How to freeze fat cells using Cryotherapy

Recently I was contacted by Cinch Clinic in a town which is pretty close to where I live.

The reason?  They wanted to freeze my ass.  Literally.

Cinch are offering a new and revolutionary fat freezing treatment called cryotherapy where the fat cells are frozen through blowing liquid nitrogen onto the area.

Your body then breaks down the fat cells, transports them through the blood to the liver where they are metabolised and passed out through the lymphatic and digestive systems.

As a natural pear shape, who holds allllllll her fat in her butt and thighs, this was sweet, sweet music to my ears.

Like a particularly nasty rash, I’d be all over anything that would sharpen up my glutes and hammies for the stage.

So I embarked on a course of treatments (they recommend a minimum of 6) to freeze my butt and annihilate those pesky fat cells.

And guess what?

After only 4 treatments I had lost a whopping 2 inches of my thighs, which is pretty astounding given that I only hold around 14% body fat currently.

In this episode of Strong & Sculpted I also take you to the gym and show you the exact workout I do to shape and sculpt my back in a competition winning specimen.

You’d be quite simply mad to miss it.

And don’t forget to leave a comment below to let me know your thoughts on fat freezing!  Where is your “problem area” (we alllll have one)?

Love Kim x

[otw_shortcode_content_toggle title=”Video Transcript” opened=”closed” icon_type=”social foundicon-youtube”] Kim: I never thought at 40, I would actually like my butt better than I did when I was 20. I was supposed to be training. All that dirty talk just kept me going.
So I’ve just arrived in Hollywood, I’m going for my weekly session of cryotherapy and ultra sound cavitation in Cinch Clinic. Cinch actually wrote to me, it was last year some time and asked me did I want to come in for some cryotherapy and cryotherapy is actually a fat freezing treatment so what they do is, they blow liquid nitrogen onto a problem area and it freezes the fat cells and then your liver metabolises them and then your body passes the fat cells out. The results are absolutely incredible but unfortunately I had just finished my last round of competitions whenever they contacted me, so I said last year wouldn’t work for me but this year I would definitely love to try it.
So this year just before my competition, whenever I started prepping, I contacted them and said I’m definitely going to come in a for a weekly session of cryotherapy and they also said to do this other fat freezing treatment which is ultra sound cavitation which actually kills off and actually zaps fat cells. I think they said it makes them explode and that just sounded very exciting to me because although I don’t have a lot of fat to lose, my problem area where I would struggle to lose body fat from would be my glutes and also just that little line underneath my glutes, I’ve always had that little sausage bit just underneath my glutes which I know a lot of women struggle with and that’s always been the area that I’ve hated, it’s always been the area that’s stopped my hamstrings coming out on stage when I’m doing my back pose because I’m just naturally very much a pear shape so I carry a lot of my weight on the lower part of my body.
So I’ve been having these treatments, this is my fifth treatment today and I have to say this week is the first week that I have noticed that, that little lump, that little mound of skin, that little sausage of fat just underneath my butt cheek, yesterday I noticed that it was actually slightly wrinkly which means that the fat has really reduced in it and there’s actually just skin there now and that made me really excited because even last year, whenever I was really lean for competition, I just didn’t lose the fat I wanted to lose on the back of my thighs, it’s a very hard area for women to lose fat from. The great thing about it is, that when you lose fat from a certain area, it never really goes back on again so once I lost the fat from my stomach, you know, that little bit of belly fat that mums get after they’ve had kids, it never went back on again so I’m excited to finally lose this fat on the backs of my legs and Cinch are definitely helping me to do this. So I’m going to go and have the treatment today and I just thought I’d bring you guys with me to let you see what it’s all about because I get loads and loads of questions about this. So let’s head to the clinic now and I’ll share the treatment with you and I’ll show you exactly what happens.
Hi, how are you? So this is Emma who is going to be doing the treatment today. I just basically lie here for the next 45 minutes and Emma does her magic. You just come here to get all your fat sculpted and frozen and blasted out of your body. You’re probably going to be ringing off the hook now Emma.
Emma: There’s no pain involved or anything.
Kim: No it’s lovely.
[Procedure] Kim: This isn’t cold, I mean it is cold but it’s not unpleasantly cold, it’s not painful. A lot of people ask me is it painful to get done and I’m like no, not in the slightest, it just feels like someone blowing cold air on you, that’s just the only way …
Emma: It’s like a cold mist.
Kim: Yeah like a cold mist, that’s exactly what it’s like, a mist.
Emma: And it’s actually quite refreshing I think.
Kim: Yes it is, it is.
Emma: I could do you calves as well with that today.
Kim: No I don’t work calves ever.
Emma: Oh okay.
Kim: It’s not something they look for in bikini so I never train calves, they’re never sore.
Emma: I didn’t realise that.
Kim: The calves and abs they don’t look for them in bikini at all.
Emma: Seriously?
Kim: Yeah, if you have a six pack they mark you down, if you have a six pack it just means you have very low body fat and they don’t want you to be too low for bikini, so if you have a six back you get marked down or just moved up a category, if they think you’re too muscular they’ll move you up.
Emma: Oh my goodness, okay right.
Kim: So no [0:05:11 unclear], no vascularity, no veins popping out everywhere because I could actually do a more muscular class than mine but I never wanted to but the only difference between me and say the next class up isn’t really muscle size, it’s condition.
Emma: Right.
Kim: Condition is how ripped you are how body fat you are so if I were to get down to really low percentages of body fat, I could move up a class easily but I don’t want to, I don’t want to look too muscular and ripped. So I’m just going to get measured now because we haven’t actually measured and this is my fifth treatment and we measured at the first treatment. Now we’re going to measure all the different areas again just to see how many inches I have lost.
It’s very exciting, I have such low body fat anyway, I’m only about 14% at the minute so any fat loss I’m not going to lose 6 inches, any more fat that I lose is going to be kind of minimal, it’s going to be maybe half an inch or an inch or an inch and three quarters as it was the first time, it’s not going to be a huge amount of inches.
Emma: Exactly, you have lost 2 inches.
Kim: 2 inches since I started?
Emma: Yes.
Kim: Very good so 2 inches since I started which is 2 inches overall, so kind of an inch on either leg.
Emma: Yes exactly.
Kim: It’s fantastic, okay thanks I really appreciate it. I hope you have a wonderful week. I’m just going to go the gym now, we’re not going to train hamstrings and glutes because my hamstrings and glutes are still sore from Tuesday, we’re going to train some back. [0:06:47 unclear] Friday because what else are you supposed to do on a Friday but drink champagne.
So we’re just here training back today, today is normally glutes and hamstrings but as my glutes and hamstrings are destroyed from my training session on Tuesday, I’ve decided to give them a miss today and I’m going to train some back because I missed back this week.
So today instead of [0:07:06 unclear] …which has a different angle, a different action, you can make it a close grip, you can make it a wide grip, underhand grip. I also feel because I’m not pulling down and pulling back, it actually gets deeper.
Mark: It’s like a row/pull down.
[Training session] Lat Pull-Down Variation – 4 sets x 12 – 15 reps.
Seated Cable Rows – 4 sets x 10 – 12 reps.
Kim: I don’t love this exercise, I have to say, this is one of my least …I don’t mind back day but I’m not good …
Mark: You don’t mind back day and then you say you give every exercise …
Kim: I don’t mind the Lat Pull downs but I don’t like this one and I don’t like the t bar rows, I quite like this bad boy here.
Mark: Well that’s right, we’re going for 2 out of 5 then.
Kim: Yeah 2 out of 5.
Mark: Because you don’t like the close grip either.
Kim: No I don’t like close grip. Do you know what, I don’t like anything close grip, I’ve never been strong on close grips whereas I’m stronger on the lat pull downs, it’s difficult.
Mark: Let’s go.
[Training session] Kim: Well that was easy enough, it’s when it gets heavier I don’t like it.
Mark: It makes you feel you’re alive.
Kim: Just think of it as Mark’s special brand of love.
Mark: Yeah that’s it, that’s it.
Kim: You get one or two warnings and you have to go three warnings …
Mark: Come on that’s it, let’s go, easy, keep going.
Kim: I thought you were going to say 5 more, I was actually going to go for 5 more but you didn’t tell me 5 more so I decided not to.
Seated row machine – 4 sets x 10 – 12 reps.
Kim: Mark says something and I’m like talk dirty to me, Mark sometimes goes into all the detail and I’m like ooh it does things to me, diced.
T-Bar Rows – 4 sets x 10 reps.
Narrow grip lat pull down – 4 x 12 – 15 reps.


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