How I Built My Multi-Million Dollar Fitness Business – Episode #3

On today’s show, I take you on my journey from out-of-pocket yoga teacher to running the world’s largest online vegan bodybuilding company. People are always asking me about how I built my business. The short answer, of course, is to be amazingly good at what you do. But even then you have to have the right mindset and business chops to turn it into a success.

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23 thoughts on “How I Built My Multi-Million Dollar Fitness Business – Episode #3

  1. Flo says:

    Loved your show! You talk SUPER fast, get a lot in but I can follow. I am a PT working in building my biz and I found your info helpful and reassuring. It reiterated some things I’ve heard but it’s nice to hear it from a Vegan Fitness Professional. I did your 4 week shred earlier this year and was happy with my results. I’ve helped lots of people as a fitness professional and I have been documenting my programs and processes.
    I love that you respond to ur IG DM. I didn’t completely get my issue resolved but u definitely helped. Thanks again!

  2. Lara says:

    I have to say I really enjoy your candor and wit and how upfront you are regarding running a PT or Yoga business. I’m very glad that I listened to this podcast, it reaffirmed the direction I am taking towards being a Holistic Nutritionist. It all makes complete sense and shows how important your time is and how to utilize it best for you. I’m currently becoming the expert I need to be to move forward and help others and I’m psyched about the future possibilities. Thanks for the great advice.

  3. Roxanne says:

    Thank you Kim. I enjoy your podcasts and love how real you are. I have a question regarding cardio. Does it matter the type of machines or classes one takes for cardio or should it be based on calories burned? Also are the results better if one does fasted cardio in the morning vs cardio in the evening?

  4. Heather Mitchell says:

    Congrats on this podcast… your info on getting business started and the bonus of leverage is spot on. The difference between your success and others is in the Action.. not only did you do all the preparation eg being the best in your craft.. you had the belief that by taking the next step each time it would be successful.. you are the proof.. congrats on all your success. Looking forward to seeing the next big things for you and yr brand.

  5. Jenni says:

    Thanks so much for answering my question! Really appreciate your advice and have taken away some very helpful tips and knowledge. I’m a little nervous about getting started but you are completely right, that you have to go out there and grab it before someone else does!

    Thank you x

  6. Marita says:

    Thank you so much Kim. Love every second I spent listening this. You are real deal. Love it and keep inspiring us.

  7. Kim Barrett says:

    Kim B here with my honest review of this podcast.
    Now it might be coming from a slight Fan Girl place because, I’ve been following Kim C for the longest time. When I grow up I totally wanna be Kim C.
    I got to admit that i am a user of thesculptedvegan I just find life flows better, when she’s in my orbit. I actually think I punish myself by skipping past her posts and content when I’m feeling shitty, purely because I’m in that space and I want to feel shitty!
    Although when i need to get out of that space, I know where to go.
    She doesn’t just kick ass in the gym, but with her training programmes, and her motivational talks, such as this podcast, which gave true value and food for thought, I’m not a PT but these teachings can be totally scaled for totally unrelated businesses too! I took so much from this. It also motivated me to do some yoga, and organise my pending tray while I listened and got me hot footing on my business to do list! Thanks Kim! Keep up the good work, as always.
    Adding value from the get go.
    From Fangirl Kim B!

  8. Gemma Sellers says:

    I really enjoyed your podcast. As a pt many moons ago I think you’ve absolutely nailed on the head about knowing your worth and I absolutely wish I could have listened to this year ago.

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