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Take 40 second ice bath with Wim Hof and win a Sculpted Vegan Program – Episode 94

If there was a way to recover faster from exercise, dramatically lower your stress response, beat depression and mental illness, get deeper sleep, and boost your immune system’s response to pathogens, would you do it?

What if it was something that caused you short-term discomfort? Would you still do it?

The truth is, most people run from discomfort. Our brains are wired to seek familiarity, comfort, and predictability.

Why then, would anyone purposely put themselves in uncomfortable, scary, or even painful situations?

Well, instead of me telling you the answer to that, I will let my podcast guest, Wim Hof tell you!

I am beyond ecstatic to have had this interview with him! The man is absolutely brilliant—so full of energy, wisdom, and charisma.

For those who may not know, Wim is a Dutch extreme athlete who got his nickname ‘The Iceman’ by breaking a number of records related to cold exposure, like climbing Mount Kilimanjaro in shorts, running a half marathon above the Arctic Circle barefoot, and standing in a container while covered with ice cubes for more than 112 minutes.

(Dear God!)

Achievements like these require a massive amount of discipline, determination, and skill. Wim has developed his own method for enabling him to achieve these extraordinary feats and has dedicated his life to teaching others how to master it for their own health benefits.

In this episode, Wim explains exactly how to accomplish all this and more. He even guides you through his ice bath challenge by teaching you how to focus on your breathing to get through it in the fastest 40 seconds of your life.

I even took on the challenge myself (watch for that video on my IG!), and I strongly encourage you to do it too! Why? Because the benefits of cold exposure on the symptoms of mental illness are profound, and what a way to bring awareness to such a great cause.

And to sweeten the deal, if you post your ice bath challenge video and tag Wim and me so we can see it (with the hashtag #freezehof), you will get a Sculpted Vegan program of your choice for FREE!

You’re really going to be blown away by this episode! Can’t wait to hear what you think and see all your Freezehof challenge videos!

Love Kim xo


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Freeze Hof Challenge for mental awareness
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“The body is innately capacitated to bring down viruses or inflammation to zero.”


“The best investment you can make for your future is not money, it’s your health.”


“The cold is a beautiful teacher of how to deal with deep deep stress and stay calm.”


7 thoughts on “Take 40 second ice bath with Wim Hof and win a Sculpted Vegan Program – Episode 94

  1. Nadine Carrier says:

    WOW! How exciting is this! I did what they call the Polar Bear Swim back in 1992-1993 in Vancouver BC and it was an amazing experience as besides the adrenaline rush that it brought just preparing for it as we awaited the countdown, The People around this event were just Amazing! Its like their own Community as the do it every year and dress up in these Outrageous Costumes that are so Very Creative! Some had Fins on their heads as to when submerged would look like a Shark in the water and some in a Group Costume of a sort of Sea Dragon head and the rest Humps toghether swimming submerged would look like a Sea Monster! Anyways thank you for this Amazing Podcast as It brought back wonderful memories and I would definitely like to be part of this Crazy challenge! Does this have to be in a Bath with ice or can it be in my Lake as it is 0 to -7 here depending on the day and it has been snowing! Please let me know so that I can prepare as I do not have ice here well not enough to fill a tub so I would have to (and willing of course) have to go and buy some big bags of ice! Also I do not have Instagram so I am downloading it now!
    Thank you Kim, Wim & all the the Team !!!
    PS; not sure what to put as Website so I guess I will put Facebook!?

    • The Sculpted Vegan says:

      Woweee! The Polar Bear Swim sounds absolutely fantastic – what an amazing experience. A freezing cold lake (or bath) is perfect! Whatever suits you better. Please make sure to post the video on your Instagram profile, tag Kim and Wim and use the hashtag #freezehof. (Please also say state in the video you are taking part in the #freezehof challenge) Once that is done, send the video link to !

  2. Vicki Pinney says:

    Not gonna lie, my previous thoughts on doing a polar plunge or ice baths were that those people were crazy. I had always heard of athletes using ice baths after working out to decrease inflammation but never for mental health, and could not imagine doing it myself. After listening to this podcast, I saw a Tik Tok video by someone that uses cold therapy for depression and ditching their meds, watched Kim’s IG video doing the cold water swim with her team and talking about mental health, and then had my son tell me he has been using cold therapy after training and how amazing he has felt since incorporating this into his daily routine. Hard to dismiss the signs! I decided to look further into Wim Hof’s method as I suffer from depression myself, am a nurse and have seen many people suffer from depression and mental trauma. So, for the last 5 days, I have challenged myself to incorporate daily cold showers. It is a game changer! I have been fighting a cold since Saturday, it has helped my symptoms, I feel more energized, more awake and during those few minutes it’s meditative-can’t think about anything else. I don’t love being in the cold, but found a new love for the escape. Thank you Kim for this podcast, much needed in the face of mental health.

    • The Sculpted Vegan says:

      I am so pleased you decided to take the plunge and try out cold showers. As you said – total game changer. Keep up the good (and cold) work 💕

      • Cora Low says:

        hi Kim Cora Low here, my daughter Shantelle and I were a part of the Butt Camp 2.0 absolutely loved it anyway my daughter and I have been cold swimming for the last 4yrs we swim in one of the coldest spring water pools in our area the longest anyone can stay in this water is 5mins max, because of Wim Hoffs breathing technique my daughter and I can stay in this natural pool for up to 40 mins even longer at a time, we laugh eating watercress from the pool and we feel like mermaids, seriously even in winter we have videos of her and I in winter with the moon in the background NO BULLSHIT and we live in New Zealand doing this helped me with depression I went through losing my Grandson to suicide in 2016 at the age of 18 yrs, so when I heard Wim taking about losing his wife to suicide and how the cold swims could help me it was a know brainer, I also suffered from short term memory loss due to the trauma of losing my boy who left behind a twin sister who is Autistic she is now 23 y.o but has the mind of a 8 to 9 y.o in saying this her autism has been a blessing, she still draws him letters, yes draws as she can’t read or write letters to him and puts them in Gods mailbox which is her pillowcase which I have to empty out every so often, oh, and if I can’t make it to the spring I will cold shower and that’s how it all started for me, Google Braemar Springs Swimming basin 488 Braemar Rd, Rotoma will come up and you will see our beautiful swimming hole.

        • The Sculpted Vegan says:

          I am so happy you enjoyed the Butt Camp 2.0 programme. You and your daughter are remarkable for being able to stay in the cold spring pool for so long. You guys are amazing. The benefits of doing cold water dips are incredible! 💕 Sending you all my love.

          • Cora Low says:

            Thank you Kim deffs following you for life, thank you for the lifestyle changes I have made through doing your Butt Camp 2.0 challenge, mentally and physically.I went from 62.4kg to 55kg achieving my goal to be the weight I was before having children, now at 61still achieving goals, sending you my love to you and your amaaaazing team

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