Join me as I walk you through the exact steps I took to transform from 37 year old mum of 4, to vegan bikini pro athlete… in only 10 MONTHS!

This training is for those who want to stand on stage, or just walk around with a body like you could

Join me as I walk you through what it takes to create the body of a professional bikini athlete on a vegan diet. Whether you intend to stand on stage, or just walk around with a body like you could.

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Fitness pros around the world depend on Kim Constable to show them step-by-step how to burn fat, sculpt muscle and get a “pro athlete” body on a plant-based diet, whilst still finding time to care for their families and work full-time.

Drawing on her years as a yoga teacher, detox and nutrition expert and vegan bikini pro athlete, Kim provides priceless insights for a stress-free approach to getting into the gym and creating delicious, easy to prepare, vegan meals. With an email list of over 40,000, a devoted following on social media, a hit YouTube channel, and four “unschooled” children of her own, Kim shows that vegan women across the globe that they CAN look good naked and have the body they’ve always dreamed of and that it’s never too late.

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