Should Women Be Ashamed of Cosmetic Procedures? — Interview with Lisa Waring – Podcast Episode 68

We are a society of quick-fixes.

It seems that there are certain fixes that women do to themselves that are entirely acceptable (hair dye, false eyelashes, hair extensions, cosmetic tattoos), yet others are so taboo that if you admit you’ve done them, be ready for the judgy eye rolls and insults.

I recently posted something on my Instagram about a procedure I had done to stimulate my natural collagen production around one side of my glutes.

(You would have thought I announced a criminal act.)

I have spent the last 5 years strategically building my body. Six weeks ago, I got 10 tiny threads in my butt,  and the internet went ballistic because apparently, my body is now “unattainable” and “unrealistic” (I literally had one little line softened under my butt).

I’ve been told I’m a sellout, a liar, and overly-obsessed with my looks.

I’ve lost followers, and people have not filtered their disappointment in me.

But I’ve also had many wonderful messages thanking me for being so transparent about the work I get done.

If a woman wants to enhance her looks to give her more confidence, why is this such a shame in our society? I’ve never understood this. Women deserve to feel beautiful at all stages of their lives, so why do people lose their bloody minds over cosmetic work?

In this episode, I interviewed my personal aesthetic nurse, Lisa Waring, from Face Therapy NI here in Belfast. She’s absolutely incredible and so knowledgeable.

She dishes all the details about these procedures that everyone should know.

You will learn:

  • Why you should ALWAYS go to a medical practitioner for your cosmetic procedures

  • The worst horror story of Lisa’s career

  • The one thing Lisa wishes she would’ve known when she first started

  • What botox really is and how it works in the body (hint: this does not change regardless of where you go for it)

  • A shocking fact about cosmetic filler that most people probably don’t know

  • What body part Lisa thinks clients should treat first

She also gives fantastic advice for women who may be scared or worried about backlash if they ever admitted they had these procedures done.

You don’t want to miss this one! Happy listening!

Love, Kim xo

Podcast Reference List:

“Getting aesthetic treatments is not a moral failing.”

“The rare people who do become truly exceptional at something do so not because they believe they’re exceptional. On the contrary, they become amazing because they’re obsessed with improvement.” – Mark Manson (Author of The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F^ck)

Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology/Pubmed – Botulinum toxin cosmetic therapy correlates with a more positive mood
The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck: A Counterintuitive Approach to Living a Good Life
Find Lisa: Face Therapy NI

10 thoughts on “Should Women Be Ashamed of Cosmetic Procedures? — Interview with Lisa Waring – Podcast Episode 68

  1. Maddie says:

    No one should be ashamed of any cosmetic procedures. It’s not up to anyone else how you feel about yourself, but how you feel about yourself can be a block to so many things. I’m due to have surgery after a substantial weight loss (16st 7lbs > 9st 9lbs) and when I see some of the loose skin I’ve got from that experience it just makes me sad. When you feel good about yourself you’re more capable of knowing you can do and be whoever you want to be. I think people get a bit keyboard warrior-esque when they get a taste of other people’s lives on social media, so my main key for living life is don’t ask permission to be happy, which I sincerely believe social media has trained us to do x

    • The Sculpted Vegan says:

      Yes, 100%! I also do believe school is teaching our children they must constantly ask permission to live and be happy to be honest. Kids are always bombarded with the thoughts in school, what will my classmates think, what will the teacher think? Is this thing I’m doing or answer I’m giving right or wrong, if it’s wrong does it make me stupid etc. What we are seeing is the grown up version of that. Loads of judgement on others, and self doubt for our own decisions. Good for you to do something that feels right for you, and good healing vibes from us to you on your surgery!

  2. Lucia says:

    You are beautiful I think you love and respect your body enough to keep it looking awesome. You are easy on the eyes.If I was in to women you will be my kind of girl stay beautiful

    • The Sculpted Vegan says:

      Thank you for the compliments, I really do live the philosophy of to each their own! I appreciate you xoxo

  3. Flavia says:

    I just love your honesty, you are such an inspiration in many ways. I started following you by coincidence, and then I realized nothing happens by coincidence. I was in a deep deep hole, and what it can seems something superfitial ( getting a better butt) actually changed my life. I get to know how to challenge my self, how to encourage me day after day. Nobody is going to care of me better than myself. I have five kids and they love to see how my mood has change in the best positive way. At the end of the day we have to be happy for ourselves, and the ones we love. Because I’ ve been suffering a lot recently my face shows that pain and sadness, after listening to this post I am so decided to have some treatments in my face too. I don’ t really care what others might think. I have to give no excuses, apart of doing what I believe is good for me to feel better. Thanks for making me realised I can do it without feeling ashame.

    • The Sculpted Vegan says:

      I’m so glad it helped you to feel confident without shame! To each their own is a very important statement that we all need to adopt. Do what makes you feel beautiful and strong, how others see it really doesn’t matter! xoxox

  4. Leanne Bobee says:

    Great podcast for a freezing cold Sat am cardio session . I had to laugh when you said people said your body was not attainable now that you had threads!! ? More like most can’t not do the work you do!’ I’ll be 50 in March and have really been thinking of getting Botox or fillers. Thank you for this!! As women we should be building each other up and encouraging us to do what makes us happy!!

    • The Sculpted Vegan says:

      Yes, 100%! They had been telling themselves a story that my butt wasn’t due to hard work, so once I began getting threads they took that to mean their story was true. People can be funny like that. I’m so glad you will have the confidence to do what makes you feel good! That’s all that matters in this life xoxo

  5. Samantha Hardingham says:

    Being in the grow old gracefully camp was very interested to listen to this episode. If I change my mind in the future I’d know where I’d be going. Lisa is so knowledgeable and clearly at the top of her game, great advice and information to take away if you’re thinking about having any treatments.

    • The Sculpted Vegan says:

      Love that, growing old gracefully ?? Glad you enjoyed the interview! xoxo

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