Invisible Strength

Recently in the gym, I was chatting to my trainer Mark who was paying tribute to his wife, Leigh.

“I could never do what she does” he claimed.

“She gets up and 6am and prepares breakfast for our four kids, and preps my food for the day. Then she wakes the kids and gets them dressed and out to school, before driving to work at the gym, training herself, then picking them all up again, doing homeworks, making dinner, tidying up and getting them all bathed and into bed. And she does all this while being 30 weeks pregnant.! I’m exhausted just thinking about it!” he said.

It got me thinking about how women have an invisible strength. We may not have muscles to show, but we have muscles in our mind.

Men are known for being physically strong. But women? We are known for being EMOTIONALLY strong.

But now? It’s time to allow that strength to show! (I LOVE being strong on the outside as well as the inside!)

Finally, it’s becoming acceptable for women to have muscles in our bodies, and not just in our mind.

We no longer have to hide our strength.

And in celebration of you, and of strong women everywhere, we made this video.

Comment below and let me know if this video resonated with you, and why.  Share your struggles with us so we can support and celebrate you.

Have you been caring for a sick relative or parent?  Have you been running around like a crazy woman trying to care for your family, show up to work, find time for the gym or even just a cup of coffee… ?

If yes, then this video is for YOU!  

If you love it, I hope you will share it with another strong woman who you want to celebrate and support.  

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With love

Kim xo

21 thoughts on “Invisible Strength

  1. Tracey Bryant says:

    I probably needed to hear that right now. Tough times call for a tough reaction. I was sitting in the car with my dog, feeling sorry for myself, then I watched this. Thanks for the reminder – back to the gym and self-belief.

    • The Sculpted Vegan says:

      Hi Tracey, thank you for watching! We all need a reminder every now and then! life is not a straight line. Believe in yourself and rock that gym! because you are a strong-minded woman!

  2. Karen says:

    Great video, and so, so true! Women have such a strength and resilience that keeps them going and striving. Like most women, my strength comes from love and the drive to protect my family and those around me. Love your videos, keep them coming!

  3. Karen says:

    Love this video…I work 2 jobs one full time and one part time, have 3 young boys ages 9,7,5, etc.
    On my way to single momhood…and I fully decided to take care of myself to best me for myself and my boys….Woman are much stronger then we are given credit for, inside and out.

    • The Sculpted Vegan says:

      You are a super woman, and this video is for women like you! Thank you xx

  4. Connie says:

    LOVE IT KIM!!! so true! Very inspiring, we need to hear this as a reminder that we are strong mentally as well as physically! Thank you Kim for taking the time to make that short an very effective video!!!

  5. Marlenis says:

    Wow this touched me to my core. I am a single mom of 4 that works a full time job and is taking one college algebra class. It’s been sooo challenging. I wake up at 4:15 am just to get a 45 minute work out in, there are days that I have such a hard time waking up because the night before I was up late at my kids Game and most times I pull through the next day others I just go ahead and sleep in until 6 love for my kids and myself have build my invisible muscles.
    Thank you for making this video.

    • The Sculpted Vegan says:

      Marlenis, women like you are the reason I created this video! You are a superwoman xx

  6. Jennifer McCullough says:

    Hi Im not sure I understand I am strong physically but perhaps not emotionally, I feel or think at this job I do ( Know one is listenimg to me or Im not developing my self my skills capabities not moving on not evolving ,maybe I could become a persomal trainer I dont know however I do have beauty therapy qualification but ive got osteoarthrities now.
    Is this the Answer you are looking from me? Yes I could be using my Grey Matter more.

    • The Sculpted Vegan says:

      You can achieve whatever you set your mind to Jennifer! Remember that!

  7. Charlsie Hylick says:

    Hi Kim, Charlsie here! I don’t have any kids but I have worked in management after college with United Airlines finance division. I worked in Corporate for 13 years where I have always had to have been accountable and responsible for other people my staff was always 15 or more. Allof my working life I had/have leadership roles. Being others therapist, psychiatrist, motivator, reprimanded, putting out fires on a day to day base etc… Now 100% owner of my own companies for 12 years in Real Estate Property Manager, Construction Company, Rental Company and recently Captain License/landlord, I still manage people. Someone told me my life work should be about Humanity because I genuine care for all people. Also, everyone looks to me for help esp. financial support, which when I want to quit I can’t, I’m depended on. Not married for emotional support. I always have that can’t give up spirit in everything! So I have often not hide, but found ways to exert negative vibes into positive ones with remaining optimistic! I’m that glass half full person rather than half empty. However, I have managed to live a healthy lifestyle and being Vegan. Therefore naturally thin and being Vegan I found myself having to lift weights to fill out legs to become more toned. Didn’t think I could do it had trainers tell me you may need to go back to eating chicken and fish etc., but YOU have been truly my motivator, motivation, and inspiration all the way to USA Chicago, IL! In conclusion, I know this was dedicated to mothers but there are a lot of single women no kids but hold high positions and go through emotional turmoil that can not be seen on the outside and that energy can definitely be drowned with drinking, excessive eating, insecurities, mental disorders… just the wrong energy. But I thank you for that video and adding people of color!

  8. Paula Lima says:

    You are so right Kim. Women have come a long way from being in the background to running the show. Women have become powerful, strong, confident and show that they can do anything men can do. Mentally and physically we are strong. I am single mom with two daughters, work 3 part time jobs and 1 full time jobs. I watch you everyday and you give me the motivation to do all and still find the time to workout. I feel when I workout it helps me mentally and makes me stronger. I have come along way and will continue my journey. I am proud of myself for never giving up and never quitting. Watching you build your company as women and watching you everyday become stronger and fit makes me push through my days and helps make me a better person. Thank you for being an inspiration and with all the programs that you offer their is no excuse. You are everything that you say your program. You are living proof and you sure don’t blow smoke up anyones @** . Hard work, determination and consistency is key. Thank you for everything Kim!! Girl, you are a total inspiration!! Show the world how being Vegan and body building can kick a** 🙂

  9. The Sculpted Vegan says:

    This is not just dedicated to mothers, it is dedicated to ALL WOMEN! Strong passionate women like you Charlsie xx

  10. Michelle Lutton says:

    So, I love the video and thought it was empowering. However, the story about your trainer paying tribute to his wife was annoying. Is there any reason why he isn’t helping her? If he recognizes all her hard work, has it occurred to him to maybe make his own meals or bathe his children. Anything?

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