Do This, When Your Loved Ones Won’t Support You – Podcast Episode 50

So many of you ask me this question: how do I cope when my nearest and dearest won’t support me? Well, my lovelies, I’ve been there, bought the t-shirt and planted my flag. When a girl from a working class family in Belfast decides she’s going to stand on stage and strike a pose that her relatives consider should only be seen in a porn mag, how much support do you suppose she gets? That’s right, zero. So how did I cope? And how can you deal with the same situation, whether it’s your health & fitness, your personal life, or your business life? Plug in and listen up.

10 thoughts on “Do This, When Your Loved Ones Won’t Support You – Podcast Episode 50

  1. TAMMY WIESE says:

    Thank you Kim. This is a really good one, very inspiring on a number of levels. Thanks for pushing through even though you were so tired at the time and didn’t think you had anything to say. I find this was one of your best! It’s timely as Canada will have our Thanksgiving dinner celebrations soon and I will still be participating in the second round of Butt Camp. Last family gathering my sister said to me she feels uncomfortable when I eat they way I do (as does my niece so obviously they discussed me behind closed doors) “it’s like I’m sitting there with my halo on” is what she said. That was her perspective, I don’t think I think I’m better, just headstrong in my goal. Instead of taking a direct hit this time around with any new comments I will remember what you said about it’s them and their issues being triggered, it is not me. I liked also like when you spoke about your friend who drank black coffee while you ate… I do that often too, I go meet people for lunch and I have black coffee and they eat burgers and fries, I don’t even think about how they feel but I can understand a bit more now. I guess it’s mostly me with these goals and not the people I go out with; I can understand both sides a little better now. I also like how you explained pain and suffering. Today I normally find day 4 the hardest butt, :0) with a change of attitude I finished strong. Thank you Kim, I love how honest and open you are, it’s inspiring. Keep up the great work!

    • The Sculpted Vegan says:

      Incredible comments from you, truly appreciate it! Isn’t that interesting how when others are triggered they will say things like you’re sitting there with your halo, or how perfect you are, or my favorite sitting up on your high horse! It honestly shows that what they don’t like about themselves is being projected on to you. Most often they wish they could do certain things, and when they can’t it’s somehow the other persons’ fault. Sounds as though you’re doing the work needed, and it’s admirable. Looking forward to seeing your butt camp results!

  2. Lori Bonner says:

    Thank you for helping me renew my vision! I have failed at all of the programs that I have gotten from you so far, but have figured out most of where I had gone wrong (physically and mentally) and now have a brand new skill set to bring to this next round. The greatest discovery was to find out that my health is very poor and I never realized that, only thought that I was just fat for the last 20 years. Now, my first goal is to rebuild my health, which is all a part of rebuilding this body! If this goal is not attained, poor health will prevent me from attaining anything else in this life. At age 55, time is up! So, if I ever want to build this body to my original dream of being able to compete in the bodybuilding world (this started at age 15), AND, become THE premiere dog trainer in New Mexico (so I can quit working in the “office” world), the time is NOW! Thanks again for taking time to inspire and pour out yourself to us, your fans and clients!! Love you and your wonderful crew!!

    • The Sculpted Vegan says:

      Those sound like incredible goals! One of our valued members just started goal challenges in our groups, using Kim’s technique of assigning yourself a consequence for not reaching those goals. We have found it’s such a great way to self motivate and keep you on track! We cannot wait to watch you reach your dreams. Also, if you want some insight into becoming a premiere dog trainer, check out Kim’s upcoming Million Dollar Mentor Masterclass! You can get on the list here Thank you so much for your comment, and we hope you keep listening..<3

  3. Kirsten says:

    I feel very grateful and thankful for the support I did receive from my husband and mom! Even though my mom didn’t always maybe think the way I was going was the best she always supported me and never commented on her opinions! I would say though I had a few people close to me disagree with a few business adventures I have pursued in the past. It did hurt when they said “I wouldn’t succeed” or “who would pay for that?”…. BUT it actually made me want to prove them wrong! I don’t care if I make people uncomfortable they are either not willing to work on that part of themselves or they are jealous. I’ve come along way not judging others with whatever they are doing in their life even if I completely disagree with it. I feel liberated and just want to support others! The new state of mind I am in means I don’t connect the same way with some of my old friends. Some of them aren’t growing and I know I am. I love getting myself out of my comfort zone! My stomach goes through knots and I love it! I am growing!

    Also, I am thankful to hear this today as well because I have always gone for my goals no matter what others think. I’m a very independent person and when I go after something I do it 100%! One of my goals is to write a review every week to win one of your programs!

    • The Sculpted Vegan says:

      Thank you so much for sharing, I deeply appreciate it! Cheers to continuing to step out of your comfort zone and reach new heights! If you would like to see how far you can take your dreams, check out the upcoming Million Dollar Mentor Masterclass! Hope to see you there..<3

  4. Jo says:

    Another incredibly powerful & thought provoking podcast. Kim your drive, ambition, determination (and stubbornness) are truly inspirational. Whilst you are “THE sculpted vegan”I have to remind myself that you are only human. I both love and admire the strength and courage it must take to share your journey so openly with the world. It had never occurred to me that whenever you were starting to build your business that you did so without the support of one single person that you loved. Hearing that even a person as strong as you sometimes longs for understanding, encouragement and belief is comforting. Thank you for helping me to realise that people don’t necessarily want to see me fail but rather want to stop seeing me suffer and for advocating that people should show up for themselves. I am forever grateful for your resilience. By exclusively relying on yourself you have proved to countless others that any goal can be achieved. #showup4yourself #believe

    • The Sculpted Vegan says:

      Thank you so much for your kind words! I think we all feel unsupported on some level throughout our lives, no matter how strong we appear to the outside world. As women and caregivers, it’s simply what we do. I appreciate you so much, and I am honored that you are tuning in. Never stop believing and pushing toward your highest good!

  5. Anne says:

    Hi Kim great to know you are from Belfast. I am also from Belfast in Northern Ireland too. Congratulations on your success. I also am a personal trainer and group fitness love your fitness and inspiration.

    • The Sculpted Vegan says:

      Grateful to have someone from Belfast joining in! I hope you’re finding success in your Fitness career, all the best to you! Cheers!

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