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Author Archives: Ryan Wilson

This obese make-up artist lost 140lbs – Interview With Paddy McGurgan – EP 100

In 2020, when Covid-19 ravaged the globe and sent us into a tailspin, many people lost all motivation for keeping up with their health and fitness goals. But not this very busy, award-winning professional Makeup Artist from Northern Ireland, Paddy McGurgan. It was now or never. At over 400 lbs, with Type 2 diabetes, sleep […]

Sex Toys & Lube Talk. How To Have Better Sex – Interview With Sam Evans – EP 99

Sex is meant to be noisy, messy, and most of all, FUN! People use sex toys and lubes to help enhance their pleasure yet have no idea that what they’re using could completely destroy their sexual health and make sex anything BUT fun. From toys made of jelly to lubes with propylene glycol, most people […]

My Sister’s Worst Nightmare Made Her a Millionaire in Under 12 Months – Interview with Kerry Nevins – EP98

My sister Kerry Nevins turned over $2 million in 9 months. Sounds like a dream come true, right? Maybe. But the long journey there was an actual nightmare. And for many, it would have caused them to give up. Kerry is the founder & CEO of Babocush, the first-ever comfort cushion with a built-in heartbeat, […]

Mikhaila Peterson Claims a Carnivore Diet Healed Her Autoimmune Disease. Do We Believe Her?-EP97

As a kid, Mikhaila Peterson only knew a life of depression and physical pain. Growing up, she suffered immensely from juvenile rheumatoid arthritis that caused inflammation, chronic fatigue, rashes, and more. Her arthritis was so bad that she ended up having her hip and ankle replaced. If that wasn’t bad enough, she suffered from depression […]