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Free 5 Day Training – Day 4 – Bonus Episode

Welcome back for training number 4 in this epic 5-day training for creating, running, and scaling your 7-figure business!

In the last 3 episodes, you’ve learned not only how to create a product people really want to buy, but also how to deliver the solution, and then sell it!

You’ve heard examples of ad strategies, webinars I’ve done in my businesses and how much we made, and you’ve learned about the strategy canvases of other businesses.

In today’s training, you’re going to get a shocking math lesson. I’m giving you the exact calculations to ensure you make $50,000 in your first launch (say whaaaat!?)

Day 4 – How to make $50,000 in your first launch
Step 1: Understand the 2 in 10 rule (Pareto’s Law).

Step 2: Reverse engineer your numbers.

Step 3: Spend only what you can afford to lose.

You definitely want to be paying extra close attention to this episode!

Love Kim xo