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Conquering Self-Sabotage, Staying Motivated When Results Are Slow — Q&A with Coach Vanessa – Episode 92

I have a very special podcast for you this week! I have never done this before, but I thought it would be so much fun to let one of my coaches take the reins on an entire podcast episode!

And you’re going to love it!

Today’s episode is with Coach Vanessa Burgess! Vanessa has been with the Sculpted Vegan team for several years, and is one of my most experienced coaches! She has done nearly every program I’ve ever created, and has learned so much in the years she’s been with the team. When she first started her SV journey in January 2019, she was breastfeeding 3 babies, working 4 jobs from home, and doing the original 4-Week Shred all at the same time. She has consistently stayed the course, listened to feedback, implemented things she was terrified of (like eating thousands of calories a day to build muscle), and has reaped the rewards ten-fold.

So I sent her into the streets (a.k.a Butt Camp FB group) to ask the competitors what they’re dying to know about all things mindset, health, and fitness so she could answer them live on the podcast!

In this episode, Vanessa gets reeeeal! She actually had an epiphany in real-time when discussing some tips on crushing self-sabotage. She dug into how she personally rewires her brain to send her excuses packin’, tips on building muscle when you don’t have access to the big fancy gym equipment, the truth behind fat gain if you eat before bed, and so much more!


Todays questions

1:21 Can you please help us with some self-sabotage strategies, like how to overcome self-sabotage?

33:45 What is your favorite quad exercise (small home gym with some machines, but not all the fancy guys)?


35:25 Do you push to failure on each body part in every set? Or do you keep 1-2 reps in reserve at certain times?


38:00 How much of an importance does food timing play?


40:57 Best tips for staying motivated when you’re not seeing physical changes?


51:45 Can you debunk the myth around not eating before bed?


I know you will absolutely love this episode! Happy listening!
Love Kim xo


Podcast Quotes

“I don’t care what questions you ask. I don’t care what you need in life. You’re not going to get anything accomplished if you’re not first honest with yourself.”


“It takes more work than you could ever possibly dream of to see your body change.”



Podcast Reference List

The Butt Camp 2.0: Explore Butt Camp 2.0

8 thoughts on “Conquering Self-Sabotage, Staying Motivated When Results Are Slow — Q&A with Coach Vanessa – Episode 92

  1. Samantha whyte says:

    Hi Kim

    Thankyou for the free invitation to your special podcast.

    Im scared in a nutshelll scared! of what you ask yourself. Well I was diagnosed with Coeliac disease a severe Intolerance to wheat and gluten and have done so for my whole life once it was diagnosed, there is no cure but only to follow a Strict Gluten Free diet for Life. I have wanted for a few years now have Muscle definition and be strong due to evidence that Coeliacs are prone to develop Osteoporosis and or brittle bone disease. I love to eat healthy but have the fear IF I change to vegan that my already low immune system will become evemore weakened as my body struggles to absorb all the nutrients that any normal persons body would do due to my condition. Yes I do lack in energy everyday, yes I would absolutely Love to have more energy and positivity within myself but like I say I’m Scared…….

    Any help Would be Very Much Appreciated

    Kindest Regards
    Samantha Whyte ☺️

    • The Sculpted Vegan says:

      I am so pleased you enjoyed the episode. We would always advise consulting with your doctor about any medical conditions you have 💕

  2. Ranjitha says:

    Omg!!!! I’ve been craving the apple pie that I bought for my kids since last night. Let’s just say that I almost went to get it at 11 in the morning. Thats excatly when I saw Kim’s email regarding this podcast. There you go, its a game changer for my mind just listening to Coach Vanessa for 1 hr. I reset my mind and put a sticky note on my mind to remind me why I’m doing this.

    Thank you so much Coach Vanessa! I’m in love either your voice.

    • The Sculpted Vegan says:

      Thank you so much for your incredible feedback for Vanessa. I am so pleased you enjoyed the episode 😊

  3. Jennifer Mckeehan says:

    Coach Vanessa was awesome on this podcast. Hope she continues to do more. My struggle is the meal plan and cardio. So it was good to hear how she hates to cook and what she does to make things easy. I am the same way. I can prep but I like it to be easy. Before I found the Sculpted Vegan I had done a 6 week hcg diet back in July. I lost 30 pounds. So honestly having 2 meals a day and only totaling 500 calories for the whole day was easy for me. The meals were simple protein and vegetables and a fruit. I decided I didn’t want to do a round two because I wanted to get back in the gym to finish losing weight and build muscle and you are not to go to gym and only do light walking since only eating 500 calories a day. I also loved her tips on self sabotage cause that is how I couldn’t lose weight and I find myself bargaining or validating and unhealthy meal or unhealthy snacking. I did it this morning I was starving after getting home from work I work night shift instead of making a shake I ate a whole bagel. I told myself it’s ok doing this one time won’t hurt. But I know if I don’t take control this will be an ongoing process. So this podcast came in perfect timing almost like it was meant for only me. I’m in the Buttcamp 2.0 right now. I’m so excited to have found you when I did.

    • The Sculpted Vegan says:

      Draw a line under that sneaky bagel. It is great you realise you need to stop those actions before they become an ongoing process. I am excited to see your transformation in Butt Camp 2.0 💕

  4. Joni Garner says:

    Just want to say I loved this episode…and I absolutely love cold green beans right out of the can!!!

    • The Sculpted Vegan says:

      Thank you so much for your wonderful feedback. I am so pleased you enjoyed the podcast 😃 💕

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