Killer leg workout and behind the scenes at my fitness photoshoot

Your leg day workout should be heavy and hard.  Even for a vegan. (Especially for a vegan, cause we is plant strrrrrrong!)

It should be eye wateringly-pants peeingly-vomit inducingly-hard.  

It should leave you wanting to crawl out of the gym on your hands and knees, drowning in your vegan protein shake, knowing that sometime in the last sixty minutes or so, your soul probably left your body and remains motionless on the gym floor.

Why?  Cause that’s how you get muscles to grow FAST.  

That’s how you become… a SCULPTED VEGAN.

Sure, you can spend countless hours doing body-weight lunges or cable glute kickbacks.  But you’re as good as wasting your time.

If you want thighs that could crush melons and a butt that can crack the shell off a walnut… then you need to push yourself to your max.  Every. Single. Time.

In this week’s episode of Strong & Sculpted, I share with you the exact gym workout I have been doing for the last 10 months to build killer legs.  

I also take you behind the scenes on a fitness photoshoot with Peter Bennett for our most recently launched program How to Pose for Instagram (and look smoking hot in every selfie)

How many times a week do you train legs?  Did you realise you had to train as hard as this to build good glutes?  Leave a comment and let me know!

Love Kim x

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Strong and Sculpted – Episode 10 – d3
Kim: Hey guys, welcome to this week’s episode of Strong and Sculpted, I am here in Peter Bennett’s photographic studio, spraying myself with golden sunflower oil fry light because apparently this is what creates a really nice sheen whenever you are having a photo shoot. We’re actually creating a new programme for Instagram, well not for Instagram, just a new programme for sale which is called Posing for Instagram, so it kind of solves one of the biggest questions that I get asked, which is how do you make yourself look good in photos, you know, how do you show off your body, show off what you’ve worked for and because it’s one of the biggest questions we get asked and because we have so many women in our programmes who are creating amazing bodies, who are working really hard, we decided that there was a real gap in the market for this kind of information because women just don’t know how to show off what they’ve worked for. So today I am coming to Peter who does all of my photos and you’ll see just how incredible they are in a minute and he is going to photograph me in the different poses that we’re going to put in the PDF and after here, we’re going to head to the gym and train legs. So yeah, stay tuned you can see what happens.
You know Peter that is really good. Say hello to Peter, meet Peter.
Peter: Alright.
Kim: This is the fabulous Peter Bennett, you’ve met him before actually in some of my videos but if you’re in Belfast or Ireland, indeed and you need photos done …
Peter: Or you need any fry light.
Kim: Or you need any fry light rubbed into you, Peter’s your man.
Well we’ve finished shooting and I’m dressed again because it’s really cold standing there in a bikini. I’ve brought lunch with me, I always, always, always carry my lunch everywhere because whenever you train like I do, you need to have your lunch and Peter and I are just going to choose all the photos now from the shoot so he can do the final edit on them.
So that’s us finished, just heading to the gym now to train some legs. Right Peter thanks so much.
Peter: Alright no worries.
Kim: Ready.
Leg Extensions – 4 x 12 Reps.
Kim: It’s rocking in here tonight. We’ll get to 3, see how we go okay.
Mark: 5 or 6.
Kim: Get to 3.
Mark: 6.
Kim: I always count in 3’s, if I can do 3, I’ll do 3 more.
Mark: We’re not stopping at 3, we’ll stop at 6, come on.
Incline Squat – 6 x Reps – 190kg
Kim: Fucking hell Mark. I made the mistake of saying a few weeks ago, 200kg I’m coming for you, Mark was like, it might be a wee bit sooner than you think.
Pendulum Squat – 8 x Reps – 190kg
Kim: I nearly let it go on the bottom, last week he made me do 12.
Walking Lunges – 3 x 30 steps
Lying Leg Curls – 3 x 12/15
Kim: So that is me home from the gym now, I dropped Rory off home, the poor child actually vomited before we left the gym, sorry I’m lifting my plate here from my lunch. I had tried to warn him what leg day was like with Mark and he was like ah sure, it’s good fun, it’s the only way for muscles to grow and I was like ah hah, ah hah okay. So yeah, let’s just say Rory finally knows what leg day is really like, he had to come back in and vomit before we left and he literally didn’t move his legs the whole way home and then he stumbled getting out of the car and I fear for the poor child because I don’t think he’s going to be able to walk for the next flipping, I don’t know how long and look here are my kids, look, looking out of the window, they know I’m doing a video and they’re like hi. This is Jack and Mia and Buddy waiting patiently for mummy to come home, hi.
So I’m going to go in now and I’m going to prepare some dinner and then I have a coaching call this evening. I’ve two coaching calls actually, my sculpted vegan 12 month programme, people who pay in full get coaching calls with me as part of their package and people who are in the deluxe package get monthly coaching calls with me. So we do it on the first Wednesday of every month which is tonight so coaching calls tonight and so I’m going to go and spend a couple of hours with the babies, then the coaching calls tonight and then I have another 1 hour of cardio to do before I hit the sack tonight and I guarantee you, I will sleep well because my legs are already feeling it after those 190kg squats today. So thanks for watching, as usual if you have any comments or you have anything you want to ask me or any questions, definitely write them in the comments below, I try to get to every single comment and I love hearing from you guys so definitely any comments or questions in the comments below here, the video and I will see you all next week for Strong and Sculpted, take care, bye bye.

23 thoughts on “Killer leg workout and behind the scenes at my fitness photoshoot

  1. Gail Hayden says:

    Hi Kim just watched your leg day !!’ WOW I’m super impressed , your amazing ?
    I do have a question do you do your exercises as straight sets , super sets or like a circuit? ( I’m pretty sure not a circuit lol)
    And how many reps do you aim for before upping your weight.
    Thanks have a great day ❤️?

  2. Jeannette Oliver says:

    You’re just a beast! Lol. It’s astonishing how much weight you can lift.

    A remarkable woman you are to juggle working out, running a business, and being a mother and wife. ❤️

  3. Helen Bolton says:

    My daughter wanting to know why you were yelling. I told her cause it’s fucking hard work! Kids!

  4. Trinka says:

    If you can birth a child, you csn build glutes and legs! Same war cries and faces made! THIS IS NOT PLANET FITNESS! LOL

  5. Brooke says:

    Hi Kim,
    I’m in your V Shred challenge that started March 4th, I’m a flight attendant that works extremely
    long hours in the air but I always meal prep and I’ve stuck to the meal plan.
    I have a few challenges that I’m doing my best to get over.
    First, the food scale I ordered didn’t work when i took to out of the box so I’ve been winging it.
    It’s Spring break over here so I’m on six days in a row and two days off so I haven’t had a second to get a new one but I will once I’m off this 6 day stretch. So I have no idea if I’m eating to much or to little. Do you have any advice if you don’t have a food scale what is best to eat?
    I have to use Hotel gyms most of the times so I can’t to 98 percent of the works you have posted
    so I’m winging that as well. I work out about 3 to 4 days a week but only once because of time constraints. Do you have any suggestions for workouts when your in hotels with slim to no equipment? You lift a lot of weight and as of right now I can’t even lift a 15pound dumbbell with one arm over my head. I know I’m not lifting enough weight because my muscles were only sore for my first work out but I don’t physically know how.
    Even with all of these obstacles I’m still not giving up. Once I have my food scale, things will be easier on that end but the workout themselves I have to modify but I don’t know how or what ones are best.
    Yup, It’s a rock and a hard place. Any suggestions, or tips ?
    I will get to the beginning of my summer body by the time June comes once I iron all the kinks out.
    Thank you for all the you do and do worry I’m not giving up!
    I look forward to hearing from you

    • Kim Constable says:

      Hi Brooke! Good luck with your shred. Just do what you can with what you’ve got and be consistent above all else. The magic will happen over time. x

  6. Carolyn says:

    Hi Kim,I’m really inspired by your training,I myself used to compete in Miss Figure classes for many years until Crohn’s took hold and I’ve had to endure lots of surgery and take time to settle things with meds and diet.I am now back into trianing for health and to get leaner.Your methods are as I used years ago and I look forward to seeing your videos and implement your methods in the gym.thank you so much Kim.xx

  7. Dina says:

    I have a bad back with 2 prior surgeries and had stopped working out for few years. Trying to get back into it. My worst features are my legs and butt I can never get my legs cut and muscular and my butt isn’t sitting up porch should be, ha ha! Anyways do you have any suggestions for how to work out my legs without injuring my back or making it worse? How much should I lift, etc. … any information would be helpful. Thank you . Love your legs!

    • Kim Constable says:

      Just do what you can, and lift as heavy as you can. If you can’t squat, do leg presses or hack squats. Find an exercise that you CAN do and hammer home the exercises and load. Building big legs takes time. My legs took 3 years of intense training!

  8. Angela says:

    Ok after watching this video I know what level to aim for when I start my shred on Monday ! Bring it on !

  9. Jaime Eagle Bear says:

    I’ve been following you and I’m very inspired by you. You push me to push myself. I would love to join you get sculpted myself. How do I do that.

  10. Jeannine Cotogno says:

    Wow wow wow. Yes someone else wrote above. In regard to some compromise to my back and neck. Any suggestions to lifting heavy. Some good substitutes ? And two times a week. Max ?

  11. Brannan says:

    I am a mom of 3, business owner and secretary. I only have a home “gym” and would love to know how to build and get lean with what I have. Dumbbells, stability ball, the road, shoes! 😉 I am just so limited but want to be leaner. also wondering about a vegan plan. right now, I eat meat, eggs, cheese and limit myself to anything else. just not sure how to eat vegan? thank you

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