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How To Listen So Your Kids Will Talk and Talk So Your Kids Will Listen – Podcast Episode 75

Most people just want to be right.

If you’ve ever paid close attention to how people talk to each other, nobody is actually listening. It’s just a game of right vs. wrong where the “listener” is just waiting for the other person to stop talking so they can talk again.

This is not listening. It’s not even effective communication.

Listening and communication are skills that need to be developed—skills that many adults don’t ever end up mastering.

This gets compounded when we become parents. If we haven’t learned how to effectively communicate by the time we have children, we then make it damn near impossible for our children to learn and master these skills. It becomes a vicious cycle that makes relationships exhausting and hard.

You’ve heard me discuss how many of our issues actually stem from our childhood. This is no different.

As a child, I grew up in a very authoritarian household. My parents were my parents, not my friends. We were spanked, shouted at, and punished — we even had a naughty step and went to a boarding school. I never felt understood or listened to. I spent much of my childhood rebelling and doing whatever I could to be the exact opposite of my parents (which is actually what most children do when their parents aren’t effective communicators).

I craved acceptance and individuality but didn’t receive those things from my parents. But I vowed to be the total opposite of them and have spent my entire adult life seeking and learning how to do better, especially for my own kids.

I have never punished my children. They’ve never been shamed, shouted at, talked down to, or suppressed. I ask them questions and nurture their individuality. I teach them how to seek answers for themselves.

And most importantly? I accept them for who they are, and they know and feel that every single day.

If every parent can learn these important skills, we will witness a massive transformation in future generations.

In this podcast, I will teach you exactly how to listen so your kids will talk and talk so your kids will listen. And in turn, your kids will have the healthiest, most fulfilling relationships at every level.

Listen closely as I share the following strategies (and examples) that you can implement immediately in all of your relationships. But know this: it’s not enough for you to simply listen and read these strategies. You must actively apply them in your life every chance you get.

Strategies to have a better relationship with your kids:

Use “It seems/sounds like…” questions to establish what they want.
Ask “why” questions.
Ask, “What would be the downside if you didn’t get it?” (this identifies the REAL problem)
Ask, “Why do you need it to be that way?” (this establishes the emotional attachment)
I really hope you enjoy this episode!

Love Kim xo

Podcast Reference List: 

“Whenever we punish and control our children, we teach them that a part of themselves is bad, so then they fragment themselves into two different people.”

“Children are not stupid. They know that the reason we’re trying to control them is to make our lives easier.”

“ Kids will fight to the death for you to hear them.”

“If you learn to communicate better with your child, you will model communication skills for them, and they will naturally learn how to do conflict-resolution, ask for what they want, how to negotiate, and how to have conversations without fighting.”

“If you ever want to understand someone or have a better relationship with someone, you first step into their world, try them on, and then invite them back into yours.”

“If you force your need to be right onto your children, you’ll teach them to do this in relationships.”

12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos. By Jordan Peterson
Never Split the Difference: Negotiating as if Your Life Depended on It. By Chris Voss 

8 thoughts on “How To Listen So Your Kids Will Talk and Talk So Your Kids Will Listen – Podcast Episode 75

  1. Jaime A Bryant says:

    Thank you so much for this podcast because my second son, my youngest and I are always fighting about the littlest things and I have tried so hard to listen to him and figure out why every conversation turns into an unresolved issue or argument. I have so many stories we were actually joking around about having our own podcast or reality show because my husband and older son can’t believe how him and I will always go back and forth. I have always considered myself a good listener and in my heart I don’t feel like I’m just trying to be right but I know I need to improve and change, I had an extremely difficult childhood and I tried to do the complete opposite with my children , I really want to help him and understand him but I see how I can adjust our interaction by using the 4 examples . I often feel the same way as if he knows I will give in eventually so he keeps at it and I usually have no more energy to “fight”. I will begin to put this into practice and reflect more on my communication and listening skills. Thank you for this podcast as it is perfect timing for what I have been dealing with and needed help with. I’m looking forward to using all that you suggested!
    Thank you for sharing and being such an amazing role model and helping us with one of the most important roles we have in life.

    • The Sculpted Vegan says:

      Parenting is the most insightful job to our own soul that we can ever have! I’m so glad you got so much from the Podcast, I wish you and your children nothing but Love! 💕

  2. Aida Colon says:

    Thank you for this podcast. I am definitely going to try to understand my son better. I will begin to ask more questions in order to step into his world so that we can both see each other’s view. Thank you.

    • The Sculpted Vegan says:

      Yes, this is perfect! It’s hard being a child, especially in this current world’s climate. 🙌

  3. Stacey Elias says:

    Thank you! This podcast made me feel like I am 100% right with my intuition as to how I want to raise my 3 kids who’ve been home with me all year. I allow them to make as many as their own decisions as they can. I am still a helicopter parent, but from a little distance.
    Open communication always.

  4. Corrine Poulsen Brown says:

    I debated several times with myself before listening to this one. In the end, I am so glad I did, as it recalled some precious memories of my son through the years. Jerry was killed at the age of 14 by a reckless driver, and this July 3rd will be 10 years. Friends used to always mention how well he and I got along and communicated and I always figured it was because I talked to him like he was a person instead of a baby. Anyway, I’m crying now but this made me remember things I had forgotten which is a special treat for a Mom stuck on this side of the veil. Thanks.

    • The Sculpted Vegan says:

      Oh my love, how hard that must have been for you and how strong you are to have listened and reflected. My heart goes out to you as a Mother, and a woman. There are no words in the aftermath of such a loss so I will just give you my love! 💕

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