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You only lose when you quit – EP108


In today’s episode of The Kim Constable Podcast, I am discussing how you only lose when you quit.

So many times when I started fitness programs in the past, I gave up disheartened, after only a couple of weeks because the results I got didn’t match the results I wanted or expected. So I thought I must’ve been doing something wrong. However, what I realised over the years is that just because we are not getting the results we want doesn’t mean we’re not getting the results we deserve. The only way to ultimately achieve your goal is to keep going. Because there’s no way to lose if you don’t quit.

In this episode I talk about my own experience of giving up and what finally got me over the finish line and beyond. If you to have a habit of quitting, then you’re definitely going to want to listen in.

2 thoughts on “You only lose when you quit – EP108

  1. Alison TracZ says:

    Kim , you have no idea how much you inspire me , I look up to you. you give me the strength to keep going, thank you so much,
    Love you girl

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