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What It Really Takes To Become Ms. Olympia — Interview with Angelica Teixeira – Podcast Episode 83

Most people don’t understand what it really takes to build the body of a physique athlete. And when you decide to train for the competition stage, what is required of you – both mentally and physically – is even more astronomical than you could ever imagine.

When I think back to my competing days, many of those memories are very dark. I will never forget those cardio sessions, especially towards the end, where I was starving, exhausted, and going utterly insane.

I had to find a way to get through each cardio session without wanting to quit entirely. I would watch one of my favorite bikini idols, Angelica Teixiera, and her videos would literally give me life and motivate me to keep pushing. I wouldn’t feel so alone – like someone else understood the darkness I was experiencing.

Little did she know how many times she has saved me from that internal chaos.

…until I brought her on my podcast and told her in person!

I am so excited to share this episode with you. Angelica is a 2x Ms. Olympia titleholder and 4x Arnold Champion (among many other titles). She knows firsthand what it means to withstand the immense pressure brought on by the competitive bodybuilding world. In fact, it took her 20 shows before she earned her pro card — talk about persevering and never quitting. She is the epitome of grit and determination!

Listen in as she opens up about life as a bikini competitor, how she got started, how she really feels about dieting for shows, and what her future plans are.

Oh, and she also shares something extra juicy I know you all will love — her absolute favorite glute-building exercise (Brazilians are known for their gorgeous glutes after all. Am I right?) — and it’s not what you think!


Love Kim xo

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“A lot of people think at the end of the eight weeks, they can just stop [after losing the weight] and don’t realize it needs to be a lifestyle change.”

“Even if you work a lot, take some time to take care of YOU!”

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2 thoughts on “What It Really Takes To Become Ms. Olympia — Interview with Angelica Teixeira – Podcast Episode 83

  1. Samantha Hardingham says:

    Would love a part 2 Q&A, now off to geek out on Angelica and get those questions ready! Thanks Kim another great podcast.

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