The C Word: How This One Word is the Secret to Getting Anything You Want in Life – Episode 4

Today, I’m coming at you with the c-word. Oh, behave. I’m talking about “consistency”. Because the difference between those who succeed and those who don’t – bodybuilding, fitness, business, whatever – is consistency. But how do you achieve it? Let’s go.

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24 thoughts on “The C Word: How This One Word is the Secret to Getting Anything You Want in Life – Episode 4

  1. Annalisa Corrigan says:

    OMG this is AMAZING!! Totally LOVE that Kim is doing Podcasts now I will be listing to every single one! She has so much to offer and everyone can learn and listen to her advise.

  2. Ruby Williams says:

    WTH?! Are you a psychic? I am so at this point in my journey. I am now renewed and working being a “C” lol consistent!

    Thank you

  3. Jules says:

    I love listening to Kim and understand what she says but asa her advise touches on body fat measurements or micro/macro’, in fact any sort of measurement really my mind shuts down just like it used to in a school maths lesson lol… HELP!

  4. Lorraine Ure says:

    Awesome! Thankyou ! I have been doing exactly that ! Jumping about from different eating plans , excercise plans with no consistancy. No results !So from tomorrow it starts . Taking your advise . Thankyou ?

  5. Risa Hawes says:

    Great info packed with fast information. Thanks for not wasting our time. Your 2 week results are astounding and letting us know about the 6 week intuitive shred frustration and failure in contrast is great.
    I hope I win.

  6. Tami says:

    Kim! That was super valuable information! Thank you for being such a transparent giving human!

  7. Lynn Nehila says:

    Extremely motivational! Just what I needed! Will save these words from Kim to play over and over! I’ve had great success listening and applying wisdom from Kim’s Masterclasses & podcasts! Thank you Sculpted Vegan! ??

  8. Wilhelmina Wooff says:

    Hi, Just listened to your podcast about being consistent after walking past the gym and heading straight home without getting a workout in… A good listen that tells it like it is and keeping it real and honest. Now, I am motivated and am going to set a plan!

  9. Brenda says:

    Hello from Canada! You are the first pod cast I have ever listened too. I love how real you are. I could listen to you everyday. Thank you for sharing all your knowledge, you are amazing!!!

  10. Cheryl Joseph says:

    Thank you for your simple and honest podcast. Consistency is king when trying to change. You are an inspiration. I look forward to listening to future podcasts.

  11. Jessica Testerman says:

    Kim you are awesome. You are an inspiration to me. I would listen to you all day long.
    Thank you for sharing all your knowledge.
    Love you very much,

  12. talitha van biljon says:

    Thanks Kim,just the podcast I needed to hear , all the magic words where discussed

  13. Tracy Andrews says:

    Thank you Kim, I am loving your podcasts and energetically hoping I can meet you on the Sunshine Coast in December when I have a family holiday booked. I am an avid listener to cutting edge podcasts in the health field and yours is outstanding, you offer so much value that I can understand why your business is a success, why you are an amazing person of integrity and a hands on mum which is probably your most important role of all. I love this podcast, I feel so many similarities in the way you intuitively eat and exercise which may be where I go wrong, I’m a Naturopath and predominately vegan, I live at the gym 9 x per week, excess cardio and resistance training to failure, I eat very little calories as this is where my body works best but not my body composition, as my diet lacks adequate protein for muscle growth and repair, and I feel like I have broken my metabolism with too many detox, shreds and fasts. I do eat grassfed hormone free meat out of necessity as I regularly donate blood, still menstruate and want to keep my thyroid active. I suppose this is how I stumbled upon your 4 week shred and have followed you ever since. However I like to add a Naturopathic spin to your programs and if you ever want assistance in bringing or expanding your business in Australia I am all in. I would love to meet you and buy you a green smoothie, keto coffee when in Australia but totally respect your family time as priority. Love and light Trace

  14. Diane L Hummel says:

    Wow alot of awesome info i really needed to 56 and workin on changing my body. Love your inspiration Kim..thank you si much!

  15. Karyn Conner says:

    Kim, this podcast episode was particularly good. I’ve been bouncing around from program to program for quite some time now. I love your message about consistency and how you’re not trying to “sell” people a program that promises a quick fix. The fact that your programs are 12 and 18 months long prove this. I must admit that a program that long scares the sh*! out of me because I’ve never stuck to something for that length of time in my life! Thank you for telling it like it is…much appreciated!

  16. Gemma price says:

    I have listened to every episode in one episode. Some people binge on Netflix, I binge on Kim’s knowledge.
    I absolutely adore this podcast. They topic this week is so relevant. Kim is so knowledgeable and so relatable. I can’t wait to start the 18month program so I can personally experience her training. Kim is goals.

  17. sabrina says:

    ABSOUTLEY AMAZING !!! I am totally pumped by Kim’s motivation, encouragement and no BS approach. listening to her is literally the kick up the A** I need. I have been to PT’s in the gym and NEVER have they connected with me like Kim has by just listening to her podcasts !!!! Thank you Kim – I will keep listening … we need more podcasts please 🙂

  18. Marina Blong says:

    Hi Kim, absolutely loved this podcast and will listen to it again today. Thank for shearing all the insider tips and being so completely honest!
    I have questions about boob or more o less lack of them, flat chested by nature and breastfeeding I have noticed that what was left pretty much disappearing during shred. Is there specific exercises you can suggest to build chest muscle up? Thank you in advance!

  19. Annie Mainelis says:

    I just listened to your podcast about consistency and I broke down because your truth about failure really hit me hard and I’ve never been so effected by someone I’ve never met before tell me the honest truth and as we speak I’m am crying so much. Because it’s been been my biggest failure all my life… Thank you so much for the podcast it’s opened my eyes and heart to the truth and gave me the biggest slap I’ve ever had to snap out of the constant failures all my life. I’ve been trying to get on stage for the past 6 years and made ever excuses and all over place. As of this moment you have changed my life and will finally get out of my car wipe my tears and follow what you said and start being consistant .thank you so much thank you ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  20. Lenore Charest says:

    This episode drove home that my inconsistency and lack of patience is why I don’t get the results I want. Thanks so much for motiving me to make the necessary changes.

  21. Sheri says:

    Definitely needed to hear this one yet again. Doing the 8 week shred and as I am doing everything the cardio, the gluten, the nutrition, the second cardio as you’ve laid it out my timing has been a little sporadic. CONSISTENCY! Means more than getting it all done in a day. Timing too! Got it. Will Soldier on 🙂

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