Mark Getty

Elite Level Coach


Belfast, United Kingdom

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  • Prep coaching

  • Online coaching

  • Shredding/fat loss

  • Training with injuries

  • Muscle building


  • CIBB Pro Mr Europe 2017

  • Pro NABBA Mr World 2014

  • Pro NABBA Bodybuilder

  • Nabba Pro bodybuilder

  • Pro Mr World

  • Owner of Elite health & fitness, Nabba gym of the yr ×3

  • 100+ top 3 show placings


  • MSC Degree


For over 20 years, Mark Getty (a.k.a “The Irish Hulk”) has been a distinguished leader in the bodybuilding space. 

A world-renowned champion heavyweight bodybuilder (he has placed in the top 3 in his category over 100 times). Mark is well-known for his no-BS attitude and “tough-love” approach to helping people reach massive levels of achievement.

But don’t let the tough love approach fool you — Mark is extremely loyal, honest, and although quite opinionated, his top priority is seeing others reach the top.

For the last 3 years Mark has trained Kim Constable in his elite bodybuilding gym in Belfast. He still acts as her coach and trainer to this day.

As a decades-long gym owner, husband, and father, Mark is no stranger to the challenges of balancing work and family life with personal physique goals. 

He specializes in mindset training, accountability, goal-setting, competition/stage prep, and all areas of total physique change.

His passion for bodybuilding and helping others reach inconceivable levels of physique change has positioned him as one of the top physique and competition-prep coaches in the world.

“Always stay positive and focused, and always look for a way around every problem rather than complaining about it. Life is to be lived to the fullest.”

He holds a Master’s Degree and resides in beautiful Northern Ireland with his family.


“Mark was lovely. He answered all the questions I had was very easy to speak to and I would definitely book the coaching with him again.