How I Sculpted Six Pack Abs after 4 Kids – Episode #1

“Strong & Sculpted” doesn’t just mean gym habits and bodybuilding, but also mindset, nutrition and lifestyle. Today we start with a Q&A, with some of your most popular questions:

2:18 “How long did it take to lose your mum-tum?”

21:35 “Can you get extraordinary results lifting weights at home instead of going to the gym?”

33.00 “Tell me about managing diet and fat-gain during off-season.”

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28 thoughts on “How I Sculpted Six Pack Abs after 4 Kids – Episode #1

  1. jill petro says:

    Thanks so much Kim-i can listen to you all day ♥️ I have always loved exercise and nutrition, I have 5 boys -(they were huge babies so 5 C-sections) and am on week 9 of my first 12wkshred and loving my results ♥️I m 46 and in the best shape of my life. I lost 70lbs after having my 5th baby in 2012 and was 142 lbs but didn’t strength train like I am now. In 9 weeks I lost 3% body fat and I’m not obsessed with getting on the scale like I was. I’m so appreciative for you and plan to do another 12 week after to keep working on getting rid of my mom run♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

  2. michelle morejon says:

    Him Kim! Your an inspiration to all , especially mothers (like myself ) , you are knowledge and so amazing that you are sharing your journey and allowing us to learn from you!!

  3. Kuldeep says:

    Hello Kim. Thank you so much for the podcast. I know I’ve read some of this info on either your website, emails or Facebook comments but it so so much better to be able to listen to it too. The podcast was infirmatuve and you talk as if your speaking to friends; I plan on listening to it again! Bonus is that I can listen on my commute to/from work! Looking forward to more!

  4. Tia Jordan says:

    This was such an awesome episode!!! Im always wondering what im NOT doing, I know what I have to do, but I always have questions about what happens if I dont do something… I will be listening religiously!

  5. Ramona Schulze says:

    Hi, just starting out trying to get stronger, as in i am weak. I went vegan 5 years ago and did not do any weights. I was in good shape while doing weights as a meat eater. Im not sure how to eat now to have more energy at the gym. I can not eat anything soy. I am 60.
    Thanks for all the information today, I will have to listen a couple times 🙂

  6. Carmen says:

    You are an absolute inspiration Kim. Your honesty and true dedication are admirable. I’m impressed by your knowledge about health and training but also by your business skills. Your marketing is brilliant and your customer service outstanding. Thanks for sharing your journey to an amazing body after kids. It gives me hope that it’s possible to loose this damn flappy mummy pouch with hard work, patience and dedication. Looking forward to the next podcast episode.

  7. Brooke says:

    Love the facts and nutrition behind it all! Youre an inspiration and your perserverence is incredible! Keep it up! So much information, I have to listen again!

  8. Connie says:

    Dear Kim Goddess! I absolutely love your podcasts! They get me through my cardio much easier! I really loved this one I’m learning so much from you and you’ve completely changed my life as I’ve completely transformed my body. Thank you so much I’m so grateful to have come into your tribe! Much love Connie???

  9. Jenny Stevens says:

    OMG! I can beyond relate when you said that you cannot do anything more! I am a healthy eater and work out twice a day. I do everything right. Muscle building with crossfit classes, never get near starch. I am in my LATE 40s and have struggled for 20 years.

  10. Jenni says:

    Thanks for providing so much information. I have been listening to you on YouTube too and even though you repeat some info it reinforces some things too easily forgotten. I had seriously learnt 20y ago about muscle leading to increased metabolism but got a bit confused and life happened since. But have recently incorporated simple way changes like protein before and after workout and upping my weights and the results are instant. The one thing I have failed in is pushing too hard in shoulder and back muscles leading to neck tension and headache. I need to start a little more gently.
    Thanks so much again. Xx

  11. Jess says:

    Thank you for sharing this. Amazing information, especially about the calories during the week and over the weekend. I never thought of it that way. And I’ll keep on keeping on when it comes to my belly fat and follow what you said about just putting in the work everywhere else.

  12. Tanya Nicole says:

    I AM LOVING these new podcasts. I have been listening and hanging all week for them. Not only are they fun to listen to, you get really engaged in the conversation and just block everything out and focus 100% completed on what she is saying. I have listened to them both twice and this morning I had listened to the third one that just come out! I am saving up a bit of money so I can start the program, I have been following in the background for a while now and cannot wait to get shredded and work alongside Kim. HUGE FAN!!

  13. Caroline says:

    Wow! Loved listening! So related to the whole fat belly vs fat face debate as my sisters and I discussed this when we were closing in on 40 ? as a mum of four myself and now grandma I will not accept gradual squishy grandma bod! I started watching your videos as inspiration to get myself back to the strong me and help me to avoid health conditions and gain better quality of life in the future! I am constantly in awe of your logic! The metabolism tips make so much sense: the more you build muscle mass, the more you burn. I am loving having your myth defying optimism in my life and knowing that my goals are realistic as a 42 year old vegan grandma! Studying your ideology has also helped me emotionally and to feel stronger in the mind and push myself in the gym, hiking and just with life some days! Love your enthusiasm as you speak about anatomy and physiology and weight training! All the aspects that women especially have always needed to know, and as a mum of three young women, I feel you have come into social media a positive and healthy body image force at a crucial time for young women! Bonus you’re advising women to eat!
    Your advise about muscle nutrition and carbs is a real eye opener as is knowing that you get to have more flexibility in the weekend.

    Fully enjoyable and informative

    Nga’ mihi

  14. Caroline says:

    Great listening to your enthusiasm surrounding training and anatomy and physiology! You have truely captured the intrigue of the human body in my opinion!
    It is so refreshing to hear you reiterate that women need to eat! Explaining how to speed metabolism and that carbs are friends!
    Fully relatable aspects covered for me personally as a 42 year old vegan mum of four. Inspiring and confirming that my goals are realistic.
    The whole “belly vs face” ? debate we have has been an undercurrent to our acceptance of squishy with age logic, so blown away that you brought this up! No matter how much we say we’re not worried, we are.
    As with your videos, you have yet again given viable logic and defied many myths for women especially!

    I am so glad that you continue to provide a positive and healthy body ideology within the body image Social media sphere!

    Thanks again for your very informative motivation!

    Nga’ mihi

  15. Uzma Asghar says:

    Thank you so much for sharing this Kim! I’m a bit of a detail nerd so love knowing about the nitty gritty about the scientific processes behind why we should eat in a certain way to achieve certain goals. I love how you ‘feed’ me with this so well lol! Your podcast really helped me understand why and how eating in the way you do would work for me and that motivates me no end. Such a rich podcast with a wealth of information. Thank you so so much!

  16. Nichole McCloy says:

    I love Kim’s podcast and her 12 week shred is amazing! I have been a crossfitter for 10 years and have never had results like this. She is no-nonsense and tells it like it is and that is what I need to get me motivated to do the work! She has made going to the gym rewarding for the first time in my life as I am noticing muscles I never knew I had. So grateful to her and her programs!

  17. Jody says:

    I’ve seen your before pictures and you didnt at all appear to have a mum tum to begin with. Your physique is superb now but you looked great even before!

  18. Sheri says:

    I just started the sculpted vegan program last week and I’ve listened to a couple of your more recent podcasts. I loved them so much I decided to start from the beginning while on my treadmill this morning!

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