Caloric Deficit Guidelines 
15% below maintenance = very conservative deficit (playing it safe; slow fat loss but maximum retention muscle) 
20% below maintenance = conservative deficit (good starting point for people who have average body fat level) 
25% below maintenance = moderate deficit (good starting point for people with above average body fat) 
30% below maintenance = aggressive deficit (maximum fat loss – recommended for obese & time sensitive deadlines) 
35%+ below maintenance = very aggressive deficit (not recommended – high risk of metabolic slowdown & muscle loss) 
50%+ below maintenance = semi-starvation/starvation (potentially dangerous and unhealthy; extremely high risk) 

Calorie Intake Recommendations (Averages)
For Maintaining Weight: | Men 2700-2900  |  Women 2000-2100

For Reducing Weight: | Men 2200-2700  |  Women 1400-1800

For Gaining Lean Body Weight: | Men 3200-4000 + Women 2300-2500 +

The Katch-McArdle Formula For Men and Women Equation

BMR = 370 + (21.6 x lean mass in Kilos)

Simple Bodyfat Calculator

Use the images below to get a more accurate idea of your bodyfat percentage

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