How I Overcome This Fear To Sculpt And Shred My Body – Podcast Episode 64

Your beliefs around fear can either mobilize you or paralyze you. Many people think that I’m fearless, but that’s actually not the case. Plenty of things scare me! But throughout my childhood, I developed a postulate around fear that has enabled me to plow forward despite it.

This postulate (which you will hear about in this episode) has actually become the very thing that has caused me massive amounts of stress, anxiety, nausea, and physical pain in recent months surrounding my workout sessions.

Listen to what I realized has been going on with me lately and how one simple question to my trainer Mark has completely changed everything. 

You will hear:

  • How my back pain history led me down the path towards strength training

  • What my REAL problem was with my back, and how I made the pain disappear (it isn’t what you think)

  • How to identify real fear

  • A unique tip for facing fear head-on and learning how to respond to it

  • How to assess a situation rationally (and how this skill can be damaged when authority figures in a child’s life shout at them)

  • …and so many more gold nuggets that will help you sculpt a shit-hot physique even if you’re afraid of what it might take to do it

“Do what you can do and not what you THINK you can do.”

Podcast Reference List

Awareness is the first step to change
Becoming aware of fears
Freedom lies in the capacity to pause between stimulus and response

One thought on “How I Overcome This Fear To Sculpt And Shred My Body – Podcast Episode 64

  1. elizabeth connolly says:

    Hi Kim, I’ve been listening to this podcast & omg it has helped figure out something I’ve been mulling over, normally fear wise I’m fine, back me into a corner & I’ll come out all guns blazing but with this situation I’m mulling over I just couldn’t understand why I just wasn’t doing what I normally would do & thats go ahead & to hell with the consequence but I’m a bit sheepish about this, anyway thank you about the evaluating & I now realise it’s because if I go ahead with it, my fear is, what if it fails? What will people think? What if I can’t achieve success in it? … it’s all the what if’s but now I have realised this, so what? I’ll give it my best shot & to hell with it, thank you from the bottom of my heart, I now have a clearer mind & know where to begin♥️ this podcast was definitely meant for me to hear ♥️♥️

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