Do This to Stop Snacking – Episode 5

My husband Ryan is an Aussie by birth who emigrated to Ireland to play rugby, when he was young, hot and fit.

He’s still hot and fit… (but just not so young anymore lol’s)

Every other year we fly his parents over to Ireland to stay with us for 3-4 months.

My MIL is gorgeous.  She is also one of my biggest fans.  She is in her early 70s and is an avid runner and trains in the gym 4 times a week.  

(When I compete on stage she’s in the front row, cheering me on.)

She loves being lean and is always trying to maintain her weight, usually by weighing herself daily (and you can imagine how that goes down in our house where we call the scale the “sad step”).

But there’s a problem.

She’s a serial snacker.  

She eats too little at mealtimes which causes her to be hungry during the day. 

This then causes here to snack between meals, eating calorifically dense but nutritionally light foods which scupper her “get lean” efforts and make her work harder.

Someone asked me recently on Instagram what I ate for a snack….

… and they were shocked when my answer was “I don’t snack”

I never snack between meals because I eat 5 meals per day.  So by the time I’m hungry, it’s time to eat again.

And the food I eat is not only planned and prepped, but nutritious and delicious.

Yet “snacking” is probably one of the biggest things that is causing women to fall off the diet wagon and keeping them stuck in their fat loss efforts.  

And it’s so damn hard to overcome… 

… UNLESS you know the 4 strategies I teach you in this podcast episode.

In this episode, I teach you:

  • The reason why we snack (and what to do instead)

  • How a certain type of guilt is causing us to overeat between meals (and how to overcome it)

  • Exactly how I plan and track my food each day (including exactly what I eat)

  • What you CAN snack on that is packed with nutrition and low on calories (and actually makes you feel full)

And don’t forget that our competition to WIN an 18 Month Sculpt & Shred Program ends on November 5 (that’s next Tuesday!).

Love Kim xo

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25 thoughts on “Do This to Stop Snacking – Episode 5

  1. Kristina Angeles says:

    I love how Kim shares information in a humorous, yet no-nonsense way. After just one listen, I’ve already made changes to my thinking and lifestyle. She’s honest and informative and I look forward to learning a lot more from her on my fitness journey.

  2. Jamie says:

    Do you have your meal plan published or somewhere we can see what you eat daily?

  3. Annette says:

    Such wise and good advice When you hear your podcast it all makes so much sense and is easy to understand. Thank you Kim

  4. Steph says:

    This episode about snacking was very information. I am guilty with the constant snacking. If I want to get the results I honestly have to stick to a meal plan. Thanks Kim for drumming this into me.

  5. Mk says:

    I am your mil!! Thank you for enlightening me!! OMG I shocked thank you!! I would love to do this! I think God sent you to me..exact timing!!

  6. Tania Morales says:

    I love how she gives so much valuable information about everything she knows and has learned through her journey. She speaks from experience on what works and what doesn’t. She has people in her life from which she can take from to forward the information to us in simple terms and with updated information that works and gives results.

  7. Sarah says:

    This was an amazing podcast! I have been following Kim C for a long time now and have never really felt able to commit properly. I have 5 kids and a Growing business. But now, I realise my lack of commitment was mostly down to a local of understanding and knowledge. Knowledge really is power! I have learnt so much and I absolutely trust what Kim says…I am an ex nurse and all that she says makes sense and is so true of the body! Add to the fact that she is gregarious and fun to listen to makes this a great podcast to listen to 🙂
    Ps.I am your mother in law!!! help me rhonda!! (Help me Kim!)

  8. MIlena Tsoneva says:

    Words exactly for me about my eating habits, how true…
    Thank you very much, Kim for your talk!
    I would like to get your program as I am going through very hard time with an autoimmune condition and would do everything to find my healing key!
    Hope I get back to my jumpy trainers and confidence!

  9. Vivi says:

    Thank you for your work! You are so inspiring. I’ve been vegan for the past 4 years and a yoga teacher for several years now. But I’ve always been in love with lifting heavy weights as well as seeing my body changing as an outcome, so I can definitely relate to your story.
    Your strength and advises definitely help me to improve my behaviours and strengthened my discipline. I’ve been suffering with eating disorder for several years and feel ashamed by it, but I think it is all because I go through time of underfeeding with high amount of physical activities, which usually end up in a morning binge. From today I will go back to my meal plans and make sure I eat enough of them and accept the fullness after a meal.
    I’ve got a couple of questions that may be interesting to your other listeners:
    What is your intake on intermittent fasting ? Do you get lazy digestion, if yes do you have any advise to help with constipation ?
    Many thanks again for all you do and spread your knowledge, keep up the hard work – you make a difference!

  10. Katie says:

    Omg, that makes the most sense! Your MIL sounds amazing and so like me…eating calorifically dense but nutritionally light!!!

  11. Lorraine Wilson says:

    OMGosh, I just love listening to you Kim. The energy in your voice is amazing, not to mention the Irish brogh…love it. This makes so much sense though, to eat 5x per day instead of snacking in between. Thank you for these podcasts, I am learning so much from them.

  12. Nancy H says:

    Hi Kim,
    thank you for another great podcast! I enjoy learning about sculpting and nutrition from you – lots of information, delivered honestly, and often with a few chuckles thrown in!
    After listening to this snacking podcast, I realize now why I’m not melting off the excess weight I’m carrying – my eating pattern is close to you MIL’s! While I enjoy feeling quite full because (then) I don’t have to eat for a while, it’s only one meal/day where that applies (supper). Having some guidance around planning is very helpful. Paying attention to intake is important, of course. We need to live within our financial budgets and it’s not any different to live within a dietary budget, only in the case of eating – excess is not going to give us dividends – it’s going to be like bad debt (to our health).
    I was so inspired to get back to the gym and have been going with your free workout schedule in my pocket. I feel so good after, and better in general – it’s made a big difference in my life. It’s great to have this level of guidance from someone who is also eating a plant-based (vegan) diet and has been through the morphing effects of motherhood. The choice to invest the time/effort/sweat improving health and feeling great is so well supported here. Thank you for all that you share!
    Onward and upward!
    ~ Nancy

  13. Helena Beak says:

    Fabulous as usual Kim, I loved your 12 week shred and I’ve got the funds set up and ready to purchase your 18 month program this afternoon on the masterclass, I’m sooo excited ???

  14. rachel white says:

    Love love love listening to Kim – and always makes me feel better about my fitness journey. It’s easy for me to work hard in the gym and then I snack at night and get mad at myself. And repeat. More intentional grocery shopping and meal planning in my future! thanks Kim!!

  15. Andrea Eng says:

    Kim’s podcast is pure knowledge! You really don’t know what you don’t know until you get the straight talk from Kim! I just listened to Episode 5 (Do this to stop snacking), thinking that it didn’t apply to me. What an eye opener, especially when you were grazing and didn’t even know it! Everything she tells you is not a secret but is the true recipe for success regardless of your fitness (or personal) goal. As Kim once said … If it’s important then you’ll find a way, if not then you’ll find an excuse.

  16. Maria says:

    OMG I cannot thank you enough for being such an inspiration and for sharing so much wisdom for free. I just participated in your webinar and feel so inspired and I am seriously considering to join one of your programs ?♥️

  17. Lin says:

    Brilliant idea Kim! Eating “Track & Plan with 5 times/meals a day” vs the norm we’re indoctrinated with of “3 meals with snacking” simplifies and empowers us with our food. I like the idea of never really getting to that hungry feeling! As Henry David Thoreau said, “Our life is frittered away by detail… simplify, simplify.” This is my first time listening and with all of the dieting I’ve done in my life I have never looked at it this way! Thank you so much! I’m going to plan out my week to start tomorrow morning with your 5 Meal Plan and ideas. Your approach makes me feel EMPOWERED!!! Infinite Blessings <>

  18. Kate says:

    Love these podcasts, so motivating and easy to listen too. You make your lifestyle easy to adapt to. Thankyou kim ❤️

  19. Jody Head says:

    Love the ‘raw’ honest approach, especially loved the section where you talked about your mother in law … I am guilty of not having a proper meal during the day and snacking. It really resonated with me, especially the guilt of feeling full!

  20. Ann says:

    Kim loved the snacking podcast very informative as always! I just need to put this into action and rethink my eating habits !!

  21. Dawn Anderson says:

    I really appreciate all the guidance from you Kim. The 3 meals a day vs being a grazer really makes sense. I really enjoyed this podcast about snacking and you are 100% correct we snack because you don’t enough and are hungry. I have a tendency to snack at night so I appreciate your tips about a protein shake or a big ass salad. I have been listening to everything you have been posting. I am a sponge, just soaking it up. Love Dawn

  22. Kristen says:

    Great podcast Kim! I’ve followed you for quite some time but never realized you had a podcast – I’ll be binging the others ? great tid bits of knowledge that I’ll definitely be using! ? Can’t wait to see what you’ve included in the other episodes and what’s to come! Definitely inspiring and honest truth that we need a reminder of to keep a clear picture of the goals your trying to achieve ? keep up the grind ?

  23. Maria Balan Guelmes says:

    Loved loved loved all the information about snacking. It all makes so much sense Kim. I love how raw you are with bringing in all practical information from your family life.

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