How to prep for a bikini bodybuilding show as a vegan

This year I decided to compete in three shows back to back, at the very end of a six month prep (AKA Diet).

This prep has been the easiest and hardest I’ve ever one.

The easiest because I was still eating a huge amount of calories until about 4 weeks out. The hardest because the 4 weeks before my first show were insanely hard.

The commitment that it takes to get stage lean is immense. Couple that with running a multi-million dollar online fitness business, and homeschooling my four young kids….

Well let just say, the last few months have been drive me-to-the-loony-bin-hard.

What does it take to stand on stage (besides a shizz hot body of course)?

A great tan, big hair, sassy make up and a MASSIVE amount of mental fortitude.

Join me as I take you behind the scenes of my second show, where I made a fatal mistake that cost me a trophy.

And don’t forget to leave a comment!  Are you thinking of competing? What are your fears?

Or if you have competed, did you enjoy it?  Or are you like me, and found it insanely difficult?

Can’t wait to read about your journey in the comments below.  Don’t forget, I read and reply to every single comment!

Love Kim xo

Posing suits by Angel Competition Bikinis
Hair is Gold Class by La Bella Vita
Tan is Lusso Tan by Sistine Beauty

4 thoughts on “How to prep for a bikini bodybuilding show as a vegan

  1. Paula maria Donaghy says:

    Your dedication is amazing! I’m mulling over to enter for next year, you very inspirational x good luck for the worlds! Xx

  2. Candace says:

    Hi Kim. Yes, It was so obvious that you were “different” than the other ladies, in your posts. To bad because you are stunning.
    I do not want to compete in bathing suits competition but I am working on competing in Ballroom competition. The strongest and best fit are usually the ones who succeed.
    I love all of your programs and use them individually or combined as my body needs. Glad you are here sharing

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