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Free 5 Day Training – Day 2 – Bonus Episode

We are back with training number 2 for creating, running, & scaling your 7-figure business!

In the previous podcast episode, you learned how to create a product people want to buy.

You learned 3 valuable lessons in not only creating your business and product or service, but how important it is to practice empathy for what your audience is struggling with.

In today’s training, you’re going to learn the exact 3-step process for delivering the solution to your customer.

Day 2 – How to deliver the solution
Step 1: How will you create and deliver the product?

Step 2: Don’t think about what the customer wants; think about what they need.

Step 3: Make it simple, if not simpler. Less is always more.

Get ready to take more notes! This episode is packed with juicy info that you don’t want to miss!

Love Kim xo

2 thoughts on “Free 5 Day Training – Day 2 – Bonus Episode

  1. Gina P Cueto says:

    I want to send a heartfelt thank you. I had a major roadblock to getting my business where I want to go. An American law (rediculous) was preventing me from providing my service as I see fit. As I listen for the second time, feeling like I am getting some clarity, my answer came. My best to you and yours, Gina Cueto

    • The Sculpted Vegan says:

      I’m so glad something clicked on for you! 🍻 Cheers to new adventures for you!


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