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You want to do more than challenge yourself by entering a competition. You want to win – and have sexy AF stage photos to back up the trophy.

 Although excited at the idea of crushing your first or next competition…

(Which you absolutely can…with the right know-how.)

The overwhelm is real. You’re not sure how to cut calories effectively or pose like the stars on Instagram. Plus, there are so many damn rules – spoken and unspoken.

And you don’t want to be “that girl” in the dressing room…looking around, confused, when the others start to whip out their pee funnels. Yes – PEE funnels. Because –

Here’s the truth no physique competitors tell you.

Consistent weightlifting doesn’t make you crush at a competition.

Successful athletes know the secret tricks that earn first place. This know how – and the champions who possess it – are now available to you for a limited time.

For the first time ever, The Prep Series Masterclasses

Pick brains of world-class athletes and trainers…without exorbitant personal coach fees that’d cost your mortgage – and then some.

Instead, learn from and get real, live feedback from famous pros. In three individual masterclasses, learn the pillars to preparing for and rocking a competition.

The Posing

Unless you know how to show off your muscles, another woman will win. It only takes minor adjustments to display those glutes just right.


Only specific strategies will get your body ready and totally lean – beyond basic calorie restricting. Learn these – and you’ll already be ahead of the rat bikini race.


Hair. Makeup. Tan. Bikini itself. The little-known beauty prep choices clinch the win, a total make or break for who takes home the trophy/bragging rights.

No successful competition athlete has won without knowing these 3 pillars inside out.

That includes me, Kim Constable – fitness influencer, comp-winner and founder of this hot-pink-lovin brand…The Sculpted Vegan.

– From awkward AF to –

My journey didn’t start so pretty. After my first competition, I walked to my car and sank into the driver’s seat…

Weighed down with sadness and an overly sticky tan…

The shock hit. I’d hoped all my workouts would be enough…yet my trunk was trophy-less.
The final ceremony was on mental replay. Standing on stage, watching the perfectly tanned women, with their hips twirled justtttt right, claim prizes, while I slowly clapped at the back.

There was obviously a secret to success – I lacked.

Turns out, endless dedication does NOT win you 1st place.

Successful women know the little ins and outs, from choosing high heels to sticking their booties out so well…they’re @$$ looked liked a Nicki Minaj music video.

After a few tears and a lot of Fall Out Boy on the way home, my experimenting began.

It took nonstop trial and error with dieting and tanning drama…that I don’t want you to go through.

This information, stored in the brains of competitive athletes and expensive coaches for too long, is being made available to you…and I could not be more excited to share it.

How anyone learns to win
…without endless years of experience

Each pillar of prep is absolutely vital to entering and winning a competition, whether you’re entering (NAME, TYPE, NAME)…

The Prep Series masterclass teachings not only apply to each comp – they’re a must.

Because winning is not some super-power reserved for famous athletes. The only superpower needed is the desire to win – and preparation to make that happen.

The successful athletes are those who have a specific plan to prepare ahead of time.

They learn the nitty gritty details that go way beyond deadlifts…to ensure they show up on competition day, duffel bag in one hand and rice crackers in the other in the other, ready to crush.

Pose Sexy AF

Look better in photos. Make judges go whoa… Just by knowing how to pose.

Airs 21st March 2019


Cut the right calories on the right timeline…and you’ll be leaner (but WAY MORE SCULPTED) than Gumby.

Airs 18th April 2019


Each choice for bikini, tan and hair puts you closer – or farther – from winning. Simple tricks decide the winner.

Airs 16th May 2019

On social media, you see comp athletes’ latest victories….not years of trial and error.

Every single athlete had a major learning curve. Whether you:

  • Look at pics and go “Ahhh – my stomach/butt looks awful here ”…
  • Are scrambling to eat right before competition…
  • Feel totally lost figuring out which cut of bikini bottoms you should go for…

You are in the right place, even if you’ve never entered a fitness competition.

Maybe it’s been a while since competing in anything. As a kid, you might’ve done soccer or dance…but as an adult, it’s been years since being in a competition. I was in the same boat.

Do not worry. After a masterclass with me and some of the most renowned humans on the planet…you’ll feel 1000% more prepared to walk on that stage.

Here’s how it works

You have the incredible opportunity to sign up for one, two or, for a big discount, all three masterclasses.

THIS IS TIME SENSITIVE. Each live masterclass offer will NOT be available forever!

This is a live training with Q&A where you get to ask any questions you want. Straight up sculptors…this may never be offered ever again.

So…What is included?

Get access to so much more than a live training session jam-packed with game-changing information. Receive:

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