Does Vegan Food Have to be So Utterly Tasteless? (Interview with Sam Turnbull) – Podcast Episode 60

It’s always been my dream to show people that vegan food doesn’t have to be dull, boring, hard to cook, a bit crap. So when I discovered Sam Turnbull of “It Doesn’t Taste Like Chicken” fame, I just HAD to team up with her. Sam works miracles in the kitchen, devising recipes with a minimum number of ingredients that you can find in any local supermarket. When I first used one of her recipes, it was so amazing I thought to myself: what kind of witchcraft is this? Couple of years later and together we’ve devised “The Ultimate Vegan Kitchen”: an online cooking course that takes you inside Sam’s kitchen so you too will learn how to conjure up magic. In our chat, Sam reveals her upbringing in a family of hunters and staunch meat eaters, and her journey in learning to make vegan food truly delicious.

2 thoughts on “Does Vegan Food Have to be So Utterly Tasteless? (Interview with Sam Turnbull) – Podcast Episode 60

  1. Cynthia says:

    This episode was great! It shows the ups and downs of the true Sam Turnball and kim as well.
    Kim is awesome with 10 launches already in a year. It is crazy to see how people end up coming back to each other in their lives, they mentioned how they had briefly known of each other and now look where they are, in business together! This episode was refreshing as it showed that Sam also had to overcome changes, as she grew up as did Kim meat involved , and with one documentary, she changed her perspective, as did I . I love how they both say that there is no perfect vegan, but it matters to try and question things, how can someone be a vet , love animals, yet eat them on a daily basis, we never stopped to think about that . I never thought that Sam didn’t know what the word Vegan meant, as neither did I when I first knew it, and look how far shes come, it’s a great episode to learn more about who Sam is, and I loved all the questions Kim asked, and also inputted her own info, so different and nice to see good interaction .

    • The Sculpted Vegan says:

      Thank you so much for the love for this episode, it really does mean a lot! There’s so much in this life that we don’t question, and I really feel we should. No subject should be taboo, it’s my mission to open up these much needed conversations. I’m honored that you loved it, and hope you will continue to tune in!

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