    Omg you are insane but in a good way you could sell sand to the Arabs I could just listen to you all day long you are very passionate and honest you say it how it is ie you get out what you put in / I’v signed up for the 4 wk shred and feel very inspired I can do it / podcasts great and defo should get everyone off their arse and do at least something lol keep up the good work
    Nicole from Glasgow xx

  4. Paula says:

    Thanks for this bc I was doing this for 30 min but if less need to speed it up. The slow and steady is better bc of the cortisol I have learned so much about my body and how it all works and never realized any of it. Thanks again for the great information. I have a note book that I write all of the tips down so I don’t forget. Love it ????

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