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Buns & Guns: How To Win $20,000 In a Fitness Competition – Podcast Episode 78

It never fails. With every new program launch, there is an aura of stress, worry, and fear amongst the participants. Of course, this is exacerbated if it’s attached to a competition with a huge cash prize, but it got me thinking about how common it is to stress over minutiae when something substantial is on the line (like, oh, I don’t know, $20,000).

The most epic shred I’ve ever created, Buns & Guns, has just launched, and the competition begins in a couple of days (May 24th, 2021). The cash prizes total $41,500 which is the biggest cash fund I’ve ever offered. Naturally, this makes people lose their marbles. They all hyperfocus on manipulating as many external (and irrelevant) variables as possible so that their results are good enough to win: are we using UK or US cups? What exact time should I have my protein shake if I’m at work and can only take one break per shift? Can I use a different brand of protein powder? What if I can’t do deadlifts because of a back injury? Will my results suffer? How many ml in a US cup, and what if I can’t find US cups to measure with for this recipe?” etc…

And let me be the first to say I get it. I truly do because I’m the same damn way. I love to control many aspects of my environment because I’m a control freak. 

But here’s a secret: it’s not at all realistic, and these little details don’t matter. The more we try to control these variables, the more stress we place on ourselves and the worse off we are. 

And another secret? The winners of my programs are the ones who DO NOT do this. In fact, they do the opposite of this. You’ll hear in this episode how past winners tackled my previous shreds—what they did, what they avoided, and how they were able to land in the top .01% of everyone who has ever purchased a Sculpted Vegan shred program.

You are going to love this one!

Love Kim xo

Podcast Reference List

“Fear is just a lack of data.”

“You cannot force things to be the way you want them to be. You cannot make things happen faster than they’re supposed to happen.”

“Bodybuilding teaches you reality. It teaches you what is possible.”

“Consistency over time is what creates incredible results.”

Buns & Guns:
The New Contented Little Baby Book: The Secret to Calm and Confident Parenting 

82 thoughts on “Buns & Guns: How To Win $20,000 In a Fitness Competition – Podcast Episode 78

  1. Diane says:

    Wow great information and as I have never done a ‘shred’ before or stepped foot in a gym for a very long time and I am over 50 now, I really appreciated this podcast as I now find that I feel a bit more relaxed about it. Thank you Kim. You are extremely entertaining and I do love an “f” bomb for emphasis 🙂

        • Sharon says:

          It’s very early morning in Nova Scotia, Canada on June 1 and I’m listening to your Buns and Guns podcast and realizing that I missed it from a few days is disappointing to say the least. I’ve been following you for a few years now and I’m a big fan. The gyms have been closed in my area and I haven’t been in over a year, (since Covid hit). Trying to get back to it by listening to you!!

    • The Sculpted Vegan says:

      We got you girl! Follow along, and you will absolutely see great success! xoxo

  2. Susan wallace says:

    Bought most of Kin’s plans always with good intentions but never finished ,what she said about fear of failure is exactly me and wanting a 20 year old bum at 58!! Made sense just finish even if I don’t do well enough for a prize it will show my two boys that this time mum didn’t give up when things got hard thanks Kim

    • The Sculpted Vegan says:

      Yes 🙌 those subtle lessons are kids pick up from us are so important for us to realize! I am cheering for you! xoxo

      • Helen Leming says:

        I’m so inspired and I give my all . I will see you at the finish line . Love the podcast

  3. Alisa Zounis says:

    OMG this podcast I loved it, even tho you had a dig at me it made me giggle. But thank you so much for this, it put things into ALOT in perspective. Can’t wait to here the next one

    Love Alisa

    • The Sculpted Vegan says:

      Yes love! Collect the data, adjust and keep pushing! You can do this 🙌 xoxo

  4. Lizette says:

    Kim, first I love your accent. I found it eye opener. Sometimes our expectation are unrealistic. I am ready to see what will be my new reality, what can bodybuilding make possible.

    • The Sculpted Vegan says:

      Yes! #1 thing we ask in our groups, and even messages. “What is your expectation” it really is the key to all of it! 🙌 xoxo

      • Valerie Ayala says:

        Thank you for the podcast it shed a lot of light for me. It is about being consistsnt if something is off a bit off dont create stress about it. I also heard it loud and clear what differentiates the finalist. Work harder! Also I love your stories.

        • The Sculpted Vegan says:

          Yes, work harder and there’s no need to seek permission to do so! 🙌 Cannot wait to see your progress and big reveal! xoxo

  5. Lillian Esley says:

    With the mantra nobody cares work harder the Kim Constable podcast is one of the best podcast I have listen to in my 26 years of life. Within her podcast Kim’s personality comes through; entertaining (to say the least), encouraging, extremely driven and realistic. All of these qualities make her an exceptional coach and physique athlete. In this review of episode 78 titled Buns & Guns How to Win 20K in a Fitness Competition, I will tell you a wee bit about why I love Kim’s podcasts so much.
    With in this episode Kim delves into a dose of reality while sipping on some whiskey.
    After listening to this episode the biggest thing that you can expect to take away amidst all of entertainment is Kim suggestion of trying to acknowledge your inner turbulence stemming from a lack of data points (very little experiential base). Kim describes the inner turbulence/ fear that comes from the unknown and like many of her other episodes she gives an example of this which happens to be hyper controlling your external environment as an example of how some people might manage this inner turbulence. Kim proposes instead of trying to hyper control an external outcome, acknowledging your fears of the unknown, sitting with your feelings and accepting that this lack of data points as it is what it is, and then acting for a realistic frame of mind can lead to a much more productive use of time. Kim ends the Episode by knocking home the point that consistency trumps perfection every single time. This episode was amazing and as someone that just purchased Buns & Guns and will be competing, it put my mind to ease but don’t take my word for it give the episode a listen!! We can and will get epic results my fellow comedators. We can and will get epic results my fellow competitors; lets knock Kim, coaches, and judges out of the water.

    • Patrice Sheehan says:

      I am so excited to start the buns and guns competition on 24 May! I am not very technical, so I hope I can upload the pics and work hard for results. Thank you Kim for the motivation and hope I can be one of your successes.

      • The Sculpted Vegan says:

        if you have any difficulty at all, we will be there to help you! Welcome and good luck! xoxo

  6. Lisa Mcknight says:

    Kim has a way of telling it like it is and giving you the straight goods! And when it comes to bodybuilding and in particular a shred she knows her stuff! This was exactly what I needed! I am a bit OCD like she describes. I know now it doesn’t matter if I have and extra few grams than it says.. or cut my cardio short, it’s about sticking to the plan as best I can and giving it my all. It’s about turning my OCD into PCD – Persistence Consistency Discipline!

    • The Sculpted Vegan says:

      Yes! Let’s all shout PCD from the rooftops, while everyone looks on in wonder 😂 Cannot wait to witness your progress and see your results! xoxo

  7. Heather Willard says:

    Everything Kim said really resonated with me. Yes, I’m OCD and a control freak. Yes, I’m totally guilty of freaking out about the details and measuring this and measuring that, taking my supplements at just the right time and stressing the fuck out over this stuff. In the podcast, Kim shares the realistic view that I am not going to have her body after these 8 weeks! As much as I’d love it, and as much as I can imagine and envision and dream it, my body is not some magical machine. It will take hard work over a longer period of time to achieve what she has in 5 years, however, Kim encourages you to be consistent and follow the plan. Do the fucking cardio at 3 am if you have to, or don’t. What you put into this, you will get out of it. No body cares, work harder! Love the real talk because she always says what most of us are thinking!

    • The Sculpted Vegan says:

      Yes! 🙌 You got it 💯 having that body goal in mind is going to help you keep working towards those goals with consistent effort, and that my dear is why you’ll be successful over the long term! xoxo

  8. LISA Mcknight says:

    OCD to PCD!!
    Kim’s podcast hit straight to home. She is an expert in her field and is a straight shooter in her podcast. I am one of those OCD people she talks about..not extreme but enough that I totally relate with what she talks about. This was exactly what I needed to hear before embarking on my 1st shred in her Buns & Guns program. It is not about stressing about am extra than here or a shortened cardio but to put in my best effort and follow the plan. Trust the process as Kim is the expert – I am the student. So bye bye OCD and hello Persitance Consistency Discipline – PCD is the way!!!

    • The Sculpted Vegan says:

      PCD for the WIN! Cannot wait to see you put the philosophies into action, you’re going to have so much success! Please make sure to tag me in your photos, so I can see your kick ass progress and results! xoxo

  9. Terrie Knudsen says:

    I am not a big podcast listener. I always love music to motivate me.
    But I really want to change my body. So, I thought I’ll listen to her podcast. Kim, is hilarious. I was glad to hear she was drinking whiskey. Which means I don’t have to give it up vodka.
    I love the consistency over perfection. I will try my best.. but that is also the problem. The I think.. well…Terrie is this really your best.. can you do more.. that’s is my OCD. I will question myself till I get frustrated. Therefore..I set my self up to fail. But I am really going to try to remember..CONSISTENCY OVER PERFECTION. I am not prefect. Stick to the meal plan.! I want to change my body and be healthy.

    • The Sculpted Vegan says:

      Yes, perfection is definitely an illusion that none of us need! Consistency over time, and being real with yourself; cut out the bullshit stories. This is when your life will change! Welcome and good luck gorgeous, thank you for listening in. I’m truly honored! xoxo

  10. Kirsty says:

    Great Podcast! Well I think so: It was my very first one actually. Anyway . . . Kim speaks to that slightly mad part of us that is deep inside that we try & pretend isn’t there, but it turns out we all have it & acknowledging this and working with it actually a pretty good idea when we want to be successful at something. I find myself musing at the fact that I think this girl really just might have my back, because she is at least as mad as I am & isn’t afraid to talk about it!!
    Good truths, a few sips of whisky and so very engaging that the spider who happened along while I was listening actually sat & listened in too.
    & “Facebook shit the f*cking bed” is now my new favourite saying!!!

    • The Sculpted Vegan says:

      Aww, yay welcome to my Podcast gorgeous! We all definitely have a mad side, and it’s about time, we all get to know it! Team SV has your back now and always, let’s do this damn thing! xoxo

  11. Dana says:

    As a first time purchaser of one of Kim’s Sculpted Vegan programs, this was the perfect podcast for me. I had been on the Buns and Guns private Facebook group page and saw many of these questions about the tiniest details. I understood because like Kim, I can also be that person sometimes. However, I couldn’t help but also think some of it was a little over the top and not necessary. I was a member of weight watchers once upon a time and remember listening to extremely overweight people discuss creamer in their coffee. I couldn’t help but think … do they really think the coffee creamer caused them to gain over 100 extra pounds? It wasn’t logical and it helped me realize what Kim discusses in this podcast. It’s minutiae and not important. Put in the work, stay consistent and the results will follow. Thank you for addressing this issue. The message was spot on, even with the whiskey!

    • The Sculpted Vegan says:

      🙌 Yes Queen Yes! We do get it, the competition is for a lot of cash, and there is a lot on the line. We do try to consistently drive home that it’s your work ethic that will take you far, and not micromanaging 💕 xoxo

  12. Sonya Baumann says:

    I have no expectations! Leaves me thinking, does stress really exist around what I am doing if I expect nothing? Stress just makes things worse when it come to weight loss for me. I am ten years attempting to lose 50 pounds. Each time I stressed over it, I did not enjoy it and I had huge expectations for myself. This time I just want to enjoy the process. Thank you Kim for keeping it real and making this attainable without stress!

    • The Sculpted Vegan says:

      Yes! Stress comes from placing expectations on yourself. This is one of the first questions we ask people looking at what results they will get. Most people don’t know what to expect, so the more you can let go of that and just enjoy the journey, the better off you’ll be! xoxo

  13. Pauline Webb says:

    This will be my 2nd TSV program and the 1st competition with you or any strength or sculpting program. I’m excited to see what this will do to my 50+ body. I know I don’t have to accept that I’m getting older and it’s just part of getting old and I want to prove it to myself and be a role model for others. Thanks for calling my nerves in the podcast 😊💪

    • The Sculpted Vegan says:

      Definitely check out our members, so many in the 50+ category and seeing insane results and progress! We got you gorgeous, welcome and good luck! xoxo

  14. Julie says:

    Thank you for this. I needed to hear every single bit of it. I was wavering about my food plan choice but now I know going with my gut and really listening to what you wrote was right.
    In another pod cast you had spoken about seeing the full picture of yourself. I’m paraphrasing, but the idea was to really see the “data” on yourself.
    I listened to that prior to reading the PDF. This is the 3rd program I have purchased therefore I have past knowledge on what areas would be the most challenging for me. Prepping and planning meals was my downfall. I kept failing at that and frankly don’t like cooking anymore.
    When I read about a choice of getting a prepared meal
    kit I looked into that option. I hit all the key points you laid out that would make getting a weekly meal kit a good option for me. I committed to more hours at work to earn the extra funds to pay for the service. To tackle a 35% BMI I knew food had to
    be key. My vegan meals arrive soon and I feel so happy with that choice now . No it’s not 100% to the plan but it’s vegan and very similar macros and it’s the best choice for me to get to the end . I’ve added a new motto for myself… “Eat better, no one cares.
    Please know that those of us who
    have not submitted those last day photos in the past attempts have still made strides forward. I 100% am finishing this but it’s because of all I’ve learned from the past attempts and new knowledge you have provided. I was 198 when I first signed up a year ago
    and now I’m sitting at 178 for my Monday start. Progress yes, but now I’ve got all the data to go all the way. I thank you for that.
    I’ve already won my own battle with myself because I refuse to stop trying and will keep figuring out the next best thing to get strong and healthy.
    Thank you Kim

    • The Sculpted Vegan says:

      Okay, so many feels of love, pride, and gratitude for you! xoxo Yes, we need to remove the emotion from the data so that we can look at it clearly. Sounds like you’ve collected so much data that is going to help you in this program! I love that you’re aware of what you need this time around, and I’m so glad that you found a meal service that is close enough for you to use! Congratulations on your weight loss, so very proud of you! Looking forward to watching your journey, please do me the honor of tagging me in your photos! 🙌

  15. June MacKinnon says:

    Story time with Kim. Fabulous. Not normally one to listen to podcasts, prefer Spotify, but definitely will be tuning in in future. Some good tell it like it is wisdom. Should be on everyone’s to do list to hear. ♥️

  16. Lenore Charest says:

    I love how honest and real Kim is. Who else would admit to drinking some good whiskey while doing their podcast! But all fun aside, this episode made me recognize another reason why I haven’t made great progress in programs in the past. I have been focusing on the wrong things, like buying all kinds of supplements, thinking that’s what would build more muscle for me, or that if I wasn’t going to hit my macros exactly one day that I’d failed and might as well give up. Kim is so good at telling stories that illustrate her point and that makes what she says so relevant. I purchased Buns and Guns; not sure if I’ll compete. But Kim puts so much value in her programs that I think it’s worth buying, even if I do the program and not compete. This episode has given me information that I’ll use to improve my fitness and hopefully in other areas of my life (Nobody cares, work harder)! Thanks, Kim. You rock!

    • The Sculpted Vegan says:

      Yes, real is the only way I will ever be! 🙌 If you get a flat tire, you wouldn’t get out and sabotage yourself by popping the other 3. So, don’t do this in your fitness journey! You got this athlete, I look forward to watching your journey! xoxo

  17. Corinna Petronic says:

    Just love this ” Consistency over time is what creates incredible results!” Completely agree! Consistency creates balance. Balance in body, mind and soul. Discipline, values, actions, accountability. I’m stoked to get this competition started. I’m excited by the possibilities. Kim provides the reality of making our dreams our own reality. She provides us the tools, and we get to see what we are truly made of! Maybe I’ll join her in a whiskey toast after 8 weeks! Cheers to OCD! Thinking some things in life are good to be obsessive about.

  18. Rebecca Stone says:

    How do you know me so well? Thank-you for being so open and honest with your struggles. Us control freaks don’t like to be transparent. I appreciate this more than you know. Thank you for being relatable..
    Super excited to get into this workout! Ready to learn your years of research and knowledge.

    • The Sculpted Vegan says:

      Control freaks unite! 🙌 Looking forward to watching your journey!

  19. Vanessa says:

    Very honest podcast! Saying it like it is always !! Everyone has some obstacle or the other and we sometimes think some people are so lucky or have it easier! But really, they are just excuses for lack of commitment and consistency. If I am lucky enough to win a program from Kim, you can be damn sure I’m putting in the work and will one of the 10%!!!! 💯👊🏼💪🏼

    • The Sculpted Vegan says:

      I promise to always give it to you straight! I hope to see you in Buns & Guns athlete, come kick ass! xoxo

    • The Sculpted Vegan says:

      All you can do! Consistency wins every time, I promise you that! xoxo

  20. Anne Littlewood says:

    Fantastic episode Kim. A ton of useful information. I am definitely a control freak- hate it when things don’t go the way I want. So excited for this Buns and Guns experience – listening to this whilst meal prepping.

    Thank you for keeping it real!

    • The Sculpted Vegan says:

      Yes Queen, prepare to succeed is the key! Glad you enjoyed it, welcome and good luck!

  21. Yuritzi Franco says:

    Hi thank you so much for all of this amazing info. I especially love your advice on raising children. I had a very fucked up child hood so I always feel like I’m doing something wrong. I’m always researching so that my fucked childhood doesn’t mess up my kids if that makes any sense .

    • The Sculpted Vegan says:

      Makes absolute sense! Most of us, have childhoods we need to spend time healing from. It’s a long painful road, but I have no doubt you’ll get there! xoxo

  22. Aidan says:

    Kim has already changed my life and will change yours! I found Kim through a Facebook ad and the rest is history. She has a tremendous depth of knowledge in health, fitness, business and life in general. Sharing her wisdom in a way that is straightforward and extremely relatable; allows listeners to truly feel connected and that anything is possible. In the short time I’ve been following/listening, I have made tremendous progress in all aspects of my life. She has taught me that I am “stronger than life is tough” and there are no truer words! Thank you, Kim and the entire Sculpted Vegan team!

    • The Sculpted Vegan says:

      Yes 🙌 this brought beautiful tears of pride to my eyes! We are honored to have a community of so many strong authentic kind women! It is because of all of you, that I work as hard as I do! xoxo

  23. Bonnie Ledger says:

    Thank you Kim – I’m very excited to begin the competition! <3
    I am ready!!

  24. Nina Hoskova says:

    I absolutely love ur honesty. It just feels wright to me! I am ready for Buns & Guns..Just finished my morning cardio…While listening ur podcast! Thank u ❤

    • The Sculpted Vegan says:

      Only way I know how to be 😉 Please make sure to tag me in your progress along the way! xoxo

  25. Becky smith says:

    Great podcast !! Love ur stories . Can really relate a lot 2 this as I have a special needs son everything has 2 b done certain ways and times etc and it’s lead into everything else & my whole mind set !! So real eye opener listening 2 that thank u 😊 All geared up 2 start 2day xx my son loves hearin ur voice & podcasts aswell but unfortunately not the grunting groaning training sounds u make have to run 2 the phone & turn it down every time 🤦‍♀️😜😜😊 keep up the fantastic work xx

    • The Sculpted Vegan says:

      So glad you enjoyed! How cute is he 💕 Welcome and good luck in the competition! Make sure to tag us in your progress! xoxo

  26. Sherry Lee C Gay says:

    I fucking loved this!! I am way over weight but I’m in this to do my best!! You are amazing and I’m so like this and might listen to this daily to remind myself, lol!! I am over stressing and it is the first day and inside going crazy!! So thank you this helped me a lot!! Going to get down to the grind, but remember I can only do my best and it is what it is going to be!!

    • The Sculpted Vegan says:

      Yes! Work hard consistently, not perfectly and you’re gonna see kick ass results! Remember, you don’t need permission to do so 😉 xoxo

  27. Nicole Just says:

    Loved this episode! Biggest take aways… consistency over perfection! Do the forking work! Work harder! Thank you for the inspiration💪F*ck yesss!

    • The Sculpted Vegan says:

      Yes! Nobody cares work harder! 🙌 💪 Welcome and good luck! xoxo

  28. Emma Bewer says:

    Loved this Podcast! We tried to Gina Ford our first baby – obviously didn’t work either! But totally get the metaphor behind the story – I am now just going to do the work and try consistency is king approach. Thanks for the tips and thanks for the bucket of motivation you are the queen for sure.

    • The Sculpted Vegan says:

      Yes, all we can control is ourselves 🙌 Welcome and good luck gorgeous!

  29. Donna says:

    I just recently learned of Kim’s podcasts. I love them! I have listened to 6 thus far. I definitely look forward to my morning cardio/strong and sculpted me time! Today I listened to Buns & Guns. Great information! I am focusing on creating the best me I can be. Consistency it key and my goal for the challenge. These podcasts give me motivation. I love hearing your real life stories. (I also excited to receive my new “nobody cares, work harder” gear!) Thank you Kim.

    • The Sculpted Vegan says:

      So happy to hear you’re enjoying the Podcasts! Make sure to review them in a podcast app for your chance to win an 18 month Sculpt and Shred program 🙌 Looking forward to seeing your consistency pay off! xoxo

  30. Liza Castillo says:

    My very first podcast, and I learned SO MUCH already! Thank you for sharing your wisdom, especially 1) you can’t make anything go faster than it can & 2) JUST DO THE WORK! / don’t stress over the minutiae! So excited to listen each week! (And rep the gear ! “Nobody Cares Work Harder” LOVE IT!! )

    • The Sculpted Vegan says:

      Yes! This society seems to have conditioned us to spend more time on creating reasons why we can’t do things, instead of just doing them. So glad you’ve gotten your gear, and look forward to seeing you Rep it! xoxo

  31. Nicole says:

    I listened to this on the day I started G&B and this one is such a gem. We are treated to story time with a wee (coffee) cup of single malt whiskey. Kim’s insight is collected in day to day life which is what makes it so relevant to me and her many faithful listeners all over the world. There’s something for everyone here, not just professional and beginner bodybuilders or vegan athletes. Kim talks about early parenting in this episode and I truly hope that new parents listen to it. The encounter with the midwife made me smile because I am one too. All I could think was that it would have been so fun to look after Kim because I love a woman who knows her own mind even if that involves doing insane things like waking her baby at 6.30 in the morning in order to get them to sleep through the night. Kim’s reaction of ‘what the actual f***’ when it doesn’t go to plan (oops spoiler) and her conclusion of ‘Getting it perfect does not guarantee results’ is only one of the valuable titbits this episode offers. Listen to it. This is golden!

    • The Sculpted Vegan says:

      I sit smiling as I read your comment, you get it! 🙌 Very grateful for that. It’s all so interconnected, the sooner we realize that the better off we will be as a society. Thank you for your input and good luck in the competition!


  32. Somara says:

    So insightful. I’m from Chicago and currently a part of the Buns and Guns program and it was so interesting to hear about how the bikini models vary based on location.
    And that those who don’t stress and go with the program and understand that it’s not overnight is key!
    My life seems so unorganized so this program helps me be more organized.

    • The Sculpted Vegan says:

      Yes, stress will cause more of a negative hit to your results than the small nuances that we as women seem to hyper focus on. I’m glad the program is helping to organize your life! Good luck in the competition xoxo

  33. Leanne Bobee says:

    Listening to this hit home for me. I completed butt camp but did not submit photos as I knew I had not changed my body like some of the women. I bought this program to keep going. But I’m struggling. I had this program starts on May and finished end of June, it would have been idea. We are finally opening up after being in lockdown since November and I am struggling to keep on track. But I’ve listened to so many of your podcasts and at least I now have to tools and data to get back on track when my head is in the game!

    • The Sculpted Vegan says:

      I’m so glad it’s hitting for you! It’s not always the 1st or 10th time we hear something that we take action. Sometimes you just have to wake up and say “toady is the day” and then keep going!


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