I’m paying $81,000 to shred the spread

With my brand new

 Now with separate cash prizes
UNDER 50s as well!

I want to know more!

Watch this!

This Holiday Season, your friends will be BEGGING to know how you got so ripped

(as you treat them to dinner & drinks with your prize money)

Every week during the challenge, I will be writing checks for $10,000, $1,000 and $200 to 88 people who MAKE THE BIGGEST TRANSFORMATION IN 7 DAYS.

I’m literally going to pay you to shred the spread that’s likely plagued you since you reached half a century. Crazy right? Well, not really.

You see, in the last 6 years we have sold over 500K fitness programs and given away $500,000 in prize money to women all over the globe. But I kept hearing the same thing.

“Kim, it’s harder for us women over 50! Please can we have an age specific challenge?”

I see you struggling every day, trying your little heart out and constantly being discouraged because you just can't seem to shift the pounds that are creeping on without your knowledge or consent.

You've been on more diets than you can remember – the low-carb, the no-carb, the all-juice, the no-sugar, the no-fun – you name it, you've tried it. And when you were younger, the weight came off easily. But since you hit 50 (or 60, or 70!) the weight just won’t shift, despite your best efforts and intentions.

You've spent hours researching the best fat loss tips for losing the love handles and belly you’ve suddenly acquired, only to find vague suggestions from well-intentioned but less-than-inspiring sources

You look down at your belly and give it a poke. Where did this fat come from? Why do you now have love handles you didn’t ask for? Is there some secret society of fat cells that meet undercover and plot how they can find their way onto your waistline? Don't get me wrong; I know you’re not trying to look like a 20 something catwalk model who could park a bus between her thighs. You've embraced the beauty of your age and experience. But there's a big difference between self-acceptance and feeling like an overinflated hot air balloon.

You're not leaping out of bed like you used to, and those joints remind you that you're not so young any more.

In your latest quest to conquer the battle of the bulge, you decided to join an army of fierce warriors – the gym! Armed with determination that could rival your craving for chocolate, you embarked on a journey filled with treadmills, dumbbells, and people who appear to consume kale for breakfast.

At first, it was exhilarating. The adrenaline surged as you unleashed your inner Rocky Balboa on that punching bag. You could almost hear your fat crying for mercy. Victory was on the horizon. But then, reality hit. Muscles protested, knees squeaked like an ancient door hinge, and the following morning felt like an Olympic event just to get out of bed.

The true challenge awaited beyond the gym's walls, where temptation lurked around every corner. The bakery across the street beckoned like a siren, croissants oozing with buttery indulgence. The aroma of fresh pizza hypnotized your senses, making you feel like a mere puppet under the control of your taste buds. It was as if your body had an exclusive invite list for each calorie, all eagerly RSVPing to the party on your waistline.

But what if I told you that I had a plan that could GUARANTEE FAST FAT LOSS over 50?

What if I told you that I had listened hard to the wiser women in my community who so bravely shared their struggles, and created a program so unique that there was no possibility of failure? 

That’s exactly what I have done with my brand new program.

Where dreams become reality, and women over 50 (or just under) could lose up to 20 lbs of belly & back fat in only 6 weeks.

Only this time, I’m putting my money where my mouth is to

If you will say yes to this program, I give you my personal 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE

If at the end of the program you are not leaner than you when you started, we will refund DOUBLE your money and Kim & her team will personally coach you for an additional 4 weeks after the program has ended. It’s a no risk investment.

INTERESTED? Read on my soon-to-be-shredded menopausal warrior.


For the next 6 weeks, you'll feel the adrenaline pumping through your veins as you immerse yourself in our unique training program. It's not just about the physical aspects; it's about unlocking your mental strength and tapping into your warrior spirit. Our expertly designed workout regimen includes cardio that won’t wreck your knees, and weight training sessions five times a week. You can choose your own unique training level too. No need to go balls to the wall! Cardio is low intensity (ie walking!) and will start at a mere 30 minutes per day. 


Imagine a world where achieving your dream body is possible in a mere six weeks. That world is here. Our secret weapon? A precise nutrition plan that leaves no room for error or cheating. We provide you with detailed shopping lists and recipes, ensuring that every bite you take is a step closer to your fitness goals. In just six weeks, you'll witness the incredible power of nutrition combined with dedication. Your transformation will be undeniable, both inside and out. 


You might be wondering, "Can I really achieve all of this in just six weeks?" The answer is a resounding yes! With our proven track record of helping over 500,000 women transform their bodies, we know that The Over 50s 6 Week Shred Challenge is the real deal. If at the end of the program you are not leaner than you were when you started, we will refund DOUBLE your money and Kim & her team will personally coach you for an additional 4 weeks after the program has ended. It’s a no risk investment.  


But wait, there's more!


We have $81,000 in cash prizes to give away in two separate competitions: OVER 50 & UNDER 50

YYes, you read that right. We're offering you the chance to win and win big – a life-changing prize of $81,000! An opportunity to shred your body while winning the money of your dreams. Imagine how jealous your friends and family will be with this incredible amount of money.

Here’s how it all works: 

If you start on Monday, November 6 2023 (following the rules), you have 88 chances to win your share of the $81K! Here are the prizes:

WEEK 1 →  Prep week - no prizes

WEEK 2 →  15 prizes of $1000 + 7 prizes of $200

WEEK 3 →  15 prizes of $1000 + 7 prizes of $200

WEEK 4 →  15 prizes of $1000 + 7 prizes of $200

WEEK 5 →  15 prizes of $1000 + 7 prizes of $200

WEEK 6 →  Two overall prizes of $10,000 & $5000

WEEK 1 →
Prep week - no prizes

WEEK 2 →
15 prizes of $1000 + 7 prizes of $200

WEEK 3 →
15 prizes of $1000 + 7 prizes of $200

WEEK 4 →
15 prizes of $1000 + 7 prizes of $200

WEEK 5 →
15 prizes of $1000 + 7 prizes of $200

WEEK 6 →
Two overall prizes of $10,000 & $5000

Here’s how to enter: 

Each week participants will upload before and after and meal prep photos.

The top transformations in the Over 50 & Under 50 categories each week will win a prize of $1000.

Then we will choose another 7 people at random to win $200, each week.

$10,000 and $5000 will be awarded to the 2 people who made the biggest transformations in 28 days.

(Winners must send us 1 photo ID showing their DOB before we send them the prize money.)


Who are the judges?

This isn’t a random “popularity” public poll. These are award-winning competitors, experienced judges and competition coaches at the top of their competitive field who will be evaluating who made the most progress.  

This is a professional bodybuilding competition where you stand on a virtual stage & every winner is selected based on their hard working, ass-sculpting merits. 

Think you’re too old? Think again.

Any 40,50,60 or 70 year old woman, including you reading this RIGHT NOW, can win their share of the $81,000

Take some of these finalists. One of them was 78 years old when she decided enough was enough and booked her place in the challenge.

They didn’t do ANYTHING you can’t. They simply put in the work and sweat to achieve results. Will the next winner be you?

Okay Kim, you’ve sold me on the cash prizes. But how can you guarantee my results?

For the first time in the history of The Sculpted Vegan, I have created a program so robust that there is no way you can fail. Just read what’s included when you purchase:


For the first time in the history of The Sculpted Vegan, I have created a program so robust that there is no way you can fail. Just read what’s included when you purchase:


But wait! That’s not all.

When you join the Ultimate 6 Week Shred Challenge, it will be my pleasure to add ALL these bonuses to your order, completely free of charge!

1 LIVE Weekly Zoom Call with Kim Constable

(Value $3997)

Hold onto your horses because this one is going to knock your socks off. Before the 4 Week Shredded Body I had not coached a program in 3 years simply due to the commitment of running a multimillion dollar global empire. But I’m coming out of retirement to make sure you don’t fail. Once a week, I’m going LIVE in a private Zoom call to bestow some of my hard earned wisdom upon you. Ask me anything, and buckle up for the ride.

4 Additional Weekly Zoom Calls with my top coaches & trainers

(Value $3997)

Most people fail because they just don’t have the support they need to see them through when times are tough. So please allow me to solve this problem right now. Everyone who buys the program will receive a link to access the coaching calls, Tuesday - Friday for the duration of the program. The coaches you’ll have direct access to are:

  • World Class Bodybuilder & Trainer Mark Getty
  • Award Winning Physique Athlete and Sculpted Vegan Head Trainer, Laura Hutchinson
  • Mindset & Flexibility Coach, Sculpted Vegan Badass Coach, Vanessa Burgess
  • Menopause Expert, and bonafide rockstar bodybuilding coach, Dr. Rachel La Monica
*The calls take place at various times to accommodate all time zones. All calls are recorded and available to watch after, with lifetime access.

Non Vegan Small Group Coaching with Mark Getty

(Value $997)

It’s no secret that resident expert and coach Mark Getty is not vegan. And since 80% of our customers are non vegan by definition, we have decided to do something a little different. For those of you who are not vegan, Mark Getty will host a breakout group to answer all your non vegan nutrition questions! In my ideal world, everyone would eat only plants. But I’m mature enough to realize that this is never going to happen in my lifetime. So this is my gift to my omnivore friends, who love our products, but just need a little more support. You’re welcome. Mark will go live in a small group Zoom call once a week to answer all your questions. It’s an anyone can join, ask anything, interactive session.


(Value $47)

Every time we run a fitness competition, the results of the women taking part are astonishing. But there was one person who truly stood out in the last competition due to her phenomenal weight loss. At 55 years of age, Carol lost an astonishing 49lbs and 23% body fat. In this candid interview with Head Trainer Laura Hutchinson, she shares the secret to her success and how you can replicate it for yourself!

8 Week Abs Program

(Value $97)

If you’ve always dreamed of a strong, shredded six pack, this is your chance. Join ab sculpting Queen Laura Hutchinson as she leads you through short, daily, ab burning workouts to sculpt and chisel your core.

The self sabotage series

(Value $97)

Struggle with self sabotage? Me too. Or at least I did before I discovered the solution to overcome it. In this 4 day training, taught live by yours truly, Kim Constable, I lead you through a transformational journey of self awareness. At the end of this program I guarantee you will transform self sabotage once and for all.

12 Weeks of Menopause Meal Plans & Recipes

(Value $197)

Never again wonder “What should I eat to maintain my results?” because we have you covered. This comprehensive meal plan contains everything you need to curate delicious meals that are specifically designed for the Over 50s.

The 12 Week Menopause Shred Training Program

(Value $197)

Shreds are great but do you worry about how you’re going to maintain your new shredded physique after the 6 weeks are over? Fear not warrior. This epic program is your answer. It teaches you eating principles you can follow for life that will enable you to continue to lose body fat and build muscle, well into your mature years.

The Menopause Masterclass Series

(Value $97)

Join me in a 4-day, recorded live, online workshop where you will learn the precise methods I teach that get unparalleled fat loss results for women like you. This 4-Day Mini-Conference teaches the bodybuilder science that I have distilled in menopause, that means I maintain 15% body fat all year round, with visible abs and ZERO cellulite

The 12 Week Menopause Shred Facebook Group

(Value $97)

This is your tribe of fellow women who understand the exact struggles you’re going through. Watch the training videos saved in archives by experts and doctors on all things menopause and ask questions and gain support, 24/7 from our team of worldwide coaches and experts.

8 LIVE Masterclasses on all things training, nutrition and mindset

(Value $797)

  • Live Virtual Gym Tour - Conquer gym nerves with this interactive live gym tour

  • Time management tutorial with Kim Constable - Never again wonder “How will I fit it all in?”

  • Non vegan coaching call - with the bodybuilding legend Mark Getty

  • Get deep and restful sleep in menopause - with breath expert Kate McAlpin

  • How to track your heart rate for maximum fat burning - with Laura Hutchinson

  • How to make seitan so easy, it’ll blow your mind - with Chef Lee Mullan

  • Rose Henry's How to Rewire Your DNA for Success

  • How to take your before and after photos - with Laura & Kim

6 Self Care Sunday Sessions with Rose Henry

(Value $597)

Rose Henry is my personal spiritual “guru”. An intuitive energy worker, tarot reader, Reiki master and breathwork teacher, I have been using her services for years to connect to my authentic self and bring more light, love and self awareness. During the 6 week challenge Rose will be going live every Sunday. Expect a feeling of calm, purpose and alignment to be with you every day, after connecting with Rose during the sessions. Yours free, as part of the program.

But wait... there’s even more!

I am so invested in your success, I wanted to think of every possible reason why you may fail on this program, and give you the tools to make sure it doesn’t happen. So with your investment, at no extra cost to you, I’ll also send you these epic resources:

  • Training & Cardio Schedules for Shift Workers (Value $19)
  • Training & Cardio Schedules for Morning, Afternoon & Evening (Value $19)
  • Checklist for gym program (Value $19)
  • Checklist for home gym program (Value $19)
  • Checklist for home program (Value $19)
  • Checklist for personal equipment for completing program (Value $19)
  • PDF Guide - What is the best low steady state cardio for fat loss (Value $19)
  • Printable PDF - Daily wall planner for checking off cardio, training & food (Value $19)
  • PDF Guide - Supplements Checklist (Value $19)
  • PDF Guide - Top Binge Worthy Series (our top suggestions for shows to make the cardio time fly) (Value $19)
  • PDF Guide - Podcast playlists (Our top podcast playlists for education and entertainment) (Value $19)
  • PDF Guide - How to take your before and after photos (Value $19)
  • Amazon “One Click” shopping lists for bulk ingredients purchases (Value $19)
  • Amazon “One Click” shopping list for supplements (Value $19)
  • Top Spotify music playlists to get you motivated when training (Value $19)

Total bonuses value: $14,000+

sign me up!

But that’s not all…

Don’t forget that with this purchase, you also get my personal

If at the end of the program you are not leaner than you were when you started, we will refund DOUBLE your money and Kim & her team will personally coach you for an additional 4 weeks after the program has ended. It’s a no risk investment.



Pay in full and


Research shows that when you complete a fitness program with a friend, you double your chance of success. And so I think I’ve gone completely insane because for the first time ever, I’m offering you the chance to bring a friend with you to complete the program, completely free of charge.


After purchase simply enter your friends name and email in the form provided, and it will be our pleasure to send them full access to the program and competition at no additional cost to you or them. We know that if you do the program with a friend you double your chance of success. And I am very invested in your success! So it would be my pleasure to offer you the gift of a free program to anyone you wish.

So what is the amazing, sure-to-change-your-life investment from you?

One Time Payment


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Pay in 2 instalments


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Pay in 6 instalments


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Need help ordering or have questions? Wondering if the program is for you? Email → support@thesculptedvegan.com or CLICK HERE to send us a message on What’s App

Need help ordering or have questions? Wondering if the program is for you? Email → support@thesculptedvegan.com or CLICK HERE to send us a message on What’s App

*Terms of Guarantee In order to qualify for the double your money back guarantee you must submit your photographic ID, plus five sets of progress pictures from Weeks 1-4 and one overall. You must also submit four photos of your weekly meal prep, with both you and the before sign in each photo and have attended at least 50% of the Zoom coaching calls. We know that those who do the work, get the results. And if you do not get the results we promise, it will be our pleasure to refund double your money.


A: In the Facebook group, we comment on posts giving feedback, and cheer each other on. The 6 week Zoom coaching is a next level personalized experience where coaches, trained and groomed over years by me, dive deep in with members based on their unique, personal experiences and questions. They can ask questions by video, in a face to face setting, and in smaller groups with like-minded people so there is video virtual gathering support - beyond simply the Facebook group.

A: Yes, myself and my team really answer your questions on the Private Facebook Group every single day. Every single member is important to me and if you’re struggling, I want to help you succeed. So if you’re interested in getting personal advice straight from The Sculpted Vegan, now is the time to get onboard.

A: No, you don’t have to, but there are some that we recommend that are entirely optional. However, no supplement will ever make up for a bad diet or lack of training. You don’t need any supplements to burn fat or build muscle. But if you’re doing the program with gusto, then a few supplements can accelerate your progress and we advise on these with care.

A: Absolutely not as there are multiple options, all which are available with the program. This can be done at the gym, at a home gym or without almost any equipment from home!

A: Yes. The program was developed BY a physique competitor, but it’s not just FOR competitors. Think of it this way: Bodybuilders are the leanest, most muscular people in the world, so if you want to get leaner or more muscular, who better to learn from? I designed the program so you can use fitness model techniques to reach your own personal goals, whether that’s getting super ripped or just looking lean, losing 100 pounds or the last 10 pounds, it’s built around your needs.

A: In short, yes. Unfortunately we don’t allow men to join our communities for our programs to keep it a safe space for women. There are thousands of groups for male bodybuilders online (but I get that not one of them offers the kind of prize money that we do!).

A: Absolutely NOT. You’re too old NOT to start this program. The science shows that college-age kids don’t have to worry about hormone levels and muscle loss – getting in shape is easy for them. From your 30’s to 40’s and beyond, when hormones and metabolism start to change, if you don’t eat the right food and get the right exercise, your muscles (and bone density) disintegrate faster with every passing year, while fat goes on easier. Age 50+ is our biggest demographic and more people are joining us after the age of 70 than ever because that age group is finally discovering the health benefits of strength training in later life.

A: That’s OKAY. You don’t have to be vegan. For the first time ever, we have included a non vegan meal plan for our carnivorous counterparts! We are an inclusive company.

A: Yes. We have members all over the world and you can adapt the food choices to work wherever you live.

A: As soon as you purchase you’ll be sent a link to the download page and you can get started right away.

A: Indeed! Any applicable sales tax is added in the shopping cart. That’s it. There are no other charges. No recurring dues. Any other products or special deals you ever see from me now or in the future are optional.

A: After you submit your payment details, you’ll receive a new member welcome email. This will include a link to join the Private Facebook Group. Once you have applied to join, our team checks your name against your purchase and admits you entry to the group.

A: We stand by every program we put out - but each has a different purpose. For example, the Shreds (4 Week or 12 Week) are short-term solutions to quick fat loss and muscle gain, perfect for upcoming events. This program is different from any other program.

A: No, you can sign them up anytime during the program. As long as you purchase before Midnight PST, you can gift the program to a friend at any time.

The only thing that stands between you and progress is → you 

Embrace this opportunity to join the Ultimate Over 50s 6 Week Shred Challenge and embark on a journey that will transform not only your body, but your entire life. Remember, you have the power within you to achieve greatness. It's time to unlock your true potential and embrace the journey towards a leaner, stronger physique and the chance to win big!

Once again, you get all this insane value when you join the challenge:


Once again, you get all this insane value when you join the challenge:


For the first time in the history of The Sculpted Vegan, I have created a program so robust that there is no way you can fail. Just read what’s included when you purchase: