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How To Build a World-Class Physique – Q&A With Mark Getty – Podcast Episode 73

One thing you can’t cheat is hard work.

We recently finished our last Butt Camp competition, and the final results were mind-blowing, but they didn’t come without nay-sayers and loads of confusion from people who don’t understand what goes into extreme physique change.

My programs require 110% focus, determination, and discipline—to the point where only about 10% even finish them. Understandably, those who don’t have any background in body sculpting often question the final results because they’re so unbelievable. So I decided to interview my very own trainer, Mark Getty (the head judge in Butt Camp), to shed some light on exactly what it takes to sculpt results so mind0blowing that people not only question whether you’ve altered your pictures, but want to know how the hell you did it.

Why Mark?

Mark is a world-renowned champion heavyweight bodybuilder who has placed in the top 3 in his category over 100 times and holds 48 titles (both amateur and pro)! He knows more about physique change than almost anyone else and drops some big truth bombs in this interview that you can’t miss.

He talks about:

  • What to do if you don’t have a spotter

  • How to go to failure even if you’re a beginner (and what failure really is)

  • The most important equipment for your home gym

  • Photoshoot tips that can take your photos from second place to first place

  • How to transition out of a shred without gaining all the weight back

  • His EPIC breathing advice for getting through the reps (this is great)

  • …and so much more fantastic advice that you need to hear!

You will also hear about his experience in the last few weeks going plant-based for the first time! You are going to LOVE this episode.

Love Kim xo

Podcast Reference List: 

“One thing people can’t cheat is hard work.”

“Every time you leave the gym, ask yourself: Could I have done more?”

“When the pain starts, that’s when you keep pushing.”

“Learning is all about making mistakes, and hopefully, you don’t make the same one twice.”

“The guys that work the hardest always prevail.”

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6 thoughts on “How To Build a World-Class Physique – Q&A With Mark Getty – Podcast Episode 73

  1. Kim Forward says:

    I want the female curves, with abs, but I don’t want a masculine looking body, kind of like the bay watch look with abs, is this possible without the masculine look everywhere else, the only muscle look I want is on my stomach, just wondering if I can achieve this look??, curious kind regards Kim

    • The Sculpted Vegan says:

      Lovely question! Yes, it’s absolutely possible! The look you are describing is one of the looks that comes before you reach my level of muscle..? The process is the same build muscle, shred fat, and repeat. Abs are shown with a decrease of body fat. I hope that helps xoxo

    • The Sculpted Vegan says:

      Yay!~ Three words Fucking thank you! ?? Have a beautiful day! xoxo

  2. Samantha Hardingham says:

    EPIC!!! This episode is GOLD!!! Soooo much information to take in, thank you Mark and Kim, would love to hear more from you two and your years of knowledge.

    • The Sculpted Vegan says:

      Thank you so much! Always a great time with Mark! Appreciate you tuning in and for the love xoxo

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