How to get rid of arm fat

I remember the first time I ever stepped foot inside a gym.

My older sister Kerry had been training and invited me to come along for a session with her.  So I donned my cycling shorts and shell suit (yes, this was the 90’s) and hop-skip-hopped to the gym after her.  

Where, I. Died.

Kerry was a bit of a gym bunny and not only did she have a Gymshark-esque physique, she was bloody strong to boot!  100 bicep curls and 90 shoulder presses later, my arms were dangling by my side like a rag doll on a dusty playroom shelf.  Lifeless.

But Kerry?  Well, she was just warming up.  

There she was in her skin tight lycra looking like a younger Jane Fonda, flexing those muscles like they would explode through her skin.

To say I was jealous was an understatement.  I wanted… no I NEEDED to have her body. It made my eyes water just looking at it.

One of the most impressive things about Kerry was her bulging bicep.  

All she had to do was bend her arm and her bicep bulged like a tennis ball.  When I flexed my arm… well, nothing happened.

I am not lying when I say I didn’t have even so much as a bee sting swelling, never mind the Mount Vesuvius she was sporting!

But I was determined for this to change.  I worked very hard… for about a week, and then promptly threw it in the too hard basket, and gave up.  (Don’t judge me – I was only 16!)

Today however, it’s a different story.  Although my older (haha – see what I did there?) sis’ is still hot AF, I also have shapely biceps.   But they didn’t come naturally. I had to work my pretty lil a$$ off to get them!

But truth be told, I LOVE having strong and sculpted arms sans bingo wings.  I’m determined to march into my 40s and beyond, defying gravity (with a little non-surgical help of course) and the notion that you need to accept being old and saggy.

Are you feelin’ me, fellow 40-something-sculpter?

If the answer is yes, then you’re gonna get down on your knees and weep when you see this week’s episode of Strong & Sculpted.

In this short episode I show you the exact workout I do every week to:

  • Eliminate arm fat (fo-evah!)
  • Sculpt more delt caps than an Irish International rugby player
  • Build arms strong enough to arm wrestle the strongest of men (and WIN!)

Don’t forget… the best conversations always happen in the comments.  

After you’ve watched the video, leave a comment and let me know who your gurrrrl crush was when you were young.  Or indeed, who your woman-crush is now! Do you love your arms? Or do you wish they were a little more… shapely?

Can’t wait to meet you at the blog!

Cheers to stronger arms and bis!

Kim xo


P.S. (And not only does my sister have ah-maz-zing arms… she also is the creator of the world’s most revolutionary baby chair for babies with reflux or colic!  Check out Babocush here)

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Kim’s Vlog 17/01/2019
Kim: Hey this is Kim Constable, I am just about to go into the gym to train shoulders and biceps and I thought that you guys might want to come with me to see what a shoulder and bicep looks like in the life of a physique athlete, so let’s go.
This is my trainer Mark, currently we train 5 days a week, the split that we do is chest and triceps on a Monday, legs Tuesday, back Wednesday, shoulders and biceps on a Thursday and legs glutes and hamstrings on a Friday. So today is shoulders and biceps and we’re going to take you with us and show you exactly what we do on shoulder day.
So whenever we’re training we always start out with a compound exercise first, shoulder press. Why do you like to use the machine Mark?
[Machine shoulder press 4 sets 10 – 12 reps] Mark: I just think it keeps you locked in so you’ve no real sort of flipping of your arms, the machine sort of puts [0:00:49 unclear] …so you get a wee bit more effort to work harder, so it keeps all the [0:00:54 unclear] in the right places.
Kim: Excellent, so good big compound to start working on the front delt, now we’re going to work on the middle delt with some side raises.
[Dumbbell side raises 3 sets, 10 – 12 reps] Kim: So we’re going to do some front raises, usually we like to do front raises with the rope because it actually targets more into the delt, we find that the rope, especially when you’re facing away, more isolated. The most important thing is to keep the arms nice and straight and try not to swing as much as you can, until the very end or whenever you’re wrecked.
Mark: We’ve got a momentum the last few reps, it does no harm.
[Cable front raise rope 4 sets – 12 reps] Mark: Just to say the reason we’re doing this is to isolate the front delt more, I prefer the rope because you get constant tension from up to down. Basically as you all know, the shoulder has 3 [0:02:23 unclear] …so we try to hit every one distinctively. We don’t say it already, we’re doing front now and then we’ll do rear, do a press at the start, try and put the most weight on and just basically to keep the tension on all the wee separate muscles all the time for better growth.
[Cable Rear Delt Fly 4 sets – 10 – 12 reps] [Cable upright Row (Bar) 4 sets – 12 reps] Mark: If you’re using cables, again it’s all to do with the tension, with cable is you get a good tensing on the way down, a good tensing on the way up.
[Cable bicep curl 4 sets – 12 reps] Mark: I prefer over bar bell curls for this reason, ask Kim and she’ll probably agree with me if you look at her face. If you want to know what training to failure looks like, this is going to be it and the expressions that your face should be making, looks like that. How are you feeling Kim? Very good, keep going, come on, come on right up, let’s go, come on it’s time to work, let me get the face again.
Kim: I’m asking you are you ready?
[Dumbbell biceps curl 3 sets – 12 reps] Mark: I’m ready, they’re easy, come on 5 up, 6 come on time to go, time to work, 7, come on easy, 8, come on up 9, again, 10 come on let’s go up and again, again come on 3 more, time to work 2 more, come on, up come on last one, come on up, good.
[Peacher curl 3 sets 10 reps] [/otw_shortcode_content_toggle]

16 thoughts on “How to get rid of arm fat

  1. Emily Milham says:

    I always was a Jane Fonda fan, and Tammy Lee Webb (abs/legs/buns of steel) was my crush back in the day. My current crush is Kim C all the way 🙂

  2. karen CONSTABLE says:

    I use many different machines in our gym and I started using the seated cable row approx 5 weeks ago and I’m loving it and feeling the difference in my back and arms. Sadly I can’t stand to do a lot of weight exercises, but I do try and do my best. Watching your videos Kim really does give me so many great ideas for my weightloss and toning journey. Thank you

  3. Anita says:

    That looked really tough! Is there a way to do these moves at home? I don’t go to the gym, I work out from home.

  4. Christie Valli says:

    Holy cow! Loved watching your form and the exercises you do! Thank you for sharing. Learn so much from watching you!

  5. Jacquie Jacobs says:

    WOW! Amazing. Sadly my gym does not have cables and only certain machines for shoulders which I use. However I notice you used dumbbells weights of 10kg each wow! I can only just manage 2kg each!!! I try to use these at home at least 3 times a week doing 3x 12 reps is this enough? I would love to get rid of my bat/bingo wings and back fat! Thank you for being such an inspiration Kim xxx

  6. Isabell says:

    Dear Kim
    My problem is mostly flabby triceps. I have toned, visible shoulders and biceps, but my triceps are covered with fat. I just turned 51 and it is like the armfat just suddenly came during menopause. Is it really possible to get rid of it? And how come you don’t do any triceps excersice in this video?

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