Feeling guilty about that pizza? Get over it like this – Episode 7

Party season has jumped out at us again and, before you know it, you’re surrounded by gorgeous food. But that’s okay. Indulging yourself and staying in shape aren’t mutually exclusive. So today we talk food and fitness strategies for the holidays. Let’s go.

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10 thoughts on “Feeling guilty about that pizza? Get over it like this – Episode 7

  1. Sue says:

    Kim: great podcast— much needed before the food holidays:)
    And I now know you have a shred competition in January!!!

  2. Belinda says:

    Thanks for the motivation. I wish I can be more dedicated. What app do you use the measure your macros.

  3. Lucille Willis says:

    Always insightful & usable information that actually works! Thanks Kim for dedication, commitment, passion & willingness to share. Love the podcasts!

  4. Deloris says:

    Kim, you sure can talk-if you exercise at the rate you speak, then you are ?exercising & breathlessly ?. I truely enjoyed listening to your podcast. I concur with the comment you made during the first 5-10minues of the podcast about speaking mindfully/mentally or aloud to yourself; I believe it is a definitive form of responding affirmative actionablely positive thoughts to yourself. Like, programming or hypnotizing yourself to take action at a particular time & place. I truely appreciate learning about the 7 or 8 strategisics that you discussed. I have to reiterate them because they are itemized within my newly created HOLIDAY’S WEIGHT/FAT LOSING PLAN as I listened to you:
    a. Starting my days’ (hopefully Early AM) with a substantial amount of protein to burn fat throughout/until the next meal-about 4-6hrs.
    b. Cardio early AM (whenever I’m awake, alert, purposefully motivated/vitalized to perform cardio.
    c. Exercise daily even without a purpose.
    d. Disallow/avoid all hunger or overeating-Go to sleep when hunger, be distracted, get to fidgeting like teenager.
    e. Regardless to the situation Self Congraulations/rewards will always be appreciated by Self ‘Who loves you, if I can’t love & appreciate Myself.
    f. Allow Yourself Permission to Free Yourself-“Self, I, myself give my Self permission to be Free- Self, I am true to myself-No tell lies, tales, fibs, or fabricated stories to Myself.
    g. I Have the POWER of staying Hydrated & the POWER of Change whatever perceived requiring Change within me or my PLAN.

  5. Dina says:

    I fail with getting in better shape due to my strong sugar addiction. Do u have any suggestions other than “willpower”?

  6. Mandy says:

    Wow. The message about tracking and being accountable with your progress whether it’s a fitness goal or another life goal really spoke to my fears. As I was listening to you speak about not feeling guilty instead just you know tracking our progress, I realised the discomfort I felt around tracking my progress. And the thought was I don’t like being evaluated because the valuation has been a very negative thing for me particularly with in my childhood. I often felt evaluated on the basis of simply who I was and not in a positive way. So now I resist evaluation because of the fear of it being negative. So thank you because I can now work on seeing evaluation as a positive tool to help me achieve my goals. Embrace the idea and practice of tracking for results.

  7. Cheryl says:

    Thank you! I have followed your advice on tracking food and macros. It has kept me mindful about My habits and food intake. I am more confident about my choices. I hope to sign up for one of your programs. For now I am an avid listener and admire your dedication and gift of motivation.

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