To win NABBA bikini competition…I did these things 24 hours before

My heart is still racing from the moment they called my name confirming that…

I’d won the NABBA bikini competition for the 35+ category!  

Walking to center stage, my adrenaline was cloud-high as I accepted the big (shockingly heavy!) trophy.

Why is this especially exciting?!

Because I was nearly moved OUT of the bikini category…which I was able to stay in – and then win.


Getting the trophy only happened because…of my scientific pre-show rituals.

In fact, all champions’ winning is in the final, pre-show prep.

Before every competition, there’s a specific process to carry out. This isn’t simply the weight lifting and grunting under barbells.

The most important details often get lost on athletes.

All energy is spent at the gym and getting in the final cardio…

But not on the final details that will clinch who wins.

The 48 hours before a competition, including the most shockingly non-shared hair, makeup and outfit choices, are vital to determine the champion.

Here’s the truth.

I slaughtered myself in working out (even taking business calls while on my StairMaster – wishing I was napping under the blankets!)…

But that effort would not have been enough to win the competition.


Sure, I’d sculpted the abs and gotten the biceps that had me flexin’ at myself in the mirror (“Hey Kim heyyyyy”) but it is the final prep and crazy @$$ tanning tricks that secure the trophy.

Rather than type on and on at you – want to see this 1st-place-winning ritual for yourself?

Cause…I filmed it – every step of my day before the competition!

Watch this video where I break it all down.


In this video I share with you:

    • How to tan (and keep the tan!) effectively
    • The surprising items kept in my show day bag
    • Why any fitness lass who wants to win MUST bring 2 posing suits
    • The way I pick my jewelry (because it’s NOT what looks good in your bedroom)
    • How I do my hair & makeup to do more than look pretty…but to WIN

Don’t forget…

The best conversations always happen in the comments.  

After you’ve watched the video, leave a comment below and tell me if this rocked your world as much as it did mine!

Love Kim xo

14 thoughts on “To win NABBA bikini competition…I did these things 24 hours before

  1. Claudia says:

    I’m Dutch so I am searching for the right words.? Discipline, dedication and determination come to mind.? This is so awesome, CONGRATULATIONS! ?

  2. Margo says:

    Wow!!! What a beautifull show?
    Congratulations Kim, you deserve it because you have so much passion and drive and thank you for all your videos for sharing and bringing out the dream of many of as sparkle.
    Thanks ♥️

  3. Rusty says:

    Brilliant. At home, we say “Wenn schon, den schon…” Basically, it means, if you do it, (you might as well) do it RIGHT. Congratulations on doing it right, Kim! Many of us are not surprised, of course! 🙂
    I am now curious about the rules/expectations on tanning. The shade difference between competitors is vast.

    • The Sculpted Vegan says:

      Thanks Rusty.
      The tan reacts differently on each person. Me and Sally got the SAME tan before PCA on the 19th, and it looked completely different on her compared to me.

  4. Robin says:

    I listen to your Q&As on Tuesdays, and when you said that you look tinier than what people imagine, I will agree, which is really cool. It goes to prove that getting bulky because you lift heavy is a fallacy. Awesome Job Kim!! Glad to be apart of the SV team.

  5. Elisabeth Poole says:

    At 49 I am tentatively exploring getting my best ever body and you are terrifyingly inspirational, thank you for sharing yourself so freely.

  6. Tatiana Weinstein says:

    They calling: Kim Constable!and i started to cry…so happy for you Kim:)

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