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Fruit is bad for you… or is it? – EP 102


Sometimes I will talk about how fruit is not the best food to consume if you are on a fat loss diet. And every single time I get bombarded by angry women telling me that they are unfollowing me because how dare I tell people that fruit is bad for them!

They hear “fruit is not good for fat loss” and they instantly jump to “fruit is bad for you”. And then they get downright angry at me.

What is it about fruit that makes people so emotional? I’ve pondered this question for years. And today, I think I finally have the answer.

Join me for this podcast as I dive into the science of why fruit is not the best food when you are dieting, as well as the emotional attachments people have to food and dieting, which are not always positive.

And then I would love it, if you would leave me a comment and let me know your thoughts on fruit.

Did you have any a-ha moments from listening to this episode? Or is there anything you would like to share from your personal experience?

Let me know in the comments!