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We’re so honored you chose our program.
Follow the steps below to sculpt a lean, fit physique.

PLEASE NOTE: Coaching support for this program is available in the Sculpted Vegan Insiders Facebook Group. You can also join the weekly Ask a Coach call by clicking the link in Step 8.


Click on the headers below to reveal a list of everything included in that section.

This PDF contains all the information you need to start the plan. This guide will explain everything from fat loss over 50 to diet, training, and cardio.


Check out the training programs below to decide which workout to follow. We suggest the gym programs if you want to build sizeable muscle, but the follow-along workouts will still build noticeable muscle. Have a back, knee, or shoulder injury? We’ve got you covered. Use the injury plans to still get a hardcore workout. Watch the videos to learn all my best muscle-building secrets and how to find your way around the gym with confidence.

Choose from the meal plans below or create your own according to the macros in the main PDF.

Note: Amazon “One Click” Shopping Lists for Bulk Ingredients are located inside the Meal Plan PDFs

Read and watch the guides below to decide what cardio to do.

As you will have read in the central PDF, this program suggests you take one week to familiarize yourself with the program and prepare for the journey ahead. Whether you take a week to prep or not, we recommend watching these onboarding sessions before you begin.

Please note that this program has no official start and end date as it is not a competition.

Now that you know what’s coming up, it’s time to open up your calendar and choose your start date. You must schedule it to make it real. Decide the day you will start your shred and take a BEFORE photo with our sign below to document your progress. At the end of the 4 weeks take your AFTER photo and compare your results. Now dive in head first and give it all you’ve got!

  1. BEFORE Sign
  2. AFTER Sign
  3. How to Take Before & After Photos Guide

Got Questions? Reach out in the Insiders group and join the weekly Ask a Coach Zoom call to have your questions answered by one of the team. The Zoom call will be held on Mondays at Midnight UK | 7pm ET | 4pm PT. CLICK HERE to add the Weekly Q&A automatically to your calendar (in your time zone).

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All supplements are optional and not required to complete this program.

Watch this video on non-vegan protein sources with non-vegan Trainer, Mark Getty. As a vegan company, we do not advise on the specifics of non-vegan protein sources in our plans or communities, but Mark will give you all the information that you need in this video.

  1. Non Vegan Guidelines with Mark Getty

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All Done?


All Done?


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