I Nearly had an Abortion I Didn’t Want Because of This – Podcast Episode 49

Some of the worst times in your life can be when somebody gets really angry with you. It can be devastating. Well, maybe I can help you here. At my personal coaching session this week, we explored a few incidents in my life where blame and responsibility had raised their ugly heads. From the time I was at school and had the confidence ripped from me by an angry teacher, to an accidental pregnancy that caused a serious rift between me and my husband. This is one of my most emotional podcasts yet, but don’t worry there’s a happy ending to all of this, and more than a few insights and tips so that you can deal with any angry incidents in your life with all the calm of a zen master.

17 thoughts on “I Nearly had an Abortion I Didn’t Want Because of This – Podcast Episode 49

  1. Gabriela O’Leary says:

    I work 4 days 12 hours, and I love your exercises, we have a small business and my time is limited, I try to do the exercises but when I work 12 hours it is very tiring, Thank you for taking the time to send me this email …! !


    Gabriela O’Leary

    • The Sculpted Vegan says:

      Yes, time restraints can for sure be tough! I’m glad I could be of help

  2. Nicole says:

    From this meat-eater (who is loving your Butt Camp program), a huge thank you for your no-bullshit, raw, “this is me” commentary! It’s refreshing and appreciated, and to be honest, not what I expected from a vegan (from my experience, they are a judgemental group). You have set me straight that not all vegans fall into that bucket. Cheers and much respect!

  3. Lea says:

    Oh wow Kim! I cried from the naughty corner to the end. You are the bomb. Thats all I can say. Thank you for your voice & vulnerability.

    • The Sculpted Vegan says:

      Thank you so much for your vulnerability as well, I appreciate you so much and very happy you enjoyed it!

  4. Sandra Bennett says:

    I agree with you so much. It makes me think of the saying, “People can only meet you as deeply as they have met themselves.” I also thought ‘vegan’ meant that you don’t eat animals. I don’t think any one person gets to say exactly what a vegan can and cannot do. Some Catholics do not believe in birth control. But if you are Catholic and you have a Catholic friend who uses birth control, you can’t point your finger at her and say ‘you’re not Catholic.’ People who feel like they have to police you like that are unhappy on the inside. Yes, the taller the tree, the stronger the wind blows. <3

    • The Sculpted Vegan says:

      That saying hits deep, yes! I’m happy it resonated with you, and you absolutely hit the nail on the head. We are all on our own journey in this life, and compassion is key!

  5. Elissa says:

    Wow wow wow. Another cracker of a podcast. When I read the heading I was like “hmmm, should I?” So glad I did, but I should have known it would have been good. They all are. Thanks Kim.

    • The Sculpted Vegan says:

      Thank you so much! Very happy you’re enjoying them, so much in the works for you all!

  6. Isabel says:

    Thank you very much for your podcasts, I love all of them! I feel like with you we are not only growing physically but also mentally. You are making a difference in the wold and you are very Inspiring!
    Thank you Kim ?

    • The Sculpted Vegan says:

      Yes, we are about extending past just fitness! Please feel free to share! xo

  7. Kathy says:

    Really good message. Glad I listened to the whole thing. I needed to hear that I need to understand and own my own values and quit judging others. Thank you for sharing.

    • The Sculpted Vegan says:

      I’m so glad, one more step towards having a more compassionate world! Thank you so much for listening, and please feel free to share with others! xo

  8. Caroline Ferguson says:

    Totally get where you’re coming from. I have been following you since 2017 and you inspired me to go plant based last year (at first simply for health). Though I’d never want to be that person who refuses a cuppa at a friends house so I am not vegan, prefer plant based.
    Yes there are extremist vegans as there are other people in their beliefs, good and bad christians etc ;o . The issue is the pushing imo. However, after hearing your talk about projection the story of narcissist comes to mind: narcissist sat by a lake Every day and the lake though he was Admiring her beauty, while narcissists was admiring himself In his reflection, the lake was watching herself reflected in his eyes. It’s natural to admire oneself and others, As well as your work (pride is not a bad thing) though the projection doesn’t mean you are learning or open to others. This is unfortunate and sad imo.
    I do remember you had published a post some time ago as a reply to nasty vegans which was about how everyone helps with ethics in some way and that’s good. One person may recycle, another consume less fast fashion, someone may be focussed on not buying mined items etc and others may be plant based.
    Your ethics are your personal priorities. We do not live in an “ideal” world. We live within structures and institutions that we must navigate in our own way.
    Btw I would not consider you to be a beacon of veganism, you are closer to a beacon of feminism in my opinion ~ inspiring~ empowering ~ defying odds and supporting other women to challenge themselves and their world too 🙂
    Love your analysing life type of talk. This is meaningful and thought provoking 🙂

  9. Kirsten says:

    Since going through the butt camp and starting your podcasts. I now have an inner Kim in my head with whatever work I am doing throughout the day. “Push to failure…. work harder…. don’t give up!” I have always tried to surround myself with like minded individuals like yourself and I am super grateful for the encouragement! I do believe you care about us all!

    By the way, I am not a vegan BUT I was willing to try any program to get results…. and boy did I get results with your butt camp! I am super happy and feeling SEXY!

    I have no idea where everyone’s anger and blame originates but it usually has to do with their views and perceptions or even hurt wounds they need healing on! We all need personal growth or we become stagnant!

    • The Sculpted Vegan says:

      Thank you so much for this, it truly does mean a lot. So happy to hear you loved the butt camp, and you’re gaining your sexy confidence, it’s important to feel beautiful as women and we should never feel badly about wanting that!
      Hey, you’re part of my 80% love that..<3 I agree that as a collective human race we all need to be doing deep inner work to ensure that we leave this earth better than how we came into it. Lovely hearing from you!

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